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5 Tips for Buying a Garbage Disposal | Plumber in Knoxville, TN

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Garbage disposals add a layer of convenience to your kitchen cleaning routine. The slight humming as you discard scraps down the drain can be a satisfying reminder that you do not have to worry about cleanup later.

Choosing a model which is not matched well with your disposal needs can however become troublesome. You may end up with clogged drains or damaged parts.

In the hot and humid weather of Knoxville, the sink can turn into a cesspool of horrible stench if the problem persists. This may ultimately require the assistance of a plumber in Knoxville, TN to get fixed.

It is ideal to establish a few points beforehiring aplumber in Knoxville, TN for installation. From grinder horsepower to safety issues, here are some tips to consider before you make a purchase:

1.  Rethink Your Choice If Prone to Accidents

If you are susceptible to dropping items in your kitchen sink, then perhaps it is time to get a disposal better suited to your hand-eye coordination.

Items such as cutlery, glass or silverware can wreck havoc on garbage disposal devices. They are incompatible materials with the blades, causing damage to the device.

Occasionally a lone spoon can accidently get lodged in the grinding chambers poorly affecting efficiency of blades. Due to this, the device may require repairs or new installations from a seasoned plumber in Knoxville, TN.

However garbage disposal related accidents can be the most terrible incident in the kitchens. In worst cases if the fingers come in contact with the grinder, it can cause severe bleeding and dismemberment. Hence it is ideal to choose a model better suited to your safety needs.

Batch feed disposers work only when the chamber is full with a stopper placed on top. This keeps your fingers safe and the drain working best to its ability.

In contrast, the continuous feed model lacks a stopper and can operate without being filled to the brim. This can spell trouble if you have children in the house.

Hence, have a plumber in Knoxville, TN install the batch feed variety of garbage disposals if safety is a priority for you.

2.  Consider Water Bills

An average American at home can use up to 88 gallons of water in a day. This is a staggering amount of water wasted consumed every month. Installing garbage disposals adds further to the bills.

Most disposer models utilize water to function smoothly.  This can pile up eventually and hike up water bills.

When choosing a garbage disposal, it is recommended to identify your water conservation and water consumption needs. If you lean towards water conservation, choose a model which wastes less water.

3.  Match Horsepower to Disposal Needs

Garbage disposals are in-built with motors, each exhibiting a specific horsepower. This horsepower can range anywhere from 1HP to 1/3 HP. This scoring determines how powerful the machine will be at dealing with waste.

Many factors determine the horsepower your kitchen will require. Volume of waste and frequency of use are two factors which will aid in determining the size and power of machine best suited to your needs.

Most often, heavy duty disposals with a 3/4 grinding horsepower work best for disposing high volumes of waste. In contrast, a kitchen with fewer waste disposal needs can work well with smaller garbage disposals. These can range from 1/2 to 1/3 horsepower.

Larger disposals however, may require upgrades to the sink. This is to better accommodate the disposers size. It is best take installation services of a reliable plumber in Knoxville, TN to get the best performance out of your garbage disposal.

4.  Consider Anti Jamming & Draining Abilities

Garbage disposals are susceptible to having tough materials get stuck between the blades. This can result in glitches and the device to shutdown.

It is hence useful to have a disposal with anti jamming abilities to keep it functioning well for years. Most varieties of garbage disposals come with an auto reverse feature.

This anti jam feature makes the device move in a reverse direction to dislodge tough materials stuck between the blades. Hence choosing a disposer with auto anti jamming features will ensure it lasts for a very long time.

If you frequently hire a plumber in Knoxville, TN to deal with jammed up disposals, it is time to upgrade to an auto reverse model.

5.  Consider Noise Insulation

Garbage disposals can become loud sometimes which can be a nuisance if the disposal is frequently used. Newer varieties of disposers tend to be less noisy while high end variants have special insulation to contain noise.

Expensive disposals usually have a sturdy constructions and anti vibration features. Although these do not eliminate the noise completely, they are effective at keeping it to a minimum.

It is better to not compromise on price and have a model installed by a plumber in Knoxville, TN which best meets your sound expectations.

Professional Repair:  A Safer Option

Items like glass, metal or large pits of produce may end up in your brand new garbage disposal. This may cause the plumbing setup to clog in your home.

Tackling this issue on your own can become dangerous with risk of dismembering your fingers. Hiring the help of a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN can be a safe way to get your garbage disposal working again.

Your municipality may also have specific requirements for garbage disposal. Professional opinion can ease the trouble of meeting legal requirements.

At My Professional Plumber, we offer affordable and timely service to resolve all your plumbing issues. Whether it is a clogged drain, a new installation or repair, our certified plumber in Knoxville, TN will leave you pleased with the results.

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