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6 Signs That It Is Time For Water Heater Repair | Oak Ridge, TN

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The water heater is an important component in your plumbing system as it heats the cold water so that you do not have to boil the water manually. The water heater can present some signs of deterioration especially when it has been working for a few years. My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN would like to share with you some of the signs a faulty water heater presents. The sooner you notice these problems the sooner you can have them repaired which means less damage in your home. Here are six signs that it is time for water heater repairs.

1. Inconsistent Water Temperatures

If your water heater is always on then it should provide you with constant temperatures of hot water. If you have been using a lot of hot water then the water temperature would decrease gradually. If your water heater doesn’t get hot enough or the water feels like it is too hot then there might be a problem with the heating element in your water heater. You should first check that the thermostat on the water heater is set to the correct temperature before you call a plumber to conduct water heater repairs. The heating element might have to be replaced or you could just have some sediment build up. You should not attempt to repair the water heater yourself.

2. Not Enough Hot Water

There is nothing inconvenient other than running out of hot water while taking a shower, especially in the winter. One of the main causes of not having enough water is that your water heater cannot produce enough hot water for the needs of the occupants in your home. If your family has grown then you might want to consider installing an additional water heater or upgrading to a bigger water heater. Your old water heater might also have reached the end of its life as it has had to work a lot harder. You should contact a plumber to do an inspection of your plumbing system and existing water heater to determine if an upgrade to an additional water heater would be the best option. In other circumstances, there might be a case where the water heating element might need to be replaced or need a water heater repair because it stopped working.

3. Leaking

The water in your plumbing system should be contained until you want it to come out of the faucet. If you see water pooling close to your water heater then it is a sign you need water heater repairs. There might be a problem with the pipe connected to the water heater or there may be a leak in your water heater. You should contact a professional plumber to take a look at your water heater. They will be able to determine the cause as well as the best solution. If you leave the problem for too long then you might have to deal with a water heater that bursts. This will cause considerably more water damage. If you have an electric water heater then the water could come into contact with the wires which would cause a short circuit.

4. Strange Sounds from Water Heater

Water heaters will make noise but it should not be a loud or consistent sound. If you hear a crackling or hissing sound when your water heater is on then there could be sediment build-up. If you hear any loud sounds like clanging then a piece of sediment could have broken loose and is now traveling around in the water heater. It is best to hire a plumber to inspect the water heater and suggest the best option for water heater repairs. It is also recommended to have your water heater inspected regularly so that you know it is always functioning optimally. This will also save you money with future repair costs.

5. Discolored Water

You always want to have clear, clean, and safe drinking water thus it is important to make sure that the water coming out of your water heater is not contaminated. If you start noticing brown or rust-colored water then you should contact a professional to have a look at your water heater. There might be bacteria in the water or the pipes or water tank could have corroded. A water heater repair plumber will be able to look at the pipes and determine if they should be repaired or replaced. It is also recommended not to drink discolored water. It could be hazardous to your family’s health.

6. Low Water Pressure

The final sign that will be mentioned is if the hot water pressure is low. If the water pressure is fine when it comes to cold water then you should call a professional to conduct water heater repairs. A hot water pipe might be leaking which is decreasing the water pressure or the water heater itself could be leaking. If you are experiencing low water pressure then contact a plumbing service provider as soon as possible to decrease the likelihood of expensive repairs.

These are six signs that you should look out for when it comes to your water heater. If you are experiencing any of these signs then you should not attempt to resolve the problem yourself. You should always have a professional tend your water heater. If you live in Oak Ridge, TN then it is highly recommended to consider My Professional Plumber when looking for a plumbing service provider that can conduct water heater repairs. They also provide a wide range of additional services that will suit all your plumbing needs.

If you are in need of water heater repairs then give My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN a call for high-quality services.


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