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Silent Signs Indicating You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

As a proud Oak Ridge, TN homeowner, you probably do everything to ensure that you don’t face a plumbing emergency. But as you already might have noticed, the plumbing issues are unavoidable. You can always tell whenever your home has some plumbing issues. For instance, if your home has a running toilet and leaking faucet, that pitter-patter of water drops and swirling noises emanating from the bathroom might tell you that you need to call an emergency plumber near you.

However, some plumbing issues might be reticent, making them remain for a long time undetected. Such problems can wreak havoc on your home, costing you highly in repairs and restorations. Therefore, to ensure you know when to call a plumber, we’ve presented some silent signs that could hint at an underlying plumbing emergency.

High Water Utility Bills

Water and energy utility bills are among the priorities for most homeowners. If you notice a sudden spike in your water bills, especially if they’ve been consistent for some time, that is a clear sign you have a significant plumbing issue at your home. These plumbing issues might range from minor leakages in about 10% of American homesteads to worn-out fixtures running toilets and clogged drainage systems. Water leakages could also result from loose shutoff valves or damaged valves. Though you might easily identify these issues like running toilets, it might be so apparent in some other circumstances that it can cause leakages in the plumbing system.

You must call an emergency plumber near you immediately after noticing a spike in your water utility bills. The plumbing professional can use their experience and skill to track down the primary cause of the problem and offer a practical and possible long-term solution to the problem.

Discolored Pipes

Although your home’s plumbing pipes might not be built to be forever lasting, if they are discolored more so at the unions, it might indicate an underlying issue that needs the attention of an emergency plumber. To begin with, this situation might denote a moisture presence that could be emanating from a dripping sink, a slow leak in the main water supply line entering your home, or leaky drain lines.

The discoloration of pipes might also result if the pipes are old, resulting in different problems like water discoloration, corrosion, pipe bursting, or decay. Probably the danger at the moment might not be imminent. However, not addressing the root cause might prove seriously expensive down the line, resulting in financially taxing issues that need the attention of a plumber to resolve.

Several Outlets Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a fairly common problem in homes and can arise for various reasons. To begin with, if someone interferes with your main shutoff valve outside your home, the water pressure might drop. In this case, you might manually raise the water pressure by turning the knob. Furthermore, suppose such a low water pressure problem primarily affects the kitchen or bathroom faucets. In that case, the issue might be with your faucet aerators, which your nearest emergency plumber can assist you in identifying and resolving.

On the other hand, if the problem appears to have spread to other appliances at your home, such as outdoor showers and hoses, you should probably schedule immediate plumbing service. This is usually a sign of a severe underlying problem. If the water utility services provider has some issues with their water delivery system, such circumstances may arise. You can confirm this theory by asking your neighbor whether they are experiencing the same problem.

If that is not the situation, there may be a plumbing leakage in your home, leading to mildew and mold growth and extensive damage to your property. Fortunately, if you need help, the emergency plumber near you can help. Unresolved minor leaks might waste over ten thousand gallons of water per year.

Foul Stench Emanating from the Sewers

In their daily line of work, the emergency plumbers regularly come across and handle plumbing installation projects. A trap is required for a properly functional drain while installing the plumbing infrastructure at your home.

A vent is installed, and the drains and traps work collectively to keep foul sewage gasses from flowing back into your home. The vents should carry sewer gasses up to the roof, while the drainage traps form a water plug that keeps the unpleasant sewer odors out of your house. If you smell sewer foul stenches inside, it indicates that the trappings have gone dry or that the vent line has a crack.

Filling a dried-up trap with water is a simple fix for your emergency plumber in Oak Ridge, TN. However, this doesn’t mean you can easily do the same. You are strongly advised against doing any plumbing job yourself. The plumber can also check for leaks to ensure the problem doesn’t ever arise again. Finding and repairing a damaged sewage vent could be far more difficult. This may require the emergency plumbing company to pull apart your home’s drywall.

Bubbling Wall Paint and Ceiling

Unlike what most homeowners may think, not all leaks are characterized by a sudden and strong gush of water. Slow or subtle moisture leaks might arise beneath your walls and ceiling at your home because most plumbers often install the plumbing pipes there. In most instances, these kinds of moisture leaks might go unnoticed for several days, weeks, or maybe even months.

However, you might get to know of the existence of the plumbing issue after the paint coating on the drywall starts bubbling gradually or develops blisters. These blisters, bubbles, and at times some discolorations indicate excessive moisture infiltration. Hence, do not hesitate to call your emergency plumber immediately if you notice these signs. Otherwise, the ceiling and walls will be first in a line of many damage effects the slow leakages can have in your home, culminating in the slab or foundational damages.

Reliable Emergency Plumbers in Oak Ridge, TN

Contrary to your thought, not all leakages have water gushing out at high speed. Some are slow and might take time to notice. Look out for the silent signs above to notice whether you need the services of an emergency plumber. Better yet, enlist the services of your local licensed plumber for regular maintenance of your plumbing system. Call us at My Professional Plumber today for any plumbing emergency.

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