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Advice From Your Plumbing Company On the Use Of Toilet Tablets | Lenoir City, TN

Did you think that toilet tablets sounded too good to be true? You are right. Although they could help clean the toilet, you could find yourself having to call a plumbing company in Lenoir City, TN to address the damage these cleaning products could have caused. The toilet tablets come in various types, including bleach, chlorine, and blue cleaning cocktails. However, since the corrosive products are designed to settle in your toilet tank for an extended period, you should not use them for several reasons. Below are the main dangers of toilet cleaning tablets and why you must avoid them.

The Tablets Could Damage the Toilet

To begin with, most toilet tablets have caustic chemicals. Unfortunately, extensive exposure to the chemicals will damage the plumbing and toilet. For instance, they can result in toilet leaks. As the chemicals sit in the toilet bowl or tank, they eat away at some important components, prompting you to call a plumbing company for repair. Unfortunately, this may quickly damage your plumbing, requiring major repairs. Among the parts of the toilet that could be damaged by your use of toilet tablets include:

Flush Valves

Chlorine and bleach may wear away your toilet’s rubber and plastic parts. One of these parts is the flush valve. In most instances, tablets corrode the flush valves, which could result in various toilet plumbing issues. A damaged flush valve could make the water continuously run in your toilet, causing an increase in water utility bills and placing your pipes under extra stress. Additionally, your toilet tank may take a long time to refill after flushing, and in rare situations, you may find your toilet flushing on its own. All these are signs that your toilet’s flush valve could be corroded by using toilet cleaning tablets. These could signify corroded or worn rubber in your flush valve. Hence, if you notice either sign above, you should have a plumbing company check and fix them.


As if damaged flush valves aren’t bad enough, the tablets can also, over time, result in rusting. This weakens the bolts and gaskets which hold your toilet bowl and tank together. This results in toilet leaks which may result in extensive water damage at your Lenoir City, TN home. Have you noticed leaks between the bowl and the toilet? That is a surefire sign that the bolts of the toilet tank could have been compromised. In such instances, the plumbing company might recommend replacing the rubber gaskets. However, the professional might have to replace the bolts and toilet gasket to repair the toilet effectively.


Additionally, you might have to enlist your plumbing company for pipe repair or replacement after using toilet tablets for a long time. This is because the tablets can corrode the rusting-prone or older pipes. When you flush your toilet, you send a concentrated level of harsh chemicals making the tablets into your drains. You might end up with burst pipes or leaks. To avert these problems it is better that you have a drain cleaning service rather than use tablets to clean your toilet.

Can Prevent a Proper Flush

Have you noticed that your toilet is not flushing properly? Your continued use of toilet cleaning tablets could be the reason behind the improper flush. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem that using a tank cleaning tablet can cause. The improper flushing also can create a perfect cleaning ground for bacteria. Hence, although they are marketed to ensure your toilet is cleaner, they may result in a buildup of germs in your toilet.

Due to its dissolving and shrinking nature, the tablet is easily lodged within the flush valve as it dissolves. Toilet tablets sometimes flake away instead of dissolving. These small pieces often get stuck in your toilet’s plumbing, causing flushing issues. As a result, you may notice that your toilet doesn’t flush properly, that the bowl doesn’t empty, or even that it won’t flush. Whenever this happens, you should have a plumbing company inspect the toilet and fix the underlying problem.

Voids Toilet Warranty

Some toilets, some with some manufacturer’s warranty. In some instances, this covers those parts of your toilet that have been ceramic-made for many years. However, toilet manufacturers know the issues that come with using tank tablets. As explained above, using toilet tablets to clean your toilet could result in various damages. They have an impact on more than only your pipes, flush valves, bolts, and gaskets. Toilet pills occasionally even cause the ceramic bowl and tank to deteriorate. Because it is viewed as misuse, many manufacturers don’t offer warranties for toilets when toilet tablets are used. Your warranty may have a specific condition about this, or a warning sticker may even be present while the toilet is brand-new. Using toilet tablets may immediately invalidate your warranty, leaving you responsible for the full cost of a replacement toilet should your present one malfunction. You’ll also have to pay the plumbing company from your pocket.

Harmful Airborne Chemicals

The other problem with toilet cleaning products is that they emit harmful daily chemicals. Imagine opening that bottle of toilet bowl cleaning agent and taking a deep breath. The tablets constantly release toxic chemicals into the air, affecting your Lenoir City, TN home’s IAQ. This might cause respiratory issues both for you and your family. Besides, smelling chlorine and bleach daily might not be one of those most pleasant experiences. Hence, it would be best if you stuck to the traditional toilet cleaning methods recommended by a plumbing company rather than using tablets. They can contaminate the indoor air. Otherwise, you’ll be calling a plumbing company now and then because you have issues like leaks and clogs.

Use Recommended Cleaning Methods

The recommended toilet cleaning methods won’t have the above devastating impacts. Do you need a toilet or drain cleaning service? Contact us at My Professional Plumber for a thorough cleaning using methods that don’t have the above impacts.

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