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Finding A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Watching water drain away slowly in your sink or bathtub ranks with watching paint dry as a fun pastime. It is a job that you keep promising to get round to fix but never do. But how do you remove the clog that is causing it? It’s easy to just pour some drain cleaning fluid down the sink and that will remove the clog. Sadly, it’s not that easy. What if the clog is nowhere near the sink? The chemicals may not get anywhere near the clog to help. Any harsh chemicals may be further damaging your pipework. If your pipes are old and made of cast iron for instance repeated use of the chemicals may corrode the pipes and joints, causing a leak.

Eventually, your drain is going to clog up completely if you do nothing and then no water is going to flow through the pipes. You should get an experienced drain cleaning service of the kind provided by My Professional Plumber. We are Knoxville’s most reliable drain cleaning service, just check the number of five-star reviews we get online. Whatever your plumbing emergency is we are just one phone call away and ready to assist you 24/7.

When Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

If you spot the following warning signs you need a professional drain cleaning service. The sooner you act when you find these problems, the sooner you can prevent a small and easy-to-fix problem from becoming a potentially serious one.

The Water in Your Sink Is Slow to Empty

Have you noticed that the water in your sink or bathtub is taking longer and longer to empty? You probably have a clog. These are caused by grease, food, and other material sticking to the inside of the pipework. As the clog starts to build up it restricts the flow of water and unless you get your pipes cleaned by a drain cleaning service the pipes will eventually block.

Recurring Clogs

Pouring drain cleaners down the sink may temporarily remove the clog. But if it keeps returning you could have a more serious blockage. If you ever removed trapped hair from a bathtub you can see how difficult it is to break some clogs down. Only a professional drain cleaning service in Knoxville, TN can clear the problem once and for all.

Using Too Many Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you use too many strong chemicals to clear the clog, you could damage your pipes and joints and so cause a leak. If you have a septic tank, chemical drain cleaners are not safe, as they will interrupt the bacteria that help break down waste.

You Hear Gurgling Noises

Another sign of a clog is if you hear gurgling noises. As a clog begins to build up it creates air bubbles as water flows over it. These air bubbles cause the gurgling sound you hear as the sink empties. These sounds will disappear once you have had a professional drain cleaning service.

You Can Smell Sewage or Foul Odors

If there is a strong unpleasant smell coming from your sink it could be due to food trapped in the U-bend. The best thing to do is avoid putting food waste or rubbish down the sink. Using some gentle cleaner will usually do the trick. If that fails, you could try opening the U-tube and remove the offending material or use a drain snake. But be careful not to cause damage to the pipes. if you do not feel confident enough to do this then please call My Professional Plumber.

Water Backing Up

If you have discolored or foul-smelling water backing up into your sink or bathtub, then you have a serious problem with your hands. Your drain or sewer lines may be blocked, and the wastewater has no place to go other than back into your home. If sewage is backing up into your home, you have a serious health problem to deal with.

Apart from germs and bacteria, sewer gas can contain ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other hazardous gases. This is a problem that needs sorting out immediately. Only a professional drain cleaning service can do this, they can locate and quickly remove the blockage. If the sewer line is damaged it will have to be repaired or replaced. My Professional Plumber has the right specialist equipment and knowledge to deal with this problem.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing In TN

Why does your toilet keep overflowing? We have all flushed things down a toilet that we should not. Items like wet wipes and Kleenex may seem suitable to flush down a toilet, but they are not. Items like this are slow to dissolve in water and cause many blockages. Repeatedly pouring strong chemicals down a toilet is a bad idea as they will corrode and damage old pipework and joints. If your toilet is blocked then do not keep flushing it, this will cause an overflow. An overflow means that hazardous bacteria and viruses will spill over your floor. Cleaning up this mess is a job best left to My Professional Plumber, we use special protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection. After the cleanup, we can get to work locating and removing the source of the blockage.

Let My Professional Plumber Sort Out Your Plumbing Problems.

My Professional Plumber is the drain cleaning service expert in Knoxville, TN, for both residential and commercial customers. Finding and carefully removing clogs or blockages is a job for our highly skilled technicians.

We understand that cleaning up after an overflowed toilet or blocked drain can be stressful for you and puts your family at risk. You want somebody to come over quickly to sort the mess out. In these times where every penny counts, we guarantee no overtime charges on nights and weekends! My Professional Plumber has many years of experience in cleaning and unblocking drains, and we are on call 24 hours a day. Whatever your problem, get in touch with us now.


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