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Common Reasons Behind a Clogged Drain | Tips from Your Knoxville, TN Plumber

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Two of the most common reasons for which homeowners usually contact a plumber in the Knoxville, TN area, are either a clogged drain or terrible smells emitted out of them and filling your house.

We’ve listed out the reasons that lead to this problem.

Reasons Behind Smelly Drains

P-Trap Has Dried Out

The most common reason due to which you’ll end up with a smelly drain is a dried out p-trap. The p-trap is the curved section of the drain pipe that holds water inside, which is located right under the drain. It is intended to create a barrier to keep the sewage gas from going in the wrong direction. If you leave a sink unused for a long time period, the water held inside the p-trap would eventually dry out and the sewage odors will make their way through. You can try running water down the drain to fix this issue. However, in case this doesn’t solve the issue, contact a professional plumber to help you out.

Rotting Organic Build-up

If you tend to be in a hurry when cleaning dishes in your kitchen, it’s very likely that this issue will spring up some time soon. While cleaning the dishes, the small bits and pieces on the plate go down into the kitchen sink. As time passes by, the organic build up inside the drain- food particles, oil, fat, grease- grows and ultimately starts to rot and give off awful smells. You should schedule an expert drain cleaning service to resolve the matter.

Drain Vents are Blocked

All drains are equipped with vent pipes that open up on the roof. Their purpose is to stop pressure build-up in the drainage system. In case the pipes get blocked for some reason, the sewage gasses are forced back up into the p-traps, resulting in sewage smell in your home. This problem isn’t something you can DIY your way through. It’s best that you get the help of an experienced plumbing company and let them do their job.

Broken or Clogged Sewage Line

In case all the drains in your house are giving off a terrible sewage smell, the problem is bigger than you can imagine. It’s quite likely that the problem lies down in the sewage line which connects your home with the municipal system. A blocked or even a crack in the sewage line can lead up to sewage back-up in your home. We know you don’t enjoy the sewage smell, but thank them for giving you an early warning of what’s happening down there. So, without further ado, get hold of the best drain cleaning service.

Reasons Behind Clogged Drains


Are you wondering why this one has made it to our list? You obviously don’t pour cement down your drains after all. This problem doesn’t arise because of you doing something wrong. The cement from nearby construction can make their way into the drains. If the old pipes aren’t being used anymore, construction crews frequently fill them up with cement. Eventually it could end up flowing inside other drain lines which are still being used. Contact a plumber for your home in the Knoxville, TN area to clear out the drain pipes.

Mobile Phones

It’s common for people with the fear of missing out to carry their smart phone even in the restroom along with them. But what if one fine day the phone slips out of your shirt’s pocket when bending over or slips out of your hands and falls down in the toilet. We know you wouldn’t like this, but it’s more common than you think. Sadly the phone can’t be saved anymore, but you still need to unclog the toilet. This situation requires you to get the assistance from a professional plumber.

Cat’s Litter

If you happen to be a cat owner, you might be committing the same mistake as many others. Even though dumping your cat’s used litter into the toilet seems like an easy way out to get rid of the waste, it’s a bad idea. You should not treat your toilet like it’s a trash can. When you empty your cat’s litter in the toilet, it becomes wet and forms clumps. The clumping can easily result in one of the most stubborn clogs to get rid of, which is why you need the help from a drain cleaning service. You should ideally clear out the cat litter into a garbage bag which you can toss into a trash can outside.

Children’s’ Toys

Watching little kids run around in your home is a warm feeling, but they are hard to keep track of all the time. At one point your child might throw or drop a small object into the sink or toilet. If the object that went down the drain happens to fit in the pipe, it would cause a blockage. Toys such as Legos and other tiny building blocks can easily sneak into the drain and block it completely. A professional plumbing company can remove the items stuck in the drain.


We really didn’t want to bring this one up as we’re just as scared as you are. However, it’s possible that there are rats and mice running through the drain lines. This is a serious issue to deal with, and you need to call a well-trained plumber to drive them out. The plumber may also recommend getting Animal Control involved.


Now that you know what causes the drains to smell or become clogged, you should be more careful and avoid making the kind of mistakes that would lead to such situations. However, if you’re already facing this issue and are looking for an expert plumber in Knoxville, TN, contact My Professional Plumber, we offer the best drain cleaning services in the Knoxville, TN area.


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