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8 Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems You Can Have Installed In Your Home | Knoxville, TN

A water filtration system is critical in ensuring the quality of water you use in your home. It eliminates contaminants, toxins, and chemicals that may pose serious health problems. The water filter also removes awful tastes, odors, sediments, and hardness, giving you and your family access to healthy water.

The chemical composition of the water in your place and the type of pipe channeling the water affect your water quality. If you rely on a public water supply, installing first-rate water filtration systems in your home is crucial. This is because EPA regulates only a few of the many contaminants that may be present in the water. But again, even if you’ve got a private well, the decision to soften, treat, filter, and purify your water is equally important.

There are various water filter options that you can explore, depending on the type of application. To help you get the best filter for your home, here is a breakdown of the different water filtration systems available on the market.

Ultra-Violet Filters

These water filtration systems are unique and the safest in purifying water. They’re made up of a glass element, which allows water to be divulged into high-frequency UV light.

That makes it easier to clean out parasites, bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and other disease-causing organisms. Although lightweight, they require energy to run as they use batteries. Additionally, they are relatively expensive compared to other water filtering systems.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

Reverse osmosis is another great way of filtering your water. This method removes dissolved mineral elements, microbial organisms, and other unwanted impurities by forcing contaminated water through a semipermeable membrane so that only water can pass through, not the contaminants.

A reverse osmosis water filtration unit needs no electricity because it uses water pressure to pass through the membrane. But even so, the purification process results in some wastewater that must be drained away.

The extra filters used at the different water filtration stages can make RO filtration systems way costlier than the other filter types. But in cases where 99.9 percent clean water is required, a reverse osmosis water filter is remarkably the best option.

RO filters are usually used with activated carbon and mechanical filtration systems to get much more purified water with few pollutants left behind. Plumbers often install RO water cleaners in the kitchen area.

Mechanical Filters

Ideally, mechanical filtration involves physically removing harmful particles, sediment, or dirt from water through a barrier. This is a standard method of filtering water, which most homeowners may be familiar with. It doesn’t purify water. However, it can be quite useful in preventing sediment build-up in your home’s plumbing system.

Mechanical water filtration systems can range from simple, such as basic mesh that traps large debris, to complicated ones, like ceramic filters with tiny pores on their surface for ultra-fine pollutant filtration.

Carbon Filters

Also referred to as absorption filters, activated carbon filters are more efficient in capturing water-borne particles. These kinds of water filtration systems are filled with massive hooks and nooks in their internal structure, which allow them to attract and absorb contaminants so readily, filtering them out of the water.

The activated carbon is highly absorbent charcoal granules. Another version of this filter is the carbon block, which is more effective in reducing odors and tastes in water, but a bit pricier on the other end.

A professional plumber in Knoxville, TN can mount these filters under your water pitcher, sinks, or faucets.

Ion Exchange Filters

Another excellent way of cleansing water is by using ion exchange filters. These water filtration systems are designed to soften hard water by taking on limescale – magnesium and calcium ions in hard water are exchanged with other ions, such as hydrogen or sodium.

The ion exchange process is normally conducted through an ion exchange resin that comes in the way of little beads. This type of resin is similar to that used in some water-softening systems.

Activated Alumina Filters

Activated Alumina (AA) is the perfect choice for removing arsenic or fluoride from water. This ceramic compound is made of aluminum oxide and is highly porous with a superior adsorption rate.

Unlike absorption, when activated alumina filters take polluted particles to their porous surface, the materials aren’t just trapped inside the pores; rather, they’re bonded together.

AA water filtration systems are arguably the most economical way of eliminating toxins from unfiltered and polluted water without letting these harmful substances leak back into the environment.

Coffee Machine Water Filters

The coffee bean needs a unique blend of minerals to produce the ideal coffee flavor. Before selecting water filtration systems for your house, you should understand that standard filtration rules don’t apply to coffee machines.

You can seek advice from a qualified plumber near you in Knoxville, TN to help you choose the best filter for your espresso machinery.

Inline Water Filters

These particular water filtration systems are designed to rest directly on the appliance or water line so water can pass through it before going to the tap or the device. And since they’re usually small-sized, they’re ideal for under-the-sink installations.

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