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The Dos and Don’ts of Water Heater Maintenance and How a Water Heater Service in Knoxville Can Help

A water heater ensures that there is hot running water available in your home everyday and when you need it for everything from chores to bathing. However, it’s not uncommon for water heaters to stop working just when you need them the most. At that time, you can’t do much than to suffer it out until the water heater gets fixed.

Typically, a water heater can last up to 10 years before developing serious problems. However, some heaters start to wear down early due to lack of proper care. It doesn’t take much time for small problems to develop into major issues. In the end, you’ll have to call a water heater service in Knoxville to repair your heater. In worst cases, even a water heater service will not be able to do much and a replacement will be mandatory.

Still, residents of Knoxville can save themselves from a lot of trouble by ensuring their water heater is in top shape. In this blog, we discuss the dos and don’ts of water heater maintenance in Knoxville and how a water heater service can help.

The Do’s

Preventive maintenance can save your water heater from a lot of complications. By following the dos of water heater maintenance, you’ll be able to run your heater at maximum efficiency.

Check Pressure Valve

Whether your heater runs on gas or electricity, it will have the safety devices that every water heater has installed. These safety devices are the pressure and temperature relief valves. It’s essential that you check whether these valves are working the way they should or not.

If you’re not careful, these minor issues can implode into problems that cause significant damage. We’re not playing with words here; this can literally cause an explosion if the pressure or temperature exceeds its limits.

To relieve the valves, the first step is switching off the water heater and shutting the cold water inlet. Next, you should position a semi-filled water bucket underneath the valve and pull the lever. As the pressure is being released, you’ll be able to see water vapors rushing out.

If there’s some fault with your valve, don’t waste time and call a water heater service in Knoxville. As mentioned before, if you’re not careful you’ll need the Knoxville Fire Department instead of a water heater service.

Replacing the Anode Rod

The job of an anode rod is to protect the exposed steel of the heater when the tank is filled with water. The anode rod does that through a method known as electrolysis. It helps the rod stay rust-free even when it’s submerged in water. However, the anode rode can get coated with calcium carbonate over time. It’s also possible that the rod wears away.

This can affect the heating ability of your water. As a result, your heater has to make extra effort to heat the water for you. In turn, this increases your energy costs and leads to other problems if not fixed in time.

If you’re already facing problems with your water heater than it might be a clear sign that your rode needs to get replaced. Most, people don’t know how water heaters function. So, it is better that you call a water heater service in Knoxville to replace the anode rod of your heater.

Flushing the Tank

Though most heater problems are complex and need a water heater service, some problems don’t require that level professional proficiency. Flushing the tank on a regular basis is one of the things folks in Knoxville can easily do.

Regular flushing of tanks is necessary when your water heater is old. As the tank ages, the amount of sediment stuck inside it continues to grow. This not only reduces the heater’s efficiency but also clogs the pipes inside the heater. Flushing the tank on a routine basis can lower the chance of sediment accumulation in your water heater.

To flush your tank, you have to power off the water heater and shut down the cooling inlet first. Afterward, connect a pipe to the tank’s drain valve. However, you should place the other end of the hose carefully, so that the draining hot water doesn’t damage anything.

Once you do that, you can open the pressure relief valve and then the drain valve. After the whole tank has been emptied completely, you can turn close both pressure relief and drain valves. However, don’t forget to turn the cold water inlet back on, also open up the hot water faucet to refill the tank.

The Don’ts

Sometimes, even simple things can trigger big problems.

Keeping Things Huddled Around the Heater

As a precaution, it’s wise to keep your water heater in an isolated place. If that’s not possible, you should at least avoid hoarding things near your water heater. This can become the reason behind a fire hazard in your home, yet most people don’t pay attention to this.

Make sure that every any combustible item is at least 18 inches away from the hot water heater. The basement might seem like a great place to store things. However, being careless with this can cause significant damage to your home.

Postponing Repairs

Postponing any repairs your water heater needs is also a definite no-no. Once you notice any problems with your heater, contact a water heater service in Knoxville immediately. If you postpone necessary repairs, you’ll have to bear chilly showers even during winter season.

Moreover, when you neglect minor problems, they can grow into bigger issues over time. A water heating unit is an appliance that runs a smoldering heating mechanism. In case of an accident, anyone nearby can become a victim of scathing hot water.

To be on the safe side, it’s wiser to consult any water heater service nearby in Knoxville. A timely repair will fix existing issues and also improve the performance and efficiency of your water heating system.

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