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8 Benefits Of Prompt Water Heater Repair | Maryville, TN

A water heater is an essential appliance in any household that supplies hot water for showering, washing dishes, laundry, and more. Like any other appliance, your water heater may malfunction after some time. Sediment build-up, rust, loose electrical connections, and incorrect water pressure are common causes of water heater failure. During the cold winter months of Maryville, TN, it’s impossible to stay without hot water. So, once your unit malfunctions, immediately call a professional plumber to diagnose the issue and restore your water heater’s functionality. Here are some benefits of timely water heater repair.

Decreases Monthly Bill

A faulty water heater can cause your monthly bills to go up in several ways. When the heating element malfunctions, it can continuously heat the water and fails to shut when it attains desired temperature resulting in high electric bills. The same happens if the thermostat fails. It signals the heating element to keep heating the water beyond the desired temperature.

Another way a faulty water heater can affect your bills is through water usage. This unit holds a large volume of water at a time, and in case of faulty fixtures, loose connection, or broken pipe, you might lose a significant amount of water, spiking your bills. Timely water heater repair will help lower your water and energy bill. Anytime you notice an unexplainable increase in your bills, call a professional plumber to diagnose your unit and fix the issue.

Ensures Consistent Flow of Hot Water

The most inconvenient thing that could happen to anyone in Maryville, TN in the winter is a water heater breakdown. Imagine enjoying a steamy shower on a cold day, and suddenly, you feel icy drops on your skin. At this point, you will want to finish off before your body temperature drops too low. You can resolve this by scheduling water heater repair services with a reliable plumbing company. A professional will check for faults in the heating elements, check the thermostat settings, or interruptions in the power source. They will resolve all the issues to ensure you enjoy consistent hot water.

Prolongs the Water Heater’s Life

When well-maintained, your water heater can serve you for about ten years or more. Sediment build-up is one of the factors that can reduce your water heater’s lifespan. As the sediments accumulate in the tank, they may block the water line, clog the drain valve and cause the unit to overheat. They may even cause premature tank failure. Some common signs of sediment build-up include rumbling sounds, cloudy, hot water, and decreased hot water flow. Call a professional if you notice any of these signs. Timely water heater repair will help you avoid replacing your unit earlier.

Prevents Costly Repairs

While small leaks and clogs may seem like minor inconveniences, ignoring them will cost you more in the long run. A clog can build up if you forgo repair, causing high-pressure accumulation within the piping. Eventually, the water heater pipes will burst. A small leak in the water heater due to a damaged valve or loose connections could lead to flooding, calling for expensive repairs. Also, if you continue using a water heater with a faulty heating element, you strain the element, and eventually, it will break down at the least convenient time. You might need to ask for emergency water heater repair or get expensive parts replacement.

Prevents Water Damage

A faulty water heater may end up spilling water into your house, which can seep into the wall, carpet, and floor. If left unchecked, the nearby wooden surfaces will begin to warp and affect your house’s structural integrity. Water heater leaks may also attract mold growth on wood and dry areas, damaging your floor, walls, and other surfaces. Some of this damage is irreversible. Calling for quick water heater repair will help protect your house from damage and save you repair money.

Keeps Your Water Heater Within Warranty

Whenever your unit develops an issue, seek professional water heater repair services. Trying to fix the water heater without the proper skills could damage it further and void your warranty. Most manufacturers require a licensed plumber to handle repairs to keep the warranty intact. Failure to which the manufacturer won’t cover repair or replacement costs if the unit malfunctions within the warranty period.

Keeps Your Household Safe

A defective water heater can put your loved one’s life in danger. One of the most common issues is erratic water temperatures. Once the unit malfunctions, it produces extremely cold or hot water on short notice. Hot water can cause scalding or severe burns. You can avoid this by having your unit inspected once you notice water temperature fluctuations.

If your water heater develops venting issues, it can release harmful gases into your house. This gas is very difficult to detect and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Seek professional water heater repair services if you notice a rotten egg smell, a hissing sound from the water heater, dead houseplants, or a damaged gas line.

Water heater leaks may also expose you to mold spores, triggering allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks. If your water heater tank corrodes, rust can contaminate your water. Pay attention to cloudy or smelly water and seek professional assistance immediately. A faulty water heater also increases the risk of electrocution and disastrous tank explosion, which you can prevent with timely repairs.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Repairing your water heater in time gives you peace of mind knowing that it won’t break down any time soon or unexpectedly. Hiring a professional gives you the confidence that they can identify any underlying issues and fix them effectively to avoid a void problem recurrence, especially during the winter.

Leave Water Heater Repair to Experts

Water heaters are potentially dangerous household appliances with gallons of extremely hot water running through them and complex electrical components. A simple mistake could lead to severe damage and life-threatening accidents. So, only a licensed plumber with the right tools and skills should handle repairs. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company in Maryville, TN, contact My Professional Plumber for all your water heater needs.

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