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Debunking Hydro Jetting Misconceptions With A Trustworthy Plumber Near Me | Oak Ridge, TN

If you have a recurrent drainage clog problem, you need a sewer system or drain cleaning by an experienced, reliable plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN. If the sewer system has a clog, the wastewater starts backing up into your home. Wastewater backflow is hazardous as it carries disease-causing bacteria from your sewer. Hence, you and your family could risk contracting sanitation-related illnesses. Fortunately, one helpful way of clearing any far-flung clog in your plumbing system is hydro jetting. However, several things could be improved about this drain cleaning technique to the point that some homeowners might forgo it altogether. This article will dispel the main misconceptions about hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting Is Only for Commercial Use

There is this common misconception that hydro jetting is too expensive and can only be used for cleaning drains in commercial and government-based institutions. The truth is that hydro jetting can be used for both residential and commercial drain cleaning. However, being a powerful method of cleaning the drains, you should have a plumber near me first inspect the pipes. Hydro jetting is probably not the best method if your residential pipes make the drains over-deteriorated by corrosion. The baseline is that if your residential pipes can hold the force, you can also use hydro jetting. Hydro jetting will remove any blockage.

Hydro Jetting Is Too Expensive

This also needs to be clarified. How did those say that it is expensive to know this? Aren’t they spreading mere rumors? The truth is that any drain cleaning cost depends on the type of clog, the length of your drains, the complexity of your plumbing system, the duration of the drain cleaning service, accessibility of the clogged drains, and additional services such as camera inspection. You should note that every project is different. Rather than blindly believe the rumors spread out there, talk to a reliable plumber near me to determine how much the hydro jetting drain cleaning will cost you. You may be astonished.

Hydro Jetting Uses Excessive Force

The other most widespread misconception regarding hydro jetting is that it always uses excessive force to clear your drains. This drain cleaning process uses equipment that pushes water at a high pressure to clear the clog from your drains. Hence, it can remove even the worst of clogs. However, these pressure levels can also be changed depending on how severe the clog is. For instance, if you have a problem with a lesser clog, the pressure can be set to approximately 15 PSI. However, if you have a problem with tree roots, the hydro jetter can be set higher to 40 pounds per square inch. This is because tree roots are denser than other types of clogs. So, call a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN, and they will use the appropriate pressure to clean the drains based on the pipe integrity and how tough the clog is.

Hydro Jetting Is Too Noisy and Messy

Have you heard people say hydro jetting equipment produces too loud noises and is rather messy? That is not true. When the plumber near me comes to your home to work on your clogged drain, they can reconfigure the machine based on the needs of that particular project. The professional will ensure that everything is set to ensure that the machine doesn’t pose any damage to your home or even make too much noise. The professionals will place a protective shield as a preventative measure at work.

A Single Jet Will Do All The Work

It’s also a common misunderstanding that one jet can handle all of the hydro jetting jobs that need to be done, regardless of whether there’s just one drain that needs fixing or there’s a requirement for a drain or sewer line cleaning. Because the plumber near me can adjust the equipment used for hydro jetting based on your requirements, there is not a single jet that can perform all required tasks.

The Hydro Jetting Process Is Damaging

Although hydro jetting is a rather powerful drain-cleaning solution, it can be safely used for virtually all pipe systems. Before the process, the plumber near me thoroughly inspects your plumbing to determine if the underlying pipes can withstand the sheer pressure. If the pipes aren’t structurally sound any longer, the professional might recommend other alternatives, such as drain snaking.

This Cleaning Method Uses Toxic Chemicals

Because of its effectiveness, the number of inquiries for hydro jetting services has significantly increased. This has left people believing that there must be some catch. Some people have the misconception that this approach requires the use of dangerous chemicals. While it is true that chemicals can help break down most of the origins of a blockage, pipe jetting is not one of those cases. This misconception also is associated with the tree roots. Although the tree roots may grow into or around the pipes, the only thing that a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN uses in the hydro jetting process is pressurized clean water. Chemicals, particularly with such a powerful machine, could destroy your pipes.

You Can Do-It-Yourself

This is a potentially dangerous misconception that some people have. They believe that since it only holds a hose and a jet, they can clean their drains using hydro jetting. Unless you have been trained in plumbing, particularly hydro jetting, try DIY cleaning your drains with this or any other method. The immense force that this method has can easily damage your pipes. Hydro jetting is very much different from spraying those ordinary garden hoses. This process needs the expertise of an experienced plumber near me that understands how to use the machine properly.

Don’t Misconstrue Misconceptions for Truth

There are many myths and misconceptions about hydro jetting out there. However, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Sometimes, you should seek clarity from a pro. Contact our technicians at My Professional Plumber, and we’ll clear any doubts about hydro jetting and other plumbing work.

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