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Contaminants In Your Flooded Basement: A Reason Hire An Emergency Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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It is always an excellent idea to be ready for the worst. Flooded basements are a more common occurrence than you would think. Basement flooding may happen at any time and may occur to any person. Even if your basement has not flooded yet, you are lucky, but it doesn’t mean it will not happen in the future.

Flooding usually is caused by heavy rains or melting snow. However, flooding can also happen when the weather is dry. A flooded basement is caused by poor lot grading, dripping faucets, and burst or leaking pipes. An unmaintained foundation may also be a cause of flooding.

When you have a flooded basement or house, immediately contact an emergency plumber. Water can weaken and damage the structural integrity of your Oak Ridge, TN house. Basement flooding can also impact your health negatively. Below are the most common contaminants you may be exposed to when your basement is flooded.

The Biggest Concerns

Exposure to microorganisms should be among the biggest concerns you may have when dealing with a basement that is flooded. You need to be particularly concerned about exposure to bacteria, fungi like mold, and viruses. The longer the water sits in your basement, the more likely microorganisms will thrive. The water may also seep into the walls and create favorable conditions for mold growth. Below are the common pathogens to be worried about when your basement is flooded.


Fungi can be found wherever and whenever you can find stagnant water. Powdery mildew and molds thrive in humid, wet environments. If you do not enlist the services of an emergency plumber to come and remedy the issue as soon as they possibly can, you might expose yourself to fungi. Fungi reproduce by spreading their spores. By inhaling the spores, you might be exposing yourself to various health problems. Wear protective clothing whenever you enter your flooded basement.

Some mold can induce gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, cognitive decline, headaches, and many more. In the worst cases, mold exposure can cause death and respiratory problems. This happens to people with pre-existing respiratory conditions worsened by mold inhalation. People with autoimmune diseases are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to the negative impacts of fungi like powdery mildew and mold.

Worst of all, if you give fungi a chance to thrive and grow, eliminating them will become an issue. Eradicating these microorganisms is incredibly difficult. It is straightforward for some of the spores to begin growing on the opposite side of the walls where you cannot see them easily. Enlisting the services of an emergency plumber early enough is the only best way to beat these microorganisms. If the levels of humidity increase at your home, the spores will start growing again. You might be forced to tear down everything and start rebuilding it again in the efforts of eliminating fungi, something much costlier than just calling an emergency plumber to your Oak Ridge, TN residential property.


Legionella is among the most concerning bacteria that you may become exposed to if your basement or floor is flooded. Emergency plumbers have found these bacteria in stagnant water sitting in your unused plumbing. Exposure to such bacteria may cause legionnaire’s disease. This is a severe respiratory condition that, in worst cases, it may lead to death.

When your basement floods, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for Legionella, the reason to contact an emergency plumbing expert as soon as possible. Plumbers are well equipped with the clothing and tools necessary to clear the flood in your basement. A professional plumber will ensure you are not exposed to these pathogens and treat the water to eliminate the bacteria. Do not attempt to clear the water from your basement yourself, as you will be exposing yourself to bacterial infections. Remember, it is easy for the bacteria to hide in the biofilm and other areas. Therefore, let an emergency plumbing professional clear the basement before you enter.

Water-transmitted Viral Pathogens

You also need to be concerned about a class of viral pathogens that are water-transmitted. Although not all harmful, some carry a moderate risk to your health. You need to be particularly concerned and careful if you or a family member has autoimmune conditions.

Among the common water-transmitted viruses to be wary of include: astrovirus, adenovirus, picornavirus, calicivirus, reovirus, and hepeviridae. The different viruses cause varying diseases. For instance, if you are exposed to adenovirus, you can suffer from conjunctivitis and pharyngitis. If a person is exposed to picornavirus, they may develop rush, Hepatitis A, meningitis, and gastroenteritis.

Why expose yourself to such dangerous diseases? Call an emergency plumber to disinfect the basement and flush the water out safely when your basement or floor is flooded. Because the plumbers wear protective clothing, they can safely operate in your basement to ensure it is habitable again.

Do Not Forget Vermin and Insects

The last thing to be concerned about with a flooded basement is vermin and insects. Stagnant water equally attracts both vermin and insects. Mosquitoes are notorious for laying eggs in stagnant water. This may expose a person to additional health issues and problems.

Vermin, like roaches and rodents, always find stagnant water habitable. If you do not deal promptly with your flooded basement by calling an emergency plumbing technician, you will find the basement attracting a whole ecology of vermin and insects. Call an exterminator and enlist an emergency plumber’s services if this happens. This means that you will incur more on fixing your basement. That is why at My Professional Plumber, we advise you to call an emergency plumbing service provider as soon as you realize that your basement is flooded.

​​Emergency Plumber Services

If your basement is flooded, call an emergency plumber immediately. If you wait, the problem will become worse exponentially. You will be exposed to health-damaging contaminants, while the water may seep in large areas, causing irreparable damage. Your home’s foundation is beneath the basement, meaning that if it is flooded, the foundation’s structural integrity may be damaged. Depending on the source of water, it may need to be treated.

My Professional Plumber has served thousands of Oak Ridge, TN residents over time, meaning we have the experience of dealing with any plumbing emergency, including a flooded basement. Do not expose yourself to these contaminants when trying to clear your flooded basement. If you need an emergency plumber, call us today, and we will respond promptly.


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