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Plumbing Issues That Require An Emergency Plumber | Lenoir City, TN

Plumbing problems can disrupt your daily life and make everyday household chores difficult or impossible, so it’s easy to believe that every plumbing issue is an emergency. Some plumbing problems don’t have to be addressed immediately, and you can wait until you can find a plumber with an available appointment. However, some plumbing issues must be addressed immediately and require a call to an emergency plumber in Lenoir City, TN.

#1 Leaking Pipe

A plumbing leak is a serious problem because significant water damage and mold growth can occur. In addition, the leak will waste water, causing a considerable increase in your water bills.

A few issues can cause a leak, including rusty or corroded pipes, loose joints, or the seal has failed. Allowing a clog to remain in the line for too long can also cause a leak because the debris clogging the drain will eat away at the pipe, causing a leak.

Standing water in the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity indicates a leak under the sink, and water spots on the wall indicate a leak behind it. A leaking pipe under the house will cause issues in the basement, such as a warm basement floor, dampness, mustiness, or a crack in the wall or floor. It can also leave puddles outside by the house, and grass areas will be greener and lusher than the rest of the yard. If the pipe leaks for a while, it can damage your home’s foundation.

If you detect signs of a leak, you must call an emergency plumber in Lenoir City, TN immediately. They will find the affected pipe and fix it before further damage occurs. If the plumber can’t find the pipe, they will use leak detection equipment to find it immediately.

It’s essential to make the call as soon as you suspect a leak in the plumbing system to prevent further damage that will cost more to repair.

#2 Drain Clog

A slow drain isn’t an immediate cause for concern. If the water still flows down the drain, you can wait until you have time for a service call. Just don’t wait too long because the clog will escalate to a complete clog, preventing the water from draining.

If the drain is completely clogged, you’ll need to hire an emergency plumber because you can’t use the fixture because it will fill with water that can’t drain.

A significant clog prevents the water from draining, and it’s best to leave the job to a professional. Liquid drain cleaners won’t be effective if the water won’t drain, and you could damage the pipes if you try to snake the drain yourself. An emergency plumber has the tools and expertise to eliminate the clog, allowing the water to drain, and you can use the fixture.

#3 Water Heater Issues

You need hot water to perform daily household tasks, such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning. In addition, your hot water-based appliances need hot water to function at peak performance.

Water heater issues can affect the water’s temperature, quality and cause various problems, so it’s best to hire an emergency plumber in Lenoir City, TN immediately if the unit experiences any of the following issues.

Because water heater issues can affect your ability to use the water and cause damage to your home, it’s best to call an emergency plumber immediately. They have the knowledge and experience to repair or replace the unit, depending on the problem.

#4 Frozen Pipes

Your pipes can freeze when the temperature outside drops below freezing, and frozen pipes are an emergency, requiring the help of an emergency plumber.

When the pipes freeze, the water also freezes and can burst if the problem isn’t addressed immediately. Burst pipes can result in water damage and mold growth, and if the pipe is hidden, it could be a while before you notice the leaking pipe. You can tell if your pipes have frozen if you turn on the water and nothing comes out.

An emergency plumber will thaw the pipes quickly and inspect the plumbing system to ensure a pipe hasn’t burst. They will also give you tips to prevent the pipes from freezing during the next cold snap, and they can wrap your pipes in heated tape to prevent them from freezing again.

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