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Basics About the Drain Water Vent (DWV) Plumber System | Oak Ridge, TN

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Even with a small house, professional plumbing is a very crucial undertaking if you want to avoid pipe burst and house floods. Professionally installed pipes are mostly leak proof. However, these systems disintegrate with time. In extreme cases, you may be advised to undertake a complete re-piping for the whole house.

It is imperative to realize that the plumbing system incorporates two systems. The one that brings fresh water into your homes and the one that takes out the used water. The system that brings the water into the house should always be maintained under high pressure. This is to ensure that enough water travels upstairs, and reaches all the parts of the house. This system is connected to a meter before it enters your home to ensure that all the water that you use is registered.

Close to this meter is the main water shutoff to make sure that in case of a plumbing emergency, you are able to cut off all the water entering your house. But do not rush to shut off the main valve if the emergency is confined to the toilet, sink, or tub. It is advisable for all the fixtures to have their own valves.

Since the inbound water system performs perfectly under high pressure it is prone to damages and blockage. Leaks in the water system lead to not only incurring financial costs but also social problems. Furthermore, leaks in this system can lower the water pressure leading to a hard time during flushing toilets and running showers.

Evidently, leaks in this system are very harmful. That’s why My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, has made it their lifetime mission to save you time, money, and an insurmountable amount of frustrations by offering exclusive plumbing services. Here are some basic things you need to know about your drain water vent.

The Infrastructure of the Drain Water Vent

The two main systems in the home plumbing do not overlap. But there are bridges in the system where the two meet. Professional plumbers refer to the bridges as fixtures but from a layman’s perspective, they are sinks, washing machines, faucets among other names. A fixture in plumbing is any point where the water is tapped. The clean water will enter through one fixture and exit through another after use. The drainage mostly relies on gravity to get rid of the used water. This whole system is referred to as the Drain Water vent (DWV) System.

DWV is composed of three main components—the drain pipes, drain traps and drain vents.

These are pipes that are angled downwards to allow gravity to move the used water from the fixtures to the sewer line. With gravity comes blockages as the force to move water is not big enough. If you experience clogged drains it is best to call an Oak Ridge, TN, plumber. They should be fixed in a manner that will allow gravity to play to their advantage. These pipes should also be wider than those of the water supply system to enable them to function optimally with fewer blockages.

Drain traps are also referred to as P traps. They are U-shaped to hinder backflow. Owing to their curvature, they are able to hold water consistently. You may wonder why these pipes are engineered to hold water. The main reason is that the DWV system is the one that connects your house to the main sewer line.

Without this withheld water, the sewer line can make your house a stink-fest. Furthermore, the drain traps will help hair, sand, grease and other debris to sediment. The sediments are then cleared through cleanout plugs by a professional. Without these traps, the debris can easily block the system.

When you turn a bottle full of water upside down, the water pouring out is not that smooth. This is the same scenario when water is flowing through a closed system. That is the main reason drain vents are of the paramount essence. The drain vent runs from the roof of your house to the drain pipe. It helps to release air from the system to ensure there is a smooth flow.

In case any of these three systems are not working properly or is damaged, the overall functioning of the DWV system will be highly affected. Remember that substandard products can also affect your house drainage system. Only hire a qualified plumber to help you with the overall undertaking.

Don’t Be the Last Minute Person!

Do not wait until it is too late to call for a plumber. Make it a routine to have a professional plumber run regular maintenance of your house plumbing. Plumbing can make or break your house. Frequent plumbing effort will help your house to increase its value.

This is because good plumbing will maintain your house free from allergic molds that can pose health risks to your family. Always prioritize your plumbing through seeking advice from professional plumbers.

If done the wrong way, even a small task such as unclogging a sink or a toilet can cause major plumbing problems in your house. Hence, it is highly advisable to counter check the credentials of your plumber before allowing them to work on your plumbing system.

Get Tomorrow’s Plumbing Services at Yesterday’s Price

A damaged plumbing system is a problem that no one wants to encounter. That’s why our guys at My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, are top-notch experts who believe that the professional way is the only way. We are specialized in both commercial and residential plumbing in the larger Tennessee region. Our specialists are always available around the clock to fix all your plumbing problems before they turn into a catastrophe. Whether it is 4 am or the 4th of July, we will always be at your doorstep in no time after contacting us.

We always integrate comprehensive warranties and guarantees. We replace any fixtures that do not meet their life-expectations and re-do the work if damages occur before a pre-set time dictated by our warranty and guarantee policies. More importantly, we are a fully licensed, certified, and insured company.

At My Professional Plumber, we don’t cut corners, we fix them. Contact us today for next-level plumbing services.


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