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Using Water Heater Repair Services To Improve The Water Quality In Your Home | Oak Ridge, TN

Water filters are not the only way to ensure you have high-quality water at your Oak Ridge, TN, home free from staining, discoloration, smells, and other impurities. In addition, the plumbing pipes can rust or corrode over time and result in changes in the quality of water.

They could also lead to leakage infiltrations which might contaminate your water supply. If not maintained properly, the water heater might become a source of various water problems, so you should enlist a water heater repair service for routine maintenance. This will ensure that the unit can continue supplying your home with constant hot water, regardless of the model or its age.

The Effect of Water Quality On Heating and Plumbing Appliances

The water flows through the water supply lines into your home and leaves out through the drainages system as wastewater. The wastewater has contaminants like minerals, including calcium and magnesium, which might corrode the metallic structures in your drains. The hard water also can have a corrosive impact on the metallic plumbing fixtures such as the pipes, water heater tanks, and other appliances. This might result in expensive long-term impacts like water heater repair and replacement earlier before the unit reaches the end of its service life. It might also cause pipe damage and leakages.

Corrosion can also arise in the heating system using a boiler-based radiator and furnace. Even your showerheads and faucets will accumulate some mineral residue, making them clogged and even needing a plumbing repair. Repiping might become a requirement sooner than expected, and a water heater repair expert might note that your water heater tank has deteriorated beyond repair or servicing.

Hence the entire unit might have to be replaced. However, regular water heater maintenance and repair visits from a professional plumber can help. The professional can descale the water heater and flush it to remove the accumulated sediments. They can also replace the anode rod to ensure that the tank is protected from the corrosive effects of hard water and repair the burners to ensure that you have a continuous supply of sufficiently heated water.

Safe and Clean Drinking Water From a Dependable Source

Filtered water can go a long way in helping your family enjoy safe, clean drinking water without purchasing bottled water and hauling the empty containers into your recycle bin or landfills. The water filtration systems are also a great way of stabilizing the water quality at your home. The city and well waters might vary with time because their sources are mostly affected by the groundwater and other factors.

You are also passing the water at your Oak Ridge, TN home through your water heater if you use heated water. In some cases, the water has issues with bacterial buildup that might affect the quality of hot water at your home. In addition, the corrosion can induce contaminants into your water.

A water heater repair technician can inspect the status of the water heater and the quality of the water when they come to your home for a maintenance visit. The professional can also replace the damaged parts such as the heating elements or the anode rods besides the normal inspections and maintenance to keep the unit in top condition.

Better Water Quality Ensures Reduced Skin Irritation

Sometimes, it might seem as if the hot water coming from your showers makes you feel some skin irritation. Hence, you might need some additional skincare to deal with skin irritation. Hence, you should have a water heater repair professional inspect the water quality at your home. Sometimes, the issue lies in the water supply, resulting from dissolved minerals in both hot and cold water at your home.

Once the hard water issues are handled by the water filtration system or a water softener, they are eliminated. This includes several skin issues too. You could also find the products you’re using in your showers, such as jellies and shampoos, and the laundry soap, that aren’t working with hard water as they should. If the call to your reliable water heater repair technician is because your laundry doesn’t clean properly, you might find the problem is with the quality of your water.

Better Results From Shampoo and Soap

There are some shampoos and soaps designed to be used with hard water. However, most of them perform poorly, and their cleaning and lathering effects when used together with the hard water’s high mineral content. You can see a huge difference when you enlist a plumber to install water filtration and softening solutions in your Oak Ridge, TN, which will make a huge difference in your bathing or showering experience.

You will also see better laundry results. It might not be a water heater repair issue but rather one with water quality at your home. However, remember that water heaters require regular inspection and maintenance to supply your home with quality hot water.

Water Heater Effect On Water Quality

Your water heater features an enclosed, warm space that serves as an excellent space for the growth and breeding of anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria thrive in warm, enclosed spaces, especially when the characteristics of water are right. The water heater repair technician can offer several solutions to ensure that the growth of anaerobic bacteria doesn’t thrive in your water heater. Instead, the bacteria produce a rotten egg smell which you might notice when taking a shower.

Fortunately, this issue can easily be prevented by replacing the anode rod. Besides protecting the water heater from corrosion, the anode rod plays a critical role in ensuring that the anaerobic bacteria don’t thrive in the water heater. In addition, the minerals dissolved in water collect as scale within the water heater resulting in quality and taste issues limited to your home’s supply of hot water. This affects your cooking, dishwashing, laundry, and virtually any other activity that relies on hot water.

Water heaters are critical in your home’s routine operations. However, they may run into issues that affect their efficiency, resulting in the use of more energy as the unit is straining to heat the water. This plumbing appliance can improve your water’s quality and may also lower its quality through contamination by corrosion and anaerobic bacteria. Do you want a water heater repair service at your home? Call us at My Professional Plumber today.

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