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Benefits Of Hiring A Plumbing Company To Conduct A Backflow Test On Your Plumbing | Knoxville, TN

Have you ever entered your Knoxville, TN home only to find wastewater flowing from your sink or toilet, spilling all over your expensive tiles? That is called backflow. Not only can backflow contaminate the water supply, but it could also inflict sanitation-related diseases such as cholera on you or your family. Additionally, your tenants might file a class action suit to seek reparations for the water damage and any health problems that the backflow could have caused. This could see you pay a lot in court fines and reparations, not to mention that you will still have to pay a cleaner to clear the waste. However, backflow also could arise in clean water pipes. Hence, it is recommended that homeowners and property owners regularly have a plumbing company test their plumbing systems for backflow. There are many benefits to this, including the following:

Prevents Water Contamination

One of the biggest benefits of having a plumbing company perform backflow testing on your plumbing is that it could help prevent water contamination. If there is backflow, dangerous contaminants and pollutants could flow back into your water supply sources, placing you and your family or tenants at grave risk of drinking contaminated water. Water contamination could result in various health issues like cholera. By testing the backflow preventer regularly, you will be ensuring that it is properly working, preventing the contaminants from ever entering your water supply system.

Helps You Avoid Penalties and Fines

If the municipal inspectors come for backflow testing and your device doesn’t pass, you could face heavy penalties and fines. In many municipalities, it is a requirement for commercial establishments to conduct regular backflow testing. Do you own an establishment, even if it’s a rental apartment? A plumbing company should test your backflow preventer to ensure it is operational. The other way you could get fined is when you haven’t installed a backflow preventer and wastewater starts flowing back from the drains, sinks, and toilets to your tenant’s houses. They could come together and file a class action suit against you, demanding reparations for the damages incurred. You could have to part ways with much money if you are guilty. Hence, failure to install and regularly test the backflow preventer means only one thing, a fine or a penalty will be coming soon.

Gives You a Peace of Mind

If you regularly test your backflow preventer and know it is efficiently functioning, you can rest assured knowing that the water will never go past the device in case of a backflow. You will have peace of mind knowing that you aren’t exposed to fines and penalties from your local authority. With annual backflow testing, you won’t have to keep thinking about water quality or reduced pressure zones (RPZ). You will also rest assured that by having a plumbing company regularly test and service the backflow preventer, you are doing your part to ensure that your tenants, loved ones, and family are safe.

Protect Public Health

One of the main reasons to have an efficiently functioning backflow preventer is to protect public health. Since contaminated water could result in many health issues, you must take all the precautions possible to ensure that your family, tenants, or community can easily access clean, safe water. As explained above, backflow is a solid threat to public health. For instance, wastewater from your drainage might mix with the water supply into your Knoxville, TN home because of backflow. This will result in many health implications. By having a plumbing company test and service it, you will protect the health of your family, tenants, and other community members.

Maintain Property Values

Are you planning to sell your home or property later? Then you should ensure that a plumbing company tests the backflow preventer and ensures it is operational. A property or home with a faulty backflow preventer could see a considerable decline in property values. By testing the backflow preventer regularly, you will be indirectly protecting the value of your home while maintaining its attractiveness. This means that future potential tenants or buyers will be willing to pay your asking price.

It is Cost-Effective

Backflow testing is an economical method to protect your home or property, the environment, your family, and other community members. You must have a backflow prevention plan if you manage or own a commercial property containing cross-connections and require a backflow preventer. This should include regular testing and maintenance. Creating a backflow preventer testing plan with your plumbing company ensures that you can rest assured that your home, property, tenants, and nearby community will be free from harmful contaminants.

No Paperwork Needed

The process of backflow prevention testing is nowadays totally automated. It only takes several steps for the plumber to finish. There are no forms for you to complete or any paperwork that needs signing. Hence, you can relax while the plumbing company takes care of everything. The professionals will arrive at your Knoxville, TN home on time scheduled, test your backflow preventer on site, upload the data to a database, and send you a report.


It is normal to feel frightened when contemplating the devastating effects a backflow issue could have on you, your loved ones, your business, and your neighborhood. There is an extremely high probability that harm might arise. But if you keep your backflow preventer in good shape, you won’t have to worry about any of that ever happening. The primary advantage of having a plumbing company conduct backflow testing is the prevention of a potentially major issue that might profoundly impact the lives of many. The water at your home or property will remain pure if you have an annual backflow test performed, but it will also contribute to the safety & health of the community.

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