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Hire A Plumber To Modernize Your Bathroom And Increase Your Home’s Value | Knoxville, TN

Bathroom remodeling can add value to your home. While most homeowners are always concerned about the high cost involved, the investment will pay later. If your bathroom fixtures are outdated, the value of your home will drop, discouraging potential buyers from submitting an offer.

If you are interested in improving your bathroom, you can call a plumbing company in Knoxville, TN. Below are the top modern bathroom designs a plumber can do to increase the value of your home.

1. Installation of a Heated Floor

A heated floor can make your bathroom much more comfortable to use. Radiant heating has become a trend in our bathrooms recently. Compared to other heating methods, like forced-air heating, radiant heating is energy efficient.

If you are interested in radiant heating flooring, call a plumbing company, and they will send an expert to install one for you. Still, they can answer questions you may have concerning this type of flooring. You can ask about the advantages and disadvantages of different models in the market to choose the best for your bathroom.

The heating system is reliable and long-lasting, with a lifespan of over 35 years.

2. Pedestal Sink

Currently, homeowners are shifting away from large sinks installed on console tables. Instead, they prefer space-saving pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks are suitable additions to compact bathrooms and washrooms. Pedestal sinks blend well with any bathroom design or fixture, unlike other sinks. They are simple to install and use.

The only drawback is that they lack storage space underneath. However, adding it to your bathroom will make your home unique and increase value. Schedule an appointment with a plumber in Knoxville, TN, to have your pedestal sink installed professionally.

3. Curbless Shower

Having a curbless shower in your bathroom has many benefits. For instance, a curbless shower provides easy cleaning, accessibility, flexibility, maximum privacy, faster cleaning, etc. Also, it can be used in a small or large bathroom. It is a modern bathroom design that will transform your bathroom into an appealing space.

If you want to install a curbless shower, have an expert plumber do the work for you. The unique thing about a curbless shower is that it offers an open concept, enabling a plumber to integrate it with other bathroom appliances. It will enhance your bathroom’s appearance and increase the value of your home.

4. Modern Bathroom Appliances

If your bathroom still has old fixtures, you can replace them with modern ones. Modern bathroom appliances are becoming popular, and there are many options to choose from. A bathroom with smart appliances is more appealing than a bathroom with outdated appliances. For instance, you can call in a plumber to install a modern toilet with self-cleaning features or a heated seat to increase your comfort. If you are those people who love spending time in the bathroom, an expert can install a built-in locking system to hold a smartphone or tablet.

Another modern bathroom appliance to have is a smart faucet. Smart faucets are either touch-only or touch-free, and they are finger-print resistant to stay stylish every time. Still, some faucets have temperature gauges and efficiency sensors that alert you when something is wrong. Unlike the traditional faucets, smart faucets will notify you if there is a leak or water pressure problem.

Smart appliances come with endless features that make everything convenient in the bathroom. Before buying a smart bathroom appliance, seek help from an expert.

5. Heated Towel Bar

This is a smart feature designed to heat towels before using them. A heated towel bar is a fantastic bathroom improvement idea that can increase your home’s value. You can hang your towel on the bar and pick it up when warm upon finishing your bath. It adds more comfort to your bathroom, and you don’t have to worry about cold towels even during the cold season.

However, a heated towel bar requires professional installation since it involves electrical wiring and drilling holes on the bathroom walls. If you need to install a heated towel bar, call a plumber and they will install it in no time.

6. Linear Drain

A linear drain is another plumbing appliance you can install in your bathroom. The good thing about a linear drain is that it increases the bathroom’s overall accessibility when used in low-curb or curbless shower tasks. Hence, your bathroom will have a longer lifespan, and you won’t need to pay for many repairs. Besides, a linear drain is ideal for creating ADA-compliant wet spaces and showers. Experts find them straightforward to install, so don’t hesitate to call them for help.

7. Modern Lighting

Builder-grade lighting may not be that inspiring. The lights are cheap, and they don’t last long. You can have the lighting in your bathroom improved by calling a plumbing company. You will be advised on the best lights to install and the available options that may suit your needs. For instance, your bathroom can have new bright LED lights with different adjustment levels. By seeking the help of a professional plumber, the lighting that will be installed will be of quality, and you won’t experience problems with the lighting.

8. Extra Storage

When upgrading their bathroom, homeowners overlook this element, but it is crucial. Bathroom storage can make a big improvement in your lifestyle. You can call an expert and have them install built-in shelves, extra cabinets, and organizers. The additional storage space will enhance organization and make potential buyers or friends admire your home. So, consider getting upgrades that will expand space and keep your bathroom organized.

Hire a Dedicated Team for the Job in Knoxville

Having your bathroom upgraded by a qualified professional plumber will improve your home’s value and improve your quality of living. If you are looking for a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, My Professional Plumber is your best bet. Whether you want to install modern bathroom appliances, a heated towel bar, linear drain, heated floor, pedestal sink, or a curbless shower in your bathroom, we have professionals for the job. We have licensed and experienced experts who can do more than bathroom upgrades. So, call us today, and we will have your bathroom upgraded.

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