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Tub Water Backups And Your Plumbing Company | Oak Ridge, TN

Bathtub and shower drains should send water down and not back up the drain. However, it’s not an uncommon plumbing problem to experience water backing up through these drains. Unfortunately, when water backs up, there’s a clog developing or one that’s completely blocking your pipe. My Professional Plumber can help in these situations. We’re a professional plumbing company that serves customers throughout Oak Ridge, TN. Slow drains and clogs are our specialties. When you have any type of water backing up through your drain, you can rely on us to resolve the issue.

Tub and Shower Drain Backups

If you tub or shower drains are backing up, there are some likely culprits causing the problem. Hair and soap residue can combine to form stubborn blockages. Typically, you may note some warning signs before water actually backs up through the drain. You might hear gurgling noises, which indicates that a blockage is forming. Or, you may find that your drain is draining more slowly than usual. These signs should alert you that a drain is forming and you might need a professional plumbing company to clean your drains.

On the other hand, sometimes the first sign you notice is dirty water coming up through your drain. This is a clean sign that there’s a blockage. If the water eventually drains, you don’t have a complete blockage, but if you ignore the issue, the drain could become entirely blocked. By calling My Professional Plumber at the first sign of trouble, you can have your drains cleaned quickly and safely so that they function properly.

What Causes Tub and Shower Drain Backups?

When the clog is located near the opening of your drain, the blockage is most often caused by hair. Hair and soap or conditioner residue can form a stubborn blockage. If you have a flexible snake, you may be able to remove hair located near the drain opening. However, if the debris is located further into the drain system, these handheld snakes might not do the trick. A professional plumber has the proper tools and techniques for getting around the bends and traps located in your tub drain system.

Mineral Deposits

Even though soap and hair are the most common causes of bathtub and shower drain backups, they aren’t the only cause. Hard water minerals could leave your drains prone to clogs. The minerals can cake the interior of the drain pipes, causing them to narrow. As the pipes narrow, they become prone to clogging because there isn’t enough space for water to flow freely. A professional plumbing company generally offers descaling services. Drain cleaning with descaling chemicals can safely remove mineral deposits so they can be flushed out into the main sewer system.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes people flush insoluble items down their drain system. If the toilet has a clog, it can actually impact the tub and shower drain. Or, if a small object such as a child’s toy enters the tub drain system, it can cause a stubborn blockage. In these cases, the best option is to call our plumbing company for fast service.

Aging Pipes

Old pipes are at heightened risk for clogs that can cause water to back up in your tub or shower. As drain pipes age, they’re prone to becoming damaged. Pipe ruptures or corrosion can impact the flow of water through the drain system. Sometimes pipes can be repaired, but sometimes the best option is to replace them. My Professional Plumber can evaluate your pipes to determine the ideal solution.

Tree Roots

Tree and shrub roots could be the unfortunate cause of your tub or shower backup. If so, they’ve likely gotten into your sewer line, which is effectively the main drain for your home. All of your drains feed into it. The sewer line runs under your Oak Ridge, TN property to where it meets the city sewer system. Property owners are responsible for their sewer line. So, if tree roots have entered it and have begun to grow in the drain and block it, you need a plumbing company that provides sewer line service to resolve this issue.

Tree roots can enter the sewer line through tiny cracks or small holes that are more likely to occur with old sewer pipes. The roots may be threadlike at first, but with access to the water and nutrients in the drain, the roots will grow and grow until they stop up the pipe, causing water to back up through tubs and even floor drains. The result can be a terrible mess, but also one that almost any plumbing company has encountered.

To resolve this type of issue, the tree roots need to be cut away. A professional plumbing company uses a cable machine with a root cutter to cut away the roots. Then, they can be flushed out with water into the main sewer system.

Broken Pipe

Finally, sometimes water backs up through drains because there’s a broken pipe and it’s causing a blockage. Our plumbing company can replace broken pipes or repair them as needed.

Keeping Drains Clean

Our plumbing company can help you address any clogs or other issues that are causing your bathtub or shower drain to back up. However, there are some things you can do to keep your Oak Ridge, TN home’s plumbing system functioning smoothly. Use drain screens, for instance, to prevent items like hair from getting into your drain. You can also contact My Professional Plumber for periodic drain cleaning, which can reduce the risk of water backups.

If you have any type of plumbing problem, be sure to call us for our fast service. Our plumbers at My Professional Plumber are certified and experienced. From drain cleaning to leak detection, our services can help you keep your plumbing system working properly.

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