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The Benefits Of Installing A New Tankless Water Heater vs Water Heater Repair | Knoxville, TN

There are two popular water heaters: tankless water heaters and conventional water heaters. However, tankless water heaters have the edge over tank-based water heaters, and this post will demonstrate that. Getting a continuous supply of hot water at your home is vital since, nowadays, most appliances rely on hot water.

Hot water is necessary for everyday chores at your Knoxville, TN, home. This means that whenever your water heater runs into an issue, it could cause a lot of inconveniences. Your daily routine is greatly interfered with, from bathing, dishwashing, and handwashing. To avoid this, you are advised to seek the help of a water heater repair expert for a routine inspection of your unit and maintenance.

The professionals have experience and training to complete the repair within no time, preventing the issue from becoming even more extrapolated. They can also recommend the right size of a water heater if you want to replace an old one or are having issues with the hot water supply. Never try a DIY repair job on your water heater, for you might damage it further or even void the warranty, both of which could see you use more money than you would, had you invited a professional. You could also harm or injure yourself in the process. So, how can you benefit from installing a tankless water heater?

No Bulky Tank

Do you have enough space at your home? If not, you can benefit by installing a tankless water heater at your home. Tank-based water heater requires more space for storing the huge tank. Hence, if you have an extensive family, you need a bigger tank, meaning a larger space. This can cause an inconvenience at your home, taking up space that you would have used to store other things.

When you buy a tankless water heating unit, you’ll not have to worry about space. The repair and installation technician can install the water heater on the walls. However, this doesn’t mean that you can install the water heater yourself. Enlist the assistance and services of a plumber to install it for you. They are professionally trained to install and repair the water heater at your home to ensure that you have a continuous supply of hot water.

By installing the unit yourself, you could find yourself damaging the water heater yourself, meaning that you’ll have to seek the professional services of a water heater repair technician. That is why Do It Yourself repairs to your water heater are highly discouraged by plumbing experts. Whenever the tankless water heater gets into a problem, enlist a plumbing service to perform the repair and maintenance.

Lasts Longer

Although a tank-based water heater might last for over ten years, its service life is much shorter than a tankless water heater. These models have high durability and might hit up to 20 years and above with proper maintenance and repair services. Hence, you won’t have to be repairing the water heater every ten years, which can save you loads of cash.

Hence, ensure that you enlist the assistance of a licensed and professional plumbing service. They will ensure that your warranty is intact, such that you can reach out to your unit’s manufacturer and make a warranty claim. If the water heater isn’t installed properly, other problems might arise. However, a professionally trained and experienced water heater repair expert can help you avoid these problems. To prevent any issue from arising, enlist the help of a plumber

near you. Additionally, ensure that you reach out to a plumber for regular water heater maintenance of your water heater and avoid costly water heater repairs down the line.

They Save You Money

Energy saving is one of the largest advantages of a tankless water heater. Eventually, this saves you money. These water heating units heat the water at your home whenever you need it. Hence, you’ll not constantly use the energy to heat the water as you would with a conventional water heating unit.

You’ll use less energy when installing a tankless unit at your Knoxville, TN, home. The water heaters are Energy Star Rated, meaning that you’ll save some cash in the long term. This means that you’ll incur energy/ electricity utility bills at the end of every month. The savings add up as time passes. Additionally, tankless water heaters don’t need a lot of maintenance and water heater repairs compared to tank-based water heaters, meaning you will not use a lot of money on maintenance. Hence, if you don’t waste water, a tankless water heater will help you save up some money.

Instant Hot Water

Since tankless water heaters will provide you with hot water on demand, you’ll have hot water whenever you need it by turning your shower or hot water faucet on. This means that you will have a continuous hot water supply. However, the water heater should be capable of meeting the hot water demands.

Though tankless water heaters are better than conventional water heaters, they are also damage-prone. Sedimentation, aging, malfunctioning thermostats, and other several issues need to require the attention of a licensed water heater repair technician to have it resolved.

As famous saying acclaim, there is nothing perfect in the world, which also applies to your tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters don’t have many drawbacks, but the high initial cost of purchasing and installing them is the largest downside. Compared to the traditional water heaters, these water heating units might cost you a fortune. Additionally, your home might run out of water if the water isn’t of the right size.

Before you buy one, you should consult a professional plumber to help you determine the right size of the water heater to install at your home. They are professionally trained and consider several factors, such as your family’s size and hot water requirements, to determine the size of the water heater. You don’t want to keep calling a water heater repair expert in Knoxville, TN, because you aren’t getting sufficient hot water.

Because it is a vital plumbing appliance for your home, the water heater must be properly maintained. Otherwise, it might run into issues that require the attention of a water heater repair expert. Installing a tankless water heater might see you experience some benefits discussed above. So, do you want to install one at your home? Call us at My Professional Plumber today for any water heater repair service.

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