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You can benefit from the comprehensive plumbing installation, repair and maintenance services offered by our pros in Oak Ridge, TN. Using only advanced equipment, our plumbers deliver top service, making us an industry leader in Tennessee.

Ask us about the following specializations or any other plumbing needs you may have:

Below, we highlight just some of the services that new and existing customers have come to depend on us for. We hope to become your first choice for a professional plumber near me!

Dripping Faucets

You already know that your dripping faucet can leak water that will damage your home. This knowledge might keep you awake at night. It could just be a worn washer or lost O-ring. However, some causes of dripping will take more than a few minutes to repair. What causes dripping faucets? It could come from poor installation of your pipes or corrosion in your plumbing system. Whatever it is, we can make it go away so that you can sleep more soundly.

So, don’t bother Googling for a ‘plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN.’ Instead, make an appointment with the best in the business today.

Leaky Pipes

You may not know what causes leaky pipes, but we do. Here are some of the most common reasons that your pipes can drip, leak, or gush water:

Although all of these are symptoms of plumbing issues, there’s good news. Our services can make your home healthier and keep your family safer. So, if you want a more sanitary home without concern over dripping pipes, we can help. Then, we hope you’ll tell your friends about the area’s top plumber near me.

Running Toilets

You may dread flushing your toilet because you expect it to keep running no matter what you try. Instead of wasting hundreds of gallons a day on a constantly running toilet, turn to the professionals with fast, affordable solutions. Give your bank account a break and do the planet a favor by letting us handle refilling problems, an incorrect flapper chain or bigger issues with your toilet.

Our plumbers also perform toilet installation so that you can upgrade to a water saving option. Basically, we are the solution to your ‘plumber near me’ search.

Low Water Pressure

When you get home at the end of the day, you might be looking forward to reliable water pressure to massage away the stress and aches of the day. However, if you have an unreliable shower that emits a weak stream half the time, you can’t treat yourself to the long, hot shower you so desperately need. Contact a top plumber near me to trace the root of the problem and fix it.

Here are some of the most common causes of low water pressure that can make your shower less than satisfying: hidden water leaks, pipe corrosion, or a faulty hot water heater. With the right technology and experience, it’s easy to get your plumbing back in order quickly.

Clogged Drains

Few things can ruin a homeowner’s day like a clogged drain. Foul odors and backed-up toilets and tubs can create an embarrassing mess. Before you cancel your party or tell the company to stay away, reach out to the best plumber near me.

Our company always operates with sustainability in mind. This means that we use gentle cleansers that won’t harm the earth but free your drains of soap, hair, grease and other debris that causes clogs and other issues. The tools we use are also gentle on your pipes to avoid permanent damage.

What happens if there’s more than one drain that clogs and slows down consistently? This might indicate an issue with either the sewer line coming from the city or in your home plumbing system. We’ll help you trace the issue, so you know what steps to take next.

Water Heater Problems

There are two types of water heaters to choose from. Many people upgrade to a tankless water heater so that they have hot water on demand. Traditional hot water heaters store water in a tank which requires continuous heating. This can increase your electricity bill and make your water heater less efficient. However, there are many factors that go into which water heater would work best in your home.

You may just need simple water heater repairs, and we can certainly handle that no matter which type of water heater you currently have. It’s also important to have the right size water heater for your household.

So, maybe you just need a reliable plumber near me that can clear sediment in the tank or replace a failing part.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Are you having issues with your garbage disposal? You could have a unit that requires replacement, or it may just need a simple fix supplied by the top plumber near me. We’re careful about the plumbers we hire to work on your water or sewer lines. We even have specialists who have installed dozens or hundreds of garbage disposals. Therefore, if you need assistance choosing one that would work best for your sink, we can help.

Faulty garbage disposals can create a stinky, unsanitary mess in your kitchen. Contact our team to remove any clogs, disconnect the drain tap and resolve other root causes.

Do you want a recommended plumber near me? Come to us for all of your plumbing needs in Oak Ridge, TN. It only takes a few moments to set up a service call, so contact My Professional Plumber today to make an appointment!

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