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Questions to Ask a Plumber When Interviewing or Hiring Them | Knoxville, TN

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For any project to be successful, you must hire a professional. Most homeowners hire the first plumber they come across when they experience a plumbing emergency. When you want to hire a home contractor, there are some things that you have to know about them beforehand.

To ensure you hire a pro for your project, below are the questions you have to ask potential contractors during an interview.

Do You Have a License? 

Never assume this because many home contractors operate without licenses. It would help if you insisted on seeing it because it tells you whether the contractor is registered with your state’s governing body or not. Licensed home contractors must have passed various tests for them to be certified to offer plumbing services.

A contractor with no license does not have an organization that they report back to. Therefore, they can take advantage of the client and charge them exorbitantly or offer shoddy services. Do not hesitate to skip a plumbing contractor’s service if they fail to produce a valid license. It can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Will the Estimation Meet All the Costs?

Your plumbing contractor should check out on your plumbing issue and then give you the estimates of the total cost. This should include both the money to be spent on buying various items and the labor cost. Estimates given over the phone are rarely accurate, making you vulnerable to later up-charging. That’s the reason you should never hire plumbing contractors who provide estimate quotes without them coming to check out your plumbing issues.

Who Is Going to Handle the Project?

Most plumbing contractor companies employ several plumbers depending on the type and size of a project. Always ask the person giving you the estimate if he is the one to do the job or not. If not, inquire about the professionalism of the one to handle it in terms of experience and other qualifications. If you don’t feel contented with the answer you’re given, go on and seek the services elsewhere.

When Do You Expect Payment?

For projects that are expected to take long, your contractor should seek payments in installments until the project is complete. For example, if the project is to take a week, you can pay them daily at a rate that adds up to the total cost. But for small projects that can take an hour or two, your plumber will most likely ask for payment after they are done with the job.

Do You Have Insurance Coverage?

Apart from asking for a license, you should also seek to know whether the home contractor has insurance or not. Having insurance is an added advantage because it protects them when they make mistakes. The insurance also covers the contractor on issues that can result in extra expenditures like accidents, injuries, and human errors that can occur during the job.

Are You Experienced Enough?

Almost all plumbers can handle small projects such as unclogging drains, repairing leaks, and installation of appliances. However, for larger projects, you will have to hire experienced plumbing contractors in Knoxville, TN. Being experienced in the field of plumbing is imperative as it helps to handle projects with much ease, thus completing them within the stipulated time.

Do You Do Clean-up After Work?

Plumbing repairs leave behind a lot of debris that requires cleaning up. Some contractors do the cleaning while others leave it to be done by the homeowners. When you realize that some contractors charge less than others, it could be because they do not do clean-ups. It’s upon you to ask about it before hiring to avoid later arguments.

Do You Offer Warranty on Your Plumbing Works?

All plumbing installations and repairs should be guaranteed. When a problem occurs within a month after the project was completed, the plumber should be able to make another repair or replacement without charging you.

Most expert plumbing contractors in Knoxville, TN, offer warranty to their clients. It would be best if you had a guarantee for your plumbing investments because they are quite costly. Warranties also ensure that your plumber does a good job to avoid re-doing it.

Do You Have Any References?

A plumbing contractor should have detailed reviews from their past clients. Professional plumbing contractors must have a significant number of high quality projects that they have completed. Getting references from their former clients will help you get to know them more. Below are the top questions you should ask the contractor’s previous clients.

Do You Charge Hourly or a Flat Rate?

Before you sign any contract, make sure you are aware of whether the contractor charges his service on an hourly or flat rate. The problem with contractors charging per hour is that they may hide some information from you and only reveal it when they are almost done with the job. This will result in the contractor not finishing the job within time, thus causing you unplanned for expenditures.

Flat rate contractors are recommended because they are aware of what they have agreed on with the client. There are higher chances of them delivering better results because time does not affect what they are getting paid.

Have You Handled Such a Project Before?

Many plumbing issues are complex; hence you need to know whether a plumbing contractor will be able to do it well. With the references the contractor gives you, you can be able to see the experience they have working on similar problems. This is important because plumbers who have no experience in solving the problem you have can do more harm than good.

Are You in Any Trade Union?

This helps you know whether the plumber meets the minimum standards set by the trade union. Members of such associations have an added advantage because they receive ongoing training courses and certification.

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