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Benefits Of Having A Plumber Replace Those Old Copper Pipes With PEX Pipes | Oak Ridge, TN

In today’s plumbing applications, the flexible, colorful tubing called PEX pipes is quickly becoming an alternative to copper and PVC pipes. But what is it? Knowing the meaning of PEX is critical in ensuring that you apply it where necessary. Hence, you should consult your reliable plumber before purchasing plumbing pipes. Additionally, some pipes are better applied for some uses than others. For instance, you could use a pipe recommended for sewer use to design the water line. The input of the plumbing expert will help you choose the right pipe and avoid money wastage.

What’s PEX Piping?

So, what are PEX pipes? Also called cross-linked polyethylene, PEX is a flexible plastic that is easy to install and comes in coils and sticks. Thus, homeowners and plumbers have the flexibility required to complete any plumbing. PEX pipes are a popular piping solution among many homeowners and plumbing experts due to their characteristics. This piping is highly popular for kitchen and bathroom plumbing. The colored pipes allow homeowners to keep track of hot and cold water lines with relative ease. The red PEX pipes represent hot water lines, while the blue lines represent the cold-water lines in your plumbing. Gray and white PEX pipes are also available for carrying hot and cold water when color coordination is not required.

PEX Tools and Connectors

Common tools for installing and fitting PEX pipes include crimp rings, cinch clamps, and compression fittings. However, every technician has their preferred tools. Crimp rings and cinch clamps have a higher popularity because of their affordability. The connectors slip over the fittings, then tighten the PEX pipes. Additionally, the technicians must carry heavy-duty scissors for cutting the PEX pipes to the required length.

Benefits of Using PEX Pipes Over Traditional Copper Pipes

If you are wondering what benefit this form of plumbing pipes can offer compared to using PVC and traditional copper pipes, you are at the right place. Any plumber can tell you that PEX pipes are the best choice for plumbing. Although PEX is plastic, it has advantages that largely trounce those of copper. Below are some of the advantages you will get by using PEX over traditional piping:


If you want flexible plastic, PEX tubing is the way to go. Despite its past quality concerns, PEX piping is durable. Traditional metal pipes like copper lack this flexibility. Hence, they require separate connections to the branches and main lines. With the flexible pipe, the plumber doesn’t have to attach another separate connection for every fixture at your home. Hence, connecting the pipes to the main water line and the receiving fixture, appliance, or outlet is easy.

Corrosion Resistance

When it comes to copper piping, corrosion is a significant drawback. As the contaminants and hard water flow through the metal tubes, the copper starts corroding from the scale buildup, bacteria, and acidic water. Unfortunately, the corrosion can result in burst pipes and create leaks. However, there is little to no risk of bursts or leaks. Although the PEX might develop wear and tear after many years of use, it doesn’t rust as traditional metallic pipes do. Because of its plastic material, the PEX is entirely highly durable and corrosion-resistant. In rare instances, the pipes might crack because of extensive exposure to sunlight. Thus, if you want durable plumbing, talk to your plumber about using PEX piping.

Conserves Energy

Are you still wondering what good cross-linked polyethylene is? Well, here is one you’d like. Copper and other metallic pipes quickly transfer heat. Hence, they are liable to lose the heat fast, resulting in a less efficient fixture. Thus, the PEX pipes can be used for hot water pipes, especially those leading from the water heater, as they don’t have this shortcoming. Rather, they conserve energy. As heated water flows via the white, red, or gray cross-linked polyethylene, the plastic will heat up but never spread the heat to other locations. The thick tube maintains the water temperatures. Hence, when a plumber uses them for dispensing water from the heater, the water will reach the faucets as hot as it left the heater.


PEX is priced at approximately one-third of what copper is. If you compare the benefits of using PEX for your plumbing needs to those of using standard repair components, you’ll find that PEX offers a superior return on investment thanks to the fact that it is substantially more cost-effective than metal piping. The expenditures are comparable to those associated with CPVC. PEX, on the other hand, will provide you with a value substantially superior to that of other types of plastic tubing. To secure PEX piping in place, the plumber won’t need as many pipes.


In the cold winters, the last thing a homeowner wants is to deal with a burst or even frozen pipes. However, when the plumber uses the PEX pipes, that is an issue of the past. This is because the cross-linked polyethylene pipes expand with the freezing water. This reduces any chance of a burst, cracked pipe, or leaks. When the water within the PEX pipes starts melting, it does so silently. When unfreezing, you will not notice any clanging or other disruptive sounds that metallic pipes produce. After the water sufficiently melts, the lines revert to their normal sizes, averting future plumbing issues for many years.

Easy to Install

For water distribution systems having different sizes and complexity levels, PEX is appropriate. After your home remodel, plumbers and homeowners may easily snake it through the piping because it is strong but flexible. All you need for PEX installation are scissors and the appropriate connectors. Plumbing solutions may be installed more quickly and easily with specialized colored tubing for different water temperatures.

Do you need to replace the copper pipes for better water flow? Contact us at My Professional Plumber for the installation of PEX pipes instead.

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