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Why Should You Schedule Preventative Water Heater Repair Service With The Experts | Oak Ridge, TN

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A water heating system is an absolute must in any household. You don’t want a faulty water heater on your hands with the onset of winter. However, to make sure your heater functions correctly, it is prudent to have a regular maintenance schedule throughout the year, even when you might not need the water heater as much, for example, in the summer months.

With preventive maintenance from professional water heater repair service agencies, you can prevent larger issues from cropping up in the future. It is a much better idea to nip a small problem in the bud rather than letting it snowball into a significant problem that will require much more extensive repairs.

Here are some reasons you should set up water heater preventive maintenance with experts from Oak Ridge, TN, and the problems you will avoid while doing so.

1.  To Lengthen the LifeSpan of the Water Heater 

When experts carry out regular inspections from time to time, they can often detect and resolve many minor problems, which might not be visible to an inexperienced eye. Over time, they could culminate in significant issues. With regular maintenance from the water heater repair service, you will be able to extend the lifespan of your heater. It stays in good shape and becomes more resistant to wear and tear. The experts will inspect the wiring and prevent any electrical issues that could lead to unfortunate accidents. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to invest in a new water heater any time soon.

2.  Limescale Formation Removal

In areas with hard water, water heaters quickly develop limescale layers, which hinders the heater’s regular functions. Limescale formation will not only reduce the longevity of the water heater but will also result in slower heating. It forms a layer that prevents the water from heating as quickly as it should, and you might find yourself waiting for hours for hot water, making you late for work.

Experts from water heater repair service are the best people to dismantle your water heater and clean out the limescale. They have specialized tools and equipment to disintegrate the limescale without causing any damage to the heater. Trying any DIY methods at home can lead to significant damages and can result in some very costly mistakes on your part.

3.  Lower Electricity Bills

With experts from water heater repair service tending to your water heater, you can lower your electricity bills to a large extent. Faulty heaters consume more electricity as it takes time for the water to heat up. You might end up consuming hundreds of units of electricity extra per day to enjoy optimum heating.

You can entirely prevent this extra expense with a water heater repair service at Oak Ridge, TN. The technicians will check the components and notify you if any parts have to be replaced to prevent major issues later. Preventive measures are far better than trying to fix something after the damage has been done. It would help if you had experts to help you identify the exact problems that might arise later with the present markers.

4.  Customized Service

While all water heaters more or less follow a standard mechanism, there are still differences among them in terms of the heater model, the heater’s age, and the technology used to run it. If you think you will figure all that out from a manual, you will not be entirely correct. Some heaters run on gas while some run on electricity. It takes a water heater repair service expert to understand the various water heater models’ components and repair them accordingly. You should leave the task to the experts.

5.   Making Sure the Components Work

Specific components in a water heater need extra care. For example, the temperature and the pressure release valve are critical components. It is a safety device that opens and releases excess temperature or pressure building up inside the tank. If the temperature goes beyond the 210 degrees F mark or the pressure crosses 150 PSI, the valve opens right away. If it does not, there is a chance that the tank will burst and can cause a major accident.

You need a water heater repair service expert to detect whether there is anything wrong with the valve or not. They inspect the valve by shutting off the gas or electricity supply and then release the valve’s trip lever. If all goes well, some water, some vapor, and the gush of air should flow out. If the valve doesn’t open, it might not be very accurate, and the expert will advise you to replace it.

6.   Replacing Anode Rod

The water heater repair service expert will also advise you if the anode rod needs to be replaced. It is a device that prevents the water heater from rusting from the inside, which is a severe issue in regions with hard water. The anode rod is a steel tube made of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and it will attract the metallic impurities that could cause the heater to oxidize.

Only a water heater repair service expert will be able to replace it for you properly, which is ideally every two or three years. They will check if the water appears rusty or if there is a metallic smell in the water. They will also drain all the water and clean your water tank to prevent metal and residue build-up, which might reduce the heater’s hot water capacity.

With Repair Service From My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN You Will Always Have Hot Water at Your Disposal.

Certified technicians from My Professional Plumber in the Oak Ridge, TN area will always get back to you as soon as they receive a call from you about your water heater. They understand how difficult it might be for a household to run without hot water, especially if there are children and elderly in the family. Whether you need help checking your water heater for regular maintenance or whether you want to repair a broken water heater, the water heater repair service experts have you covered. Place a call today, and your worries about your heater will be soon behind you.


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