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Importance Of Professional Drain Cleaning Service For Homeowners | Knoxville, TN

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Sewer backup issues are increasing steadily among homeowners, with rates of about three percent annually. Most homeowners don’t realize it’s their responsibility to maintain and repair their drains.

Think about the amount of waste that goes down the drains daily? A lot of food particles and grease are disposed of down the drain. When taking a shower, hair and soap particles are washed into the home’s plumbing system. As a result, homeowners should schedule routine drain cleaning services to minimize future sewer backup problems. Below are the significant benefits of professional drain cleaning for homeowners in Knoxville, TN.

Elimination Of Bad Odors

When minor clogs such as food particles or soap are washed down the drain, they get stuck in the pipes. Since it is mostly organic, it starts to degrade as bacteria begin to feed on it, eventually creating a foul-smelling odor from the drains.

Such odors are very annoying and cause discomforts; people may find it hard to eat or carry out their daily activities. Besides, such smells contain toxic gases, which could cause severe breathing difficulties. Professionally cleaning the drains reduces and eliminates foul odors.

Minimizing Clogging Issues

Drains are prone to obstruction, and this can lead to severe clogging. Imagine going to the washroom, and the wastewater overflows all over the place? This can be very unhealthy and devastating. Such waste could contain harmful elements, which could cause serious illnesses.

Significant clogs can lead to significant leaks on sewage lines, and this can cause landscape damage. Vegetation life is also endangered because of the toxic chemicals that are associated with clogging. Having professional drain cleaning services eliminates such a mess.

Improved Family Health

Clogged pipes provide a conducive habitat for molds and bacteria. When water flow is not consistent with flushing out the mold, they grow, and in some cases, they even mutate. Bacteria and molds have adverse effects on the family’s health. They cause many infections and illnesses such as cholera.

Exposure to certain bacteria and mold can be detrimental. Some mold species cause severe respiratory problems; a good example is Aspergillus fumigatus mold, which causes aspergillosis in people. Professional drain cleaning services keep the pipes clog-free. This ensures that the home environment is safe and exposure to these elements is reduced.

Saves Money And Time

The primary reason why most owners avoid drain cleaning services is to escape the costs associated with the services. The plumber has to be paid for the services they provide. Most homeowners in Knoxville, TN, may not realize that the costs of repairing damaged pipes and correcting inadequate drainage are more compared to maintenance costs.

Clogging gets worse with time if professional drain cleaning is not done; if it gets further along the pipes, it becomes difficult to clean. Consequently, the process will require advanced cleaning equipment such as the earth mover. If the issue progresses, the pipes start to leak, and replacing such pipes is the only option. This entire process is expensive and time-consuming; regular professional drain cleaning helps save a lot of money. Time spent in repair or repiping will have been utilized for other expenses if care is taken early.

Keeps The Pipes Healthy

With time the chemicals disposed of build up in the pipes. These chemicals are toxic and may lead to corrosion of the pipes with time. Corrosion wears out the pipes, which then start leaking. Leakages could force the water companies to cut water supplies in the affected areas, inconveniencing families.

Leaking taps can be very frustrating. The small leaks develop into large leaks over time which is a nightmare. Regular drain cleaning services eliminate chemical buildup in the pipes, hence preventing pipe corrosion. Properly maintained drainage systems could last decades without the issue of corrosion and leakage.

If the pipes are worn out, there is a need to replace them; this means extra expenses. If the pipes are kept clean, there are minimal corrosion chances, and there is no room for bacteria and fungi growth. Who doesn’t want to cut down hospital and repair bills?. Routine professional drain cleaning services prevent such problems.

Improves The Overall Drainage

If you are keen, you’ll notice that the drainage speed becomes slower and slower as time goes by. For example, it may take more minutes to drain an old water tub than a new one. This is a significant indicator of clogging, and if action is not taken early, the situation worsens, and water fails to drain completely.

Professional drain cleaning services personnel ensure that the pipes are in good condition. The professionals use their expertise to analyze the situation at hand and can notice a situation that could arise down the road. Once they identify a problem, it’s their responsibility to correct it or advise on possible solutions for handling it. Spotting such plumbing issues saves on time and money.

If the problems are not solved early, the clogging or leaking may grow, thus increasing repair costs. At times, the damage may be extensive, and repiping the entire home may be the only solution; this may cost the homeowner a lot of money and time.

Protect Floors and walls

When pipes are leaking or water is not flowing in the washrooms, flooding may become a significant issue. Such walls are not designed to accommodate so much water. The materials used, such as tiles, may seep in a lot of water, loosen, and then start eroding the plaster used. Wallpapers used could also detach from the walls and get damaged. The cost of repairing the damages is high; with proper care, this would never be an issue.

Professional drain cleaning services ensure that clogging issues are dealt with. If done regularly, the floors and walls could go for a long time without any damage. Flooding also provides a conducive environment for the molds to thrive; therefore prevention is the best option to avoid unnecessary costs and inconveniences.

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