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Signs That You Need to Call Professionals for Water Heater Maintenance in Knoxville, TN

Regardless of the season, lukewarm tap water makes doing household chores like dishes or laundry, or even bathing, really inconvenient all year round. This is a major reason why a water heater is considered a home appliance of great utility and value. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Tennessee don’t keep up with the regular maintenance of their water heaters. As a result, they have to endure the sudden breakdown of its assembly. Therefore, it’s important to have your installation get inspected from any good service provider of water heater service in Knoxville, TN from time to time.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the telltale signs of an abysmal state of a water heater. If you are coming across any of these signs with your appliance, then we would strongly recommend you to get in touch with any seasoned contractor of water heater service in Knoxville, TN.

Water Supply with Brown/Orange Tinge

If taps connected with water heater are spurting dyed water with orange and brown undertones, then it is very likely that the problem is rooted in the heater tank. It’s dangerous to keep on using water dyed with metal remnants. It’s better to call any good plumber or water heater service in Knoxville, TN to look into the issue.

The Reason Behind Stained Water Supply

There are two major reasons why your water supply can get stained.

  1. The lining of the tank attached with the water heater has corroded and starts breaking away. The presence of hot water in the tank can pace up the corrosion of the lining. Moreover, the high temperature also facilitates the processes of rust attrition in the stored water.
  2. If your taps are supplied through old and rusted galvanized pipes, then this can also be the reason behind the tainted water supply.

If you are getting stained water supply from PVC plumbing pipes, then it’s certain that your heater needs a professional inspection.

Why Is Rusty Water Not Fit for Use?

Using rusty water supply won’t just make a water heater breakdown more likely. It will also have serious consequences for you and your family’s health. The water contaminated with rusted metal is harmful, whether you are using it for bathing, cleaning, or drinking.

For instance, bathing with metal-ridden water can result in allergic reactions on the skin and eyes. Similarly, laundering the clothes in this water can render all the washing effort useless since it can result in dying and staining the fabric with the rustic color tone. It is also harmful to keep on consuming rusty water.

All things considered, it is imperative to call any company with a good track record of delivering water heater service in Knoxville, TN if your heater tank is rusting away and supplying tainted water.

The Other Functional Downsides

The tainted water suggests that there is a lot of rust residue sitting at the bottom of the tank. This means the tank is not operating at its full capacity and you are spending more energy heating up the required water. In cases of such excessive rusting, any good contractor of water heater service in Knoxville, TN will recommend you to change the entire heater apparatus.

A Dampened Water Tank Exterior

Many people couldn’t realize that they are facing a plumbing issue when they come across moisture around the body of the water heater tank. It is important to understand that dampness around the water tank is not a phenomenon similar to ‘bottle sweating’. This sweating happens with cold containers, not the hot ones.

As summed up by some seasoned contractors of water heater service in Knoxville, TN, the water that you see on the exterior of the water tank actually ends up there due to multiple reasons. For instance, the pipes attached at the top the water heater assembly starts leaking. This can happen either due to a loose connection or because the pipes have completed their utility.

The other cause of this moisture production is more alarming. You might be seeing dampness on the water heater tank because its body has developed some minor fractures. These cracks are not big enough to be seen by the naked eye but they expand with the increase in temperature in the presence of hot water. Observe your water heater tank when it’s not working and also when it’s on. If dampness only appears when the heating element is fully on, then you should immediately call anexperienced service provider of water heater service in Knoxville, TN.

These minor slits can eventually turn into wide-open cracks if you are not dealing with them in time. In an extreme case, a water heater can suddenly burst. Such an outcome is hazardous for various reasons. The sudden gush of water within a fraction of a second can affect the surrounding appliances and other items in the home. Moreover, people standing around can also experience low-degree burns since the tank explodes when there is hot water in it.

Replacement Options

Any good service provider of water heater service in Knoxville, TN advises homeowners to replace the entire assembly if the damages are irreparable. If you don’t want to face maintenance issues that we have discussed in this article, then go for tankless water heaters. They heat the water supply directly within the pipes and are suitable for instant use and small households. For that, get in touch with any good contractor of water heater service in Knoxville, TN that also offers the installation of the tankless assembly.

If you need a water supply to cater to a larger family, then it is better to go with the traditional water heater with a tank. However, make sure that you take care of it with regular tune-ups from any professional water heater service in Knoxville, TN.

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