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Filtered Or Bottled Water? A Plumber Explains The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Using Water Filtration Systems | Oak Ridge, TN

Studies show that Americans spend over $11 billion on bottled water annually. And this is no surprise because the marketing campaigns around bottled water by many private water companies back here at home are on another level, with the promoters claiming that it’s safer and healthier than tap water.

Some even trade the notion of not trusting tap water. However, they forget that much of the bottled water they’re selling is the very tap water they’re detesting.

Bottled water might be a convenient purchase for you, especially when on the go, but the truth is it may not be as healthy and cleaner as the EPA-regulated tap water found in over three-quarters of American homes.

Filtered water is undeniably the best option for you and your family – and mother earth, for that matter. A home water filtration system can filter toxins, contaminants, and harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury from your water, making it safe for your consumption.

Getting a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN to install water filtration systems in your home doesn’t only benefit your pocket but also the environment. This blog post covers some eco-friendly reasons why you need a water filter in your home. Please do yourself a favor and read to the end to learn more.

Home Water Filters Help Reduce Exposure to Chlorine and Fluorine

Water treatment in plants usually involves chlorination and fluoridation to kill bacteria or other microorganisms that may be harmful to your health. Even though the amount of chlorine and fluorine added to the water is highly regulated, these processes may still affect your health.

Chlorine is known for causing dry skin and weakening the hair. If you’re seeking to enhance your health or beauty, installing water filtration systems in your place is a good idea. A home water filter can remove chemicals, such as chlorine, from your tap water.

Filtered Water Reduces the Number of Plastics Going to the Oceans and Landfills

Billions of plastic bottles are manufactured yearly, and most end up in the dump. As most of you know, many plastics won’t biodegrade quickly in these landfills, so they’ll stay on the earth’s surface for decades. When water filtration systems are installed in your home, you’ll rely less on bottled water.

Fewer water bottles mean less plastic going to the ocean and landfill sites, which also means you’re saving wildlife! Remember, plastic bottles are a leading pollutant in water bodies, posing significant harm to marine life and endangering all wildlife. Thus, you’re preserving the oceans by keeping them clean and safe when you use a water filter.

Help Conserve Energy and Resources

Did you know that the more you consume bottled water, the more energy and resources are used in manufacturing the bottles to meet the increased demand? Ideally, it takes about 2000 times the energy required to produce tap water to make a single bottle. In addition, water bottles consume nearly 17 million barrels of oil yearly to produce and transport – the bottle you use for just a month or even less!

Simply put, the energy used in producing water bottles is equivalent to fueling almost one million cars per year. Investing in water filtration systems will help reduce the number of resources and energy used, creating a sustainable environment.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

The production of plastic water bottles involves the use of enormous amounts of fossil fuels. These fuels release a large percentage of greenhouse gasses into the air when they burn, such as carbon dioxide. You all know how the world is struggling with climate change due to increased carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Going green with a water filter could see the situation change for the better. There’s no need to keep polluting the environment with plastic bottles when companies such as My Professional Plumber provide a range of water filtration systems for households in Oak Ridge, TN.

Reduce Household Waste Stream

Families that use bottled water a lot will need many garbage bags every month to discard the wasted disposable plastic water bottles.

But if you’ve got water filtration systems in your home, this shouldn’t worry you since they’re reusable. Again, you appreciate the importance of living as green as possible because these systems are generally cost-friendly.

Saves Water

If you sit down to think about how you use water in your home, you could be shocked to find out that the amount of water you waste exceeds that which you put into use. Think of the many times you’ve left the water running at the sink to pick up something or pick up a call.

Not to mention those minor leaks that are often ignored – this significantly adds to the overall water waste. This is where water filtration systems come in handy to ensure you conserve and do not waste your water.

It’s no news that water can be reused by using a filtration system. Recycling your water through water filtration systems is much more cost-effective than buying bottled water over and over.

My Professional Plumber: The Water Treatment Experts in Your Neighborhood

From the above post, it’s clear that water filtration systems will help you reduce your carbon footprint. You may not know this, but you’re doing much better for the environment when you drink filtered, purified water. Doing this isn’t just for you but for generations to come as well.

Ready to cut back on non-reusable plastic? Contact the team at My Professional Plumber today. Our plumbing professionals want to ensure you save the planet by reducing overdependence on bottled water through whole-home water filtration system installations. We also provide drain cleaning, water heater repairs, garbage disposals, and general plumbing services in Oak Ridge, TN, and the surrounding communities. Call us now to see how we can be of help to you!

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