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Drain Cleaning Service: Hire A Plumbing Pro So Your Dollars Won’t Go Down The Drain | Oak Ridge, TN

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Drains are an essential part of plumbing infrastructure, designed to whisk used water away from your home and bring clean water in. As part of a complex system used in most homes on a frequent and daily basis, drains require a certain amount of maintenance to continue functioning smoothly.

When a problem arises, whether it’s a clog, a blockage, a leak, backed up water or strange smells and noises, homeowners have a choice. They can try to tackle the problem themselves with DIY zeal and a few hardware store products. Or, they can call in a drain cleaning service such as My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN to expertly assess the problem drain, and fix it right.

How Do You Know Your Drains Need Cleaning?

There are often tell-tale signs that a potential problem is brewing within your home’s drain system. Ignore the following signs and you could end up with a costly mess on your hands:

  1. Sluggish or noisy drains may be struggling to drain water through or around a physical obstruction that needs to be cleared
  2. A smelly kitchen sink or bathroom drain may mean food waste or a combination of hair and grease or other substances has been trapped in the drain somewhere. Over time, debris can build up in drains and pipes making the free flow of wastewater more and more obstructed
  3. Uncleared water in your dishwasher or washing machine can indicate a drainage line blockage which may need to be manually resolved by a drain cleaning service specialist
  4. Low water pressure can mean a clogged or broken pipe or could indicate a number of other drainage issues.
  5. Bubbles back flowing in your sink, shower, or tub while water is trying to drain out usually indicates a blockage or clog in the making somewhere along the plumbing pipeline

Why Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

You often hear homeowners discouraged from undertaking DIY plumbing repairs on their drains and plumbing infrastructure. There’s a reason for that. Here’s why drain cleaning and other plumbing issues are typically ill-suited for DIY solutions:

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Hiring a reputable drain cleaning service to fix an immediate plumbing problem is one thing, scheduling regular maintenance has a whole other set of benefits. If you’re a homeowner that values consistent everyday functionality over surprises and disasters, a regularly scheduled service call can be money well spent.

On a maintenance drain cleaning service call, a qualified plumbing technician will thoroughly assess the drain and plumbing infrastructure that keeps water flowing in and out of your home. Using specialized plumbing tools such as video diagnostic imaging and hydro-jetting to clear minor clogs and debris build-up, as well as other cutting-edge technologies, a knowledgeable drain cleaning service professional can set your household up for a year of worry-free plumbing functionality.

But Is It An Emergency?

Any time you are unable to use part of your home’s plumbing infrastructure (toilet, sink, shower) it’s fair to say this constitutes an emergency. Depending on the size of your household, even one single day without smoothly running plumbing can be a trial. A flooded basement is an emergency. Waste materials or sewage backing up into your home is an emergency. A kitchen sink out of commission due to a clogged drain is an emergency.

When something like this happens, you want to have a reliable drain cleaning service and plumbing professional ready to make a speedy house call. Technicians at My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN are on call 24/7 to handle these types of emergency scenarios. Even better, homeowners can largely avoid the need for emergency service calls with a regular maintenance drain cleaning service call once a year and a few simple preventative household rules. These might include flushing nothing but toilet paper and human waste down the toilet, or installing traps to capture solid substances (including food waste, hair, grease, and coffee grounds) before they can go down the drain. Ask your drain cleaning technician to recommend products and techniques that can help keep your drains draining efficiently.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a regular drain cleaning service, or you’re in need of 24/7 emergency support, give the experts at My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN a call. Their team of certified plumbing and drain cleaning specialists offers prompt, courteous, professional, and safe service for any kind of issue with household or commercial drains. Don’t mess around with DIY solutions when a professional can and will get the job done right the first time.


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