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Cast Iron Problems That Might Prompt A Repipe Or Pipe Relining Service From A Plumbing Company | Knoxville, TN

Cast iron has been there for ages and is still being manufactured today. It’s the old gold benchmark for drain pipes. These pipes are found in old homes’ plumbing systems. Newer homes usually have ABS and PVC piping because they are lightweight, cheaper, and less prone to corroding. Additionally, repairing them is easier. Hence, they are considered the gold standard of plumbing pipes today. Does your home plumbing have cast iron pipes? That is neither a bad nor a good thing. Depending on factors like age, you should know several things. However, please call a plumbing company in Knoxville, TN and have a repipe. This article will highlight the issues with cast iron plumbing pipes and what signs show you should replace them.

What’s Cast Iron Plumbing

Sewer drainage, especially the Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) systems, use cast iron pipes in most instances. As explained above, you’re likely to find cast iron pipes on those older homes built in the early 80s and before the 70s. Back then, plumbing company technicians liked using cast iron pipes because of the durability of the material and its ability to resist damage and smooth water flow through them. However, these pipes are no longer being used in plumbing systems today. But why aren’t they used anymore?

Problems with Cast Iron Pipes

As mentioned above, cast iron pipes were mostly used for laying sewer systems in older homes. So, why aren’t they used today despite their durability? The advancements in research and plumbing technologies have seen the development of better pipes such as PEX, PVC, CPVC, and ABS. Below are some plumbing issues associated with cast iron pipes that eventually lead to you contacting a plumber to replace them.

Foundation Cracks

One problem with cast iron pipes is that they are prone to damage, which can form cracks in your home. This problem could result in significant damage if it is overlooked. Immediately you discover any signs of damage on your cast iron pipes, call a plumbing company to replace them. So, what are the signs of damage include:

Leaks from the Cast Iron Pipes

Although leaks are frequent in American households, you shouldn’t be concerned if they only occur once or twice after a very long time. In contrast, it’s never a positive indication if you need to call a plumbing company in Knoxville, TN more than once a month. The plumbers say these pipes can occasionally become damaged when they touch sulfuric acid. Therefore, do-it-yourself solutions will be ineffective. So, spare yourself some effort and replace your pipes with a plumber.

A Strange Water Color

Ensure that your tap water is tested after a while. Do you live in a rural area? It’s common to find yellow- or brown-colored water. However, this is common. Sometimes, that water discoloration could signal that something is happening in your pipes. Corrosion and rust will result in the discoloration of water in these pipes.

Foul Odor

To successfully manage the sewer odors, make sure it is airtight. Cast iron pipes start to show cracks as the material ages. Whatever happens next is undesirable and unhealthy, exposing your home to sewer gases. Imagine that pungent smell emanating from your sewer system into your home, and you have guests. It would not be very pleasant. Hence, if your plumbing still uses cast iron pipes, have a plumbing company replace them.

Sudden Green Patches

The sewer might come out from the drains and into your home. As a result, this effluent can be used as fertilizer for your lawn and to encourage the growth of trees and plants. Therefore, talk to your family if you notice any unexpected green areas. Ask if anyone has become interested in gardening.

Sewage Backups

The other serious problem with cast iron pipes is that they slow the draining, especially in toilets, accumulating sewer backups. This might tempt you to use chemical drain cleaning products, but these solutions don’t always work and will corrode your cast iron pipes. Rather than use such products, have a plumbing company clean the drains or, better yet, replace those cast-iron pipes.

Rodent Infestation

The other problem with your cast iron pipes is that rodents and pets will enter the pipes through the damaged or corroded parts. The older pipes create an ideal environment for the roaches and rats to breed, feed, and thrive. These pests and rodents might find their way into your home, bringing some infectious diseases. Hence, you should have a plumbing company in Knoxville, TN replace the cast iron pipes with modern ABS and PVC piping. Alternatively, you can have a plumber conduct a CIPP pipe lining.

Thawing and Freezing Cycles

Improper installation is among the leading causes of frozen drainage and sewer pipes. Although your cast iron pipes might not be affected by these winter freeze and thaw cycles, the temperature variations will make them crack after several seasons. If the pipes are cracked, and you want to make them have a longer service life, you should have a plumbing company come over for a pipe relining service.


The cast iron pipes may corrode and eventually fail. Using a chemical drain cleaning product on them will damage their interiors, shortening their service life. Was your home built before the 1970s or 80s, and you have yet to have a repipe? Have a plumbing company come over for a whole house repipe. They also can carry out CIPP pipe relining, giving your corrosion-prone cast iron pipes a new lease of life.

Contact Us for a CIPP Service

Cast iron pipes have many issues, as explained above, which is why they are no longer used as a standard. Do you need a whole home to repipe? Look no further. Contact our technicians at My Professional Plumber. We can also offer pipe relining services to ensure you never have to worry about those iron pipes again.

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