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Benefits Of Having A Plumber Near Me Install Water Submeters In A Commercial Rental Property | Oak Ridge, TN

This generation of commercial and residential tenants can prove picky; they can afford it. With every passing day, there is an increase in the number of highly coveted amenities, and these tenants are leveraging all the leasing options available for their convenience. So, why not offer them the best benefits? One thing that almost every tenant now wants is to have individual meters for their water consumption. Hence, you must hire a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN to help in submetering your water lines. This will be a win for both you and your tenants. They can use the submeter data to reach sustainability targets and reduce water utility bills. On the other hand, you will benefit from reduced resource consumption, increased tenant engagements, and an improved LEED or Energy Star Score. Below are the main reasons why submetering should be your priority at this age.

Effortless and Accurate Tenant Billing

Tenants trust landlords to fairly and accurately charge them for the water consumed in triple net leases. But how will a landlord know the amount of money to charge without having a plumber near me install individual water meters per tenant? In most instances, the landlord will charge every tenant a portion of the apartment’s total water consumption. This mainly relies on the square feet a tenant occupies. Unfortunately, this could lead to unfair billing. For instance, a water-intensive business like a restaurant and a non-water-intensive business like a clothing retail store may occupy space of the same size in a building, meaning that under the above model, they will pay the same amount. This is unfair to the non-water-intensive tenant.

Having a plumber near me install different meters for each tenant means that every tenant will pay for the actual water consumption at the end of the month or come the billing period. This eliminates the time-consuming, manual estimation. Additionally, the landlord can integrate the water submeters into an integrated billing system that can use the data collected digitally from those submeters to calculate the tenant invoices. Hence, your property manager doesn’t have to waste time checking every meter to collect the data by hand.

Reduced Operating Costs

The constant need to make profits is an ongoing issue that faces property management. Controlling the ever-increasing operational costs has become a severe problem facing various property management firms. That stated, many management firms need help to afford the cost of new construction projects to accommodate tenants. However, modernizing an outdated building with modern tech-based plumbing systems is an excellent method to more effectively manage operational costs without making a big financial commitment. Have a plumber near me retrofit a water submeter to the existing plumbing system to attract more tenants.

Gives Your Tenants Access to Water Consumption Data

In the current world, where every decision is based on data, most tenants will need to see real-time data on the volume of water consumed. This will help the tenants see the impacts of their behavioral changes on utility bills. Every sustainability effort a tenant makes will reflect on water consumption data from the submeter. Hence, if you want to attract more tenants, have a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN install water submeters in your commercial or residential rental apartments.

The data can help the tenants make sound decisions regarding water conservation, such as recycling water, which can help in environmental conservation. Having a plumber near me install water submeters in tenant spaces will help the tenants advance sustainability initiatives and make solid and informed efficiency decisions. These decisions could indirectly benefit your plumbing besides making your apartment more sustainable. Today, tenants are negotiating water submeters as part of their house leases more than ever.

Tracking Return on Investment with Measurement and Verification

Having a plumber near me install submeters to gather information will set a baseline for water consumption, monitor development, and show the precise ROI of each endeavor. Take a restaurant owner, for instance. They need to know the total cost of water used to include it in computing the total cost incurred. This is critical as it can help the hotelier calculate the profit precisely. Calculating the profit without factoring in the actual total cost of water will result in a misleading figure. This applies across all manufacturing sectors.

Energy-Conscious Consumption Habits

Having a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN install water submeters at your commercial rental properties promotes energy-conscious consumption habits. Water submeter networks utilize intricate software to monitor and assess overall water consumption throughout an extensive water utility network. Tenants can make informed choices and adjustments to their consumption patterns when they are kept aware of their water usage and can do so when they are kept informed. Because of this, water consumption and total reliance on such a system decrease, resulting in cheaper operating costs. You can cut operational and billing costs in the long and short term if you teach people to be more energy-conscious about how much water they use.

Diagnostics that Ensure Optimized Maintenance Protocols

The ability to see real-time data on water usage throughout your multi-tenant facility or building also allows you or the management to locate/pinpoint potential plumbing issues before they arise. Therefore, having a professional plumber near me install water submeters can help protect the plumbing of your rental property. If the weekly, monthly, or daily water usage rates are incrementally increasing without any changes, the management can swiftly assess and locate the reasons for the fluctuations in the water flow rate. There may be a slab leak or any other hidden, silent leak. Noticing it early before it results in damage could save you a lot in plumbing repairs. Water leak alarm and water degree.

Have you unstilled water and energy submeters at your Tennessee-based commercial property? If you haven’t, now is the time. Contact us at My Professional Plumber for the installation of water submeters to achieve the benefits above.

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