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Look Out for These Signs of a Failing Garbage Disposal | Garbage Disposal Repair in Knoxville, TN

An effectively functioning garbage disposal will keep your drain pipes in tip top shape – but you already knew that right? So why does your garbage disposal fail to do its job from time to time? These issues arise commonly due to the way you clean your kitchen, wash up or even the way you cook.

Most garbage disposal problem will be solved with a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN but others might even require a complete replacement. That being said, let’s dig into some indicators that your garbage disposal potentially needs a replacement or service.

Signs of a Failing Garbage Disposal

1.   Abnormal Noises

Most homeowners don’t know the horror of letting a piece of silverware slip into the garbage disposal. When this does happen unintentionally, you would’ve found out for yourself just how loud your garbage disposal can get.

When you do hear such sounds though, especially one that sounds unmistakably metal, you can use a flashlight to check for the source. If you can’t seem to find anything stuck in the blades, the components of the garbage disposal may have gotten misaligned. This means that two components inside the grinder will be grinding together whenever the appliance is run.

If this is the case, then you should call for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN. It is important to address these issues as soon as possible because some obstructions will actually damage the motor.

2.   Frequent Resets

You already know about the reset button on your garbage disposal. This button is intended to recover the appliance from any unusual situation – such as clogs or large loads. If, however, your garbage disposal is in great shape, then you shouldn’t have to use the reset button very often.

Have you been using your garbage disposals reset button quite often? Or do you have to reset it every time you switch it on? Either way, the most common reason why this happens is because your garbage disposal is aging out.

Another reason why this may be happening is because your garbage disposal may have some loose wiring. Either way, you will have to call in experts for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

3.   Inexplicable Clogs

Did you know that you are only supposed to wash down food particles into the garbage disposal in small amounts? This should be done because deviating from this strategy will most likely lead to dangerous clogs in the garbage disposal.

Oftentimes, even when you’re being careful and disposing of small loads, you still get the appliance jammed. If this is the case, then your kitchen cleaning habits are most likely not the problem. These clogs indicate that you should opt for a model with a higher capacity. Another possibility can be that your device is malfunctioning.

The only fix in both these cases is to call professionals for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

4.   No Power

Typically, if a garbage disposal completely refuses to turn on or will just shut off on its own, then you should check to see whether the circuit has blown. If, however, your electrical system seems to be working perfectly, you will have to schedule an inspection with an expert in garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

This should be done because these unexplained issues normally point towards an issue with the motor. Your garbage disposals motor may actually be working on its last legs or the motor may have blown out completely.

5.   Persistent Odors

The odors from garbage disposals can get really unpleasant because they emanate from what is left of wet food. Most of these odors, however, should be removed after a simple cleaning and rinsing. If you believe that nothing you do seems to be eliminating the foul odor, then you need expert help.

With an expert in garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN your appliance can be taken apart in order to visually inspect and remove all the trapped gunk that is causing the odors. That being said, experts in garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN also warn homeowners from using chemical cleaners when they are cleaning their disposals.

This is advised because of the fact that these chemical cleaners are too harsh on your appliance. The solvents in these chemical cleaners can really take a toll on the blades of your garbage disposal and its components.

6.   Planned Renovation

While your garbage disposal may not be exactly failing when you’re deciding to remodel the kitchen or sink, you should really think about replacing it during the renovation process. Why though? Every expert in garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN will tell you that an old garbage disposal won’t work in a kitchen that is brand new.

You should especially consider replacing the appliance if it has been in use for atleast a decade since the last renovation project. Most homeowners who call for a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN don’t seem to know that the average life expectancy of these fixtures is about 10 years. After this period, garbage disposals start coming up with issues like clogging more often.

7.   Water Leaks

Another thing most homeowners don’t know is that water tends to seep through some areas of the garbage disposal. They are only noticed when the seepage becomes considerably large enough to only be solved with an entire replacement.

Experts of garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN will tell you that you should keep inspecting the sink, floor of the cabinet and the disposal itself from time to time.

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