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What You Need To Know About Water Purification Systems | Knoxville, TN

If you are tired of drinking water that doesn’t taste the way it should, then it may be time to think about installing water purification systems into your Knoxville, TN home.

Or something as simple as having a water purification system installed in your home can easily alter the way that your water feels and the way that it tastes while you are drinking it. Many people think that the process is complicated and not something that they want to get into, but in reality, it only takes a few hours with a plumber to get fresh water into your home, even if you have well water. There is no reason to continue drinking water that disgusts you or purchasing bottled water when there is a solution known as water purification systems. If you have well water in your Knoxville, TN home, then you already know why it might not taste the best. However, Many people are surprised to learn that even if you have treated water, it can contain certain types of chlorine, which is hydrochloric and hypochlorous acid. Sometimes when this is combined with chloramine, it creates different acids that can be corrosive to your plumbing system and, just in general, do not taste great. Installing water purification systems can eliminate these issues by removing all of the invasive assets and creating clean water that is purified and ready to drink.

A lot of people want to know if water purification systems can create alkaline water, given this is the new marketing craze that’s sweeping the county. Many people are willing to pay much more for bottled water simply because it is Alkaline water. However, alkalizing something is not the same as purifying it because you cannot take dirty water and create it. The process is incredibly different, not something that any purification system can give you. However, what a water purifier can do is give you clean water that is free of invasive acids which is why it is worth taking a second look.

Before going any further into the chemical makeup of water and what you can hope to get the chemical makeup of your home to be with water purification systems, let’s take a step back and just take a look at what a water purification system really is. As the name implies, it is a water purifier that is hooked up to your main water source so that it can provide clean and pure water to your home. You may also sometimes hear water purification systems referred to as point-of-entry filtering systems because they are placed right next to where the well water or municipal water enters your home.

The main point of such systems is to remove water contaminants that can affect your health and how your water tastes. Some of the most common contaminants that a system will target include chlorine, iron, and sulfur. One of the main benefits of opting for a whole home system is that it will create clean water in every area of your home. While you can use a Brita or attach a purifier to a sink, this confines your clean water to one area of your home. When you use a whole home system, then you have chemical-free water for showering, cleaning, cooking, and your laundry, which will allow you to reap the benefits in many different fashions.

However, this is not a task that you should attempt to handle on your own for a variety of issues. To start, you need to test your water first to see what exactly needs to be removed from it. This will heavily influence which one of the water purification systems you will need to equip your home with. Working with a plumber means taking this step out of the equation because they are not only very familiar with local water, but they will take care of this step for you. This is important because the purifier will release chemicals into the water to counteract the minerals that you are attempting to remove. You don’t want to have extra chemicals placed back into the water, so you need to know what you are working with upfront before installing such systems.

Keep in mind that even if you have municipal water, the water that eventually runs into your home travels a very distant path. Usually, it starts at a local river or lake and then is placed into large shipping vats and transported to a water treatment plant that then processes it and treats it before it is once again shipped out to be your local water source. This process is long and involved and does not always filter out all contaminants from the water. There are also more run-offs from pesticides and other contaminants than ever before, which means that they can sneak into water sources where filtering is not looking for them.

If you have old lead piping still in place anywhere on your property or within the old city water system, then after leaving the plant, it can get contaminated all over again. This is another reason why water purification systems are so important. Keep in mind that many times when tested, municipal water ends up being higher in EPA contaminants than when originally tested because it picks up so many additional contaminants along the way. No doubt this is not what you want to be drinking in your home.

The good news is that water purification systems that are installed at your home act as the closest filter you can get before consumption and can effectively remove everything that has snuck into your home. If you are thinking about installing a system in your Knoxville, TN home, contact My Professional Plumber for help.

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