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As the harsh weather of the winter gives in to the beautiful and much wanted hot weather of the spring, it’s time to start planning your home’s annual maintenance. This time of the year is just ideal for arranging for a plumber to inspect and maintain the plumbing system of your house as the weather is good. This gives you plenty of time to deal with any problems that may arise, way before you set off for your summer vacations. As with other houses locally you tend to use more water during the warmer seasons. Apart from the usual dish washing and laundry, water sprinklers are coming back to life in preparation of the hot weather lying ahead. When it comes to plumbing issues, it’s worth putting your ducks in a row, way before you can use all those summer facilities. Just imagine the disappointment of having to stay inside because the septic tank has overflowed, ruining your day off at the pool. By calling a professional to do the annual maintenance checks, you ensure that when the temperature climbs and it’s time to take some time off work, you won’t have to deal with the plumbing systems of your property.


Taking Care of the Septic Tank

Most houses in Knoxville, TN, have installed their own waste disposal tank in order to gain independence from the sewage network. A septic tank, as the name suggests, is the tank that processes all waste that is produced from your home. They came with a variety of benefits as they are cost-effective, and they don’t require a connection with the rest of the sewage network. Septic tanks are hidden below your garden, in an area known as drain field, and connect to the rest of the home by using sewage pipes, which are also buried underground. If your property has a septic tank installed, it is necessary to keep in touch with a professional plumber who will regularly inspect and drain the tank when it reaches its full capacity. It is important that the septic tank is functioning correctly, otherwise, you may end up in a nasty situation where the plumbing facilities of the house are no longer functioning. Despite being durable, neglected waste tanks may rupture, causing the drain field to flood with sewage water, and thus, completely, ruining your day. Make sure to tell your plumber any tell-tale signs such as bad odour, puddles of water or wastewater that takes a long time to drain.


Rain Storm Drains

Storm drains is an essential part of the house’s plumbing system as it directs the rain water away from the home. Drains can easily be neglected as they are usually located adjacent to the roof of the property, thus, causing blocked rain water to puddle in unexpected areas. Since the drains are exposed to the elements of nature, they often get blocked by domestic pests, soil, and leaves. Attempting to clean the drains on your own can be a risky and challenging act since they need special equipment and someone who is trained to safely do the climb. A professional can use the various tools hidden in his armory to clean the system from debris and ensure that during the next storm, the drains will work like a charm.


Embedded Pipes

Pipes are the veins of your plumbing system and it is essential to keep them clean. Apart from the sink, the toilet, and the bathtub, more devices are connected with your house’s freshwater plumbing system. Dishwashers, washing machines are a few to name but it can make a big difference if you regularly arrange for a plumber to inspect the pipes that interconnect the various facilities of your property. Freshwater pipes are pressurized in order to provide fresh water. The presence of limescale in the water as well as the age of the pipe itself can cause a leak within the system that may cause water to flow freely on your property. A ruptured pipe comes with a noticeable drop in the water pressure. Should you notice that the water pressure is not stable or lower than usual, call for an experienced plumber to assess the issue.


Garden Watering System

If you are planning to refresh the look of your front yard by planting some colorful flowers, think when was the last time you checked the watering system. External watering systems are mainly used during the warmer seasons and as a result, they might need to be looked at by a plumber before you can use them. Seasonal flowers need a controlled flow of water. An old watering system might have malfunctioning sprinklers or ruptured hoses which will alter the flow and amount of water reaching the plants. Having a specialist to look at your garden in advance, can make a big difference in the final look of your garden this year.


Get Your House Ready for Summer

Before you take time off work to relax and enjoy all the benefits of the summer, be sure to take the necessary maintenance that your plumbing system needs. While taking matters into your own hand can be a nice recreational activity, nothing compares with the professional inspections and expertise of your local plumber. Avoid the headache that comes with bad odours, leaky pipes and defective plumbing appliances. Leaky sewage can pose a risk to your health and ruin your plans for the summer. Make a list of all the appliances that you use and check if the water runs naturally through the sink.


If you find out that part of your house’s plumbing system is not functioning as expected, you should seek professional advice on how it can be fixed. Whether you have a question about a problem that you are dealing with or you simply want a professional opinion, arrange a meet up with your local Knoxville, TN, plumber at My Professional Plumber and get your plumbing system sorted out for you.


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