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Water Heater Repair: Possible Reasons Your Home Has No Hot Water | Knoxville, TN

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Waking up to no hot water is among the worst things that can happen to you, especially if you plan on having a shower on a winter morning before heading to work. Unfortunately, there are many problems with your water heater that may leave your home without hot water. However, a water heater repair technician can fix your water heater and perform routine maintenance to extend its lifespan. Therefore, you will have hot water back within no time after calling the repair technician.

Are you wondering why you don’t have any hot water in your shower or facets? Below are the water heater problems that can make your home lack hot water.

What Is the Lifespan of a Water Heater?

Water heaters are not designed to last forever. Ensure you make this consideration when buying a water heater or when your home has no hot water. Regardless of your efforts to keep the water heater in good condition, sometimes you will have to contact a water heater repair technician to repair your water heater.

There are two types of water heaters; conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters. The two have different lifespans. For instance, a tankless water heater has a lifespan of about 20 years, while that of a conventional water heater can last up to 10-15 years. Your water heater can last longer if you enlist the services of a professional plumber to maintain it regularly. However, the presence of hard water can reduce the lifespan. Hence, your water heater needs flushing now and then to remove the sediments. If your water heater has clocked its lifespan, it may be time to replace it. Otherwise, you may run out of hot water in your Knoxville, TN commercial or residential property. Enlist the services of a plumber to regularly inspect, maintain, flush or repair the water heater.

Thermostat Problems

Two thermostats on your water heater measure the water temperatures to ensure they are right. If the water is not hot enough, bacteria may start growing in the tank and the pipes leading out and into the water heater. This may expose your family to health issues. If the water is very hot, it may harm you by leaving you with severe burns.

What temperatures have you set on the water heater? Confirm that you have set the correct temperatures on your thermostat and it is in the right mode. If everything seems accurate and you still do not get hot water at your Knoxville, TN commercial or residential property, you have a thermostat issue. A water heater repair technician can help you assess if there is an issue with your thermostat. They will inspect the water heater and diagnose any problem other than the thermostat. If the problem is the thermostat, the repair technician will replace it quickly without spending much.

Heating Element Problems

When it comes to a shortage of hot water, the most likely cause is a malfunctioning heating element in your tankless or tank-based water heater. Fortunately, a water heater repair technician can repair the heating element, ensuring that your home has hot water again within no time. A water heater has two heating elements, the upper and lower heating elements.

The water heated by the heating element at the lower part of the tank rises, and the cooler water at the top flows down the tank for heating. Therefore, you will most likely require the services of a water heater repair technician to fix the lower heating element if broken. The water heater does not primarily use the upper heating element.

If you lose hot water suddenly on your commercial or residential property. Ensure you call a plumber to inspect the water heater. The heating element may be covered with mineral sediments, reducing its heating effectiveness. If the heating element is covered with deposits, the plumber will clean the element and flush the water heater to remove the mineral sediments that may be lodged on the water tank walls. If the heating element is broken, the repair technician will replace it to ensure your faucets and showerheads have hot water running again.

Fuel Problems

The other reason your home may lack enough hot water is because of fuel problems with the water heater. A water heater may use propane or gas, solar power, or electricity. If your home lacks enough hot water, there is a chance a fuel supply issue may be the cause. Do you have a gas or propane water heater at your home? Call a water heater repair technician to check the fuel levels of your water heater. They will rule out anything that may expose you to danger. They will check for a gas leak, and if any, they will seal it. Many gasses are highly flammable and toxic. Therefore, leave their repair works to professionals.

Sometimes, a fuel issue with your water heater is as simple as a bad ignition or a pilot light or something close to that. While you may use DIY skills to repair the water heater, leaving it to the plumber is better. Fortunately, a water heater repair company can fix your propane or gas water heater within no time.


All water heaters have a sacrificial anode rod that absorbs most of the corrosion brought by the minerals dissolved in the water in your water heater. The anode rod wears down over time, and its effectiveness at absorbing corrosion diminishes. If the anode rod is not replaced promptly, you might start seeing the water heater corrode at a faster rate than it should.

Water heater tanks will corrode over time due to the chemical properties of the minerals dissolved in water. Even with the anode rod, the tank will get damaged over time. When the water heater tank becomes very corroded, it leaks and may soon burst. Therefore, ensure you enlist the services of a water heater repair technician to replace the anode rod or the entire tank if it is damaged beyond repair.

Water Heater Repair Services In Knoxville, TN

As unfortunate as waking up to no hot water in your home is, enlisting the services of a professional plumber can resolve the issue within no time. Do you schedule frequent maintenance and inspection of your water heater? Periodic inspections and maintenance are vital in ensuring that you have hot water at your home.

However, if the water heater is way past its lifespan, you may need to replace it with a new one. Whether looking for water heater replacement or repair services, ensure you hire a professional plumber to help you. Do you need water heater repair services at your home? Call My Professional Plumber today for a free consultation.


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