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Underground Plumbing Service Options Your Plumber May Use | Knoxville, TN

Imagine if the sewer line that passes underneath your lawn starts leaking; you might be forced to damage the lawn to reach it. Its repair would involve digging the lawn, performing the repairs, burying it back, and repaving your lawn. This is a particularly time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive exercise. But what if you didn’t have to do all that? What if you could repair the sewer system without damaging your lawn? Repairing or replacing underground plumbing systems can seem like, at times, a hassle. But with technological advancements, you no longer have to dig up your pipes to repair or replace them. Plumbers can offer the following underground plumbing services:

Descaling Metal and Cast-Iron Pipes

Chemicals and minerals dissolved in hard water could accumulate on the eternal pipe walls. The minerals can also interact with the copper and cast-iron metals resulting in cracking, corrosion, and weakened pipe structure. Fortunately, you can restore your underground buried metal and cast-iron pipes to full capacity through descaling. To protect the pipes from corrosion, plumbing experts use hydro jetting to blast any scales that might have formed over the piping. This will ensure that the pipes can serve you longer.

Sewer System Maintenance and Repair

The other underground plumbing service that your reliable plumbers offer is cleaning, patching, repairing, and relining any size or kind of sewer pipe. Some plumbing service providers also can install pumping stations and backflow preventers at your Knoxville, TN home or place of business to protect your water supply sources. The two prevent the sewer from flowing back into your business, rental apartments, or home. Others also offer a full sewer system replacement for businesses and homeowners. Hence, if your septic or sewer system is exhibiting signs of damage, you should contact your nearby plumbing company for a sewer system relocation or replacement.

Interior Pipelining and Rehabilitation

Because of the various elements underground, buried metallic pipes are exposed to cracking, corrosion, rust, and abrasions. Relining them ensures their strength returns to normal and restores their structural integrity. During the interior pipe relining, the plumber impregnates a thin liner with epoxy and installs it into the existing line. They will then use heated water, UV lights, and steam to cure the resin. The resultant pipe is as good as new and has a long service life of 50+ years. It also has a smooth inner surface, ensuring the water flows seamlessly. Additionally, the lined pipe is resistant to corrosion elements, further enhancing its durability.

Exterior Pipelining

The exterior parts of the pipes experience much pressure from the shifting soils, freeze and thaw cycles, and high water tables. The intrusion by tree roots and corrosion by minerals in the groundwater also impact the performance and strength of your underground buried pipes. Is there a way of protecting the exterior part of your pipes? Yes, you can enlist the help of a plumber for an exterior pipe lining service. Here, the professional places a new pipe into the existing one. No digging is required in this case. The technician only needs a single access point to the exterior pipe lining.

Hence, asphalt, concrete, landscaping, and trees are preserved. Since the liner is also corrosion resistant, the resultant liner has a longer service life of up to 50 years. Hence, if you are wondering how to replace those pipes buried in your beautiful yard, you should talk to your plumbing service provider about using this service.

Water Line Repair, Inspection, and Maintenance

Your plumbing system comprises three main parts; the drainage system that carries waste off from your home, the appliances and fixtures, and the water line that supplies your Knoxville, TN home with clean water. However, the water line is prone to an accumulation of minerals that affect water pressure and reduce water flow. If they are made from metals or other corrosive substances, they also might rust. As a result, the incoming water starts to become discolored. It also gets a bad smell, reducing its quality. Fortunately, a plumber can inspect the water line, repair it, or even service it without digging, thanks to technological advancements. The technician will also repair any offsets, leaks, cracks, and other water line problems.

Two-Part Epoxy Coating of Your Pipes

A plumber might offer another underground plumbing service: a two-part epoxy piping coating. Here, the professional renovates the sewer and drain pipes with sizes ranging from 1.25-12 in diameter. The resultant epoxy coating is resistant to abrasions, cracks, leaks, and corrosion. Plumbing service providers use this process for restoring commercial and residential plumbing. It can also be used for restoring an entire plumbing drainage system. Hence, if you still use iron or other metallic pipes prone to corrosion, have a plumbing expert line your pipes with a two-part epoxy coating.

Vactor Truck Services

Debris and dirt accumulation around and in the basement window drains, wells, and gutters will undoubtedly interfere with the drainage system at your home. To ensure that you are quickly back on track, you can, as your plumber, remove the debris and dust from the drains using their Vacuum trucks (vactors). Since these trucks are super powerful, they will remove the debris from any crevice in your drains.

Storm and Drainage Pipe Services

The drainage and storm pipes collect all the runoff from the melting ice/snow or heavy rains. The pipes and drains protect your Knoxville, TN home and property from structural damage caused by flooding. Unfortunately, these plumbing system elements may become clogged because the surface runoffs carry all waste and soil. However, there is a reprieve. A plumber can clean the debris and soil from the pipes and drains to ensure that they are clear and that any runoff will flow smoothly. The professionals also offer drain realignment and storm pipe replacement services.

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