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6 Ways Water Filtration Systems Can Be Beneficial | Lenoir City, TN

You may feel safe using the water coming from the taps in your home because it goes through a water treatment facility first. Unfortunately, the water can contain chemicals and other contaminants when it leaves the treatment facility and may not be as pure as you would like.

Fortunately, water filtration systems can help.

Water filtration systems are a second defense against harmful contaminants, ensuring the water is as pure as possible. If you aren’t sure if installing a filtration system in your Lenoir City, TN home is worth the money, you should understand the benefits.

#1 More Convenient Than Bottled Water

If you use bottled water because you’re worried about the quality of the water coming into your Lenoir City, TN home, you know what a hassle it can be. You have to be sure there’s always enough bottled water for your family, and you have to buy several cases of water. Cases of water are heavy, and loading and unloading them can be exhausting. Also, you must find somewhere to store the water, taking up space in your home.

Water filtration systems eliminate the need to buy bottled water. The filtration system will eliminate the chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants, so you can drink water straight from the faucet, which is more convenient than relying on bottled water.

#2 Bottled Water Is Expensive

Have you ever considered how much money you spend a year on bottled water for your family? Suppose a family of four drinks three bottles of water daily; you’ll need a case of water every week and 365 cases a year. A 12-pack of bottled water costs around $3, and you’ll spend over $1,000 on water yearly.

The average cost of water filtration systems is between $750 and $5,000 and can pay for itself within the first couple of years with the money you’ll save on bottled water.

#3 You Can Do Your Part for the Environment

Americans purchase 29 billion plastic water bottles a year, and even though recycling is mandatory in most communities, only one bottle is recycled for every six purchased. The rest end up in landfills, incinerators, in the ocean, or on the side of the road. It can take up to 1,000 years for one bottle to decompose, and when only 12 percent of water bottles are recycled, it can be harmful to the environment. Also, over 40,000 18-wheeler trucks are on the road every week to deliver bottled water to stores, and the carbon emissions do a number on the ozone layer. The bottles that end up in our oceans will remain there for centuries and harm the sea life we eat.

We all share this planet, so it’s up to everyone to do their part to protect the environment for future generations, and water filtration systems allow you to do your part. The filtration system will eliminate chemicals and other impurities from the water, so your family won’t need 4,000+ bottles per year. That will be 4,000+ fewer bottles in landfills, oceans, or littering the streets.

#4 The Water Will Taste and Smell Better

High levels of mercury, lead, copper, and iron in water can affect how it tastes and smells. If the water coming into your Lenoir City, TN home has a metallic taste, you can rely on bottled water, which is expensive and less convenient than drinking from the faucet.

Water filtration systems eliminate the contaminants that affect the water’s taste, eliminating the metallic taste and smell, and your family can drink from the faucet.

#5 Healthy, Glowing Skin

We all want healthy-looking, glowing skin, and if your skin is dry and itchy, harmful contaminants in the water, like iron, chlorine, and bacteria, can make your skin dry, red, and itchy. If a family member has a chronic skin condition, like psoriasis or eczema, the water can worsen the condition.

You can spend a fortune on expensive skin creams, but water filtration systems are the more cost-effective option. The filtration system will eliminate the irritating chemicals from the water and will cost less than buying expensive skin creams year after year. When the filter is installed, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin.

#6 Healthy, Shiny Hair

Water treatment facilities use chlorine to clean the water supply, but too much can affect your hair, and it won’t be as healthy, shiny, or thick as you like. Chlorine strips your hair of the natal oils necessary to absorb and lock in moisture, leaving it dry and brittle, and can cause it to fall out in the shower.

You can spend a fortune on expensive hair products and supplements to promote hair growth, but water filtration systems are more cost-effective. The system will eliminate the chlorine from the water, and it won’t be long before you have the thick, shiny hair you always wished you had.

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