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What Are The Different Plumbing Issues And Emergencies And When Should You Call Emergency Plumbing Service? | Knoxville, TN

Various things can go amiss in your Knoxville, TN plumbing system. As a homeowner determining the severity of the problems might prove a challenge. You must know the mild problems and require the services of the emergency plumbing service. This can help you avoid the stress which accompanies dealing with a plumbing emergency, and you also won’t be wasting your plumber’s time.

The largest difference between a common malfunction and a plumbing emergency is their impact or damage when left unattended for some time. Plumbing emergencies will result in severe damage if left unattended, even for a few hours. To prevent malfunctions and inconveniences accompanying plumbing emergencies, you should contact a plumber for routine plumbing system maintenance.

During the maintenance service, the professional can patch the minor leaks and clear the drains that might develop into plumbing emergencies that are not attended to. This article seeks to help homeowners determine the severity of the plumbing issue and decide whether a plumbing issue needs the attention of an emergency plumbing service.

Levels of Plumbing Issues

There are varying levels of plumbing issues that you can classify based on their severity. The first level incorporates the common low priority malfunctions. These plumbing issues won’t take long to have a plumber resolve them. Further, they do not result in severe damages in a short time. They include issues like a dripping faucet, running toilet, and a blockage in your sink that you don’t use frequently. However, this doesn’t mean that level 1 plumbing issues don’t result in damages; they do. But the damages aren’t so huge or costly if attended on time.

The second severity level is the high-priority plumbing issues. The complications are severe and can damage your home if you leave them for too long. Hence, they must be immediately resolved. This might be a small leakage in your drains or water lines, a clogged toilet, or a malfunctioning water heater. The damage caused by these plumbing issues is far more severe than those resulting from level 1 plumbing problems.

The third severity level is the plumbing emergencies. In such situations, it is necessary to enlist the help of an emergency plumbing service to perform the repairs to ensure the integrity of your home isn’t affected negatively and that the damages aren’t highly serious. Plumbing emergencies include burst pipes, malfunctioning septic tanks, leaky pipes near electrical wiring, and toilet overflows and backups.

Determining How Severe the Leaks Are

Leakages are of different severity levels, and a homeowner must have the capability to identify or determine how severe a leakage is. This helps determine what service a homeowner will require. Conversely, some minor leakages and the water escaping through them could be collected in a bucket to minimize damage.

These minor leaks won’t negatively affect your home’s structural integrity. However, they become a huge issue when lots of water is spilled in your home within a short time. This is considered a burst pipe. If you’re losing a lot of water at your Knoxville, TN, home, you should enlist an emergency plumber’s help. The longer you wait before contacting one, the larger the water damage or water bill you’ll get at the end of the month. You’ll pay higher for the restorations and repairs to the damaged fixtures.

Hence, shut down the water supply on the mains as you wait for the emergency plumbing service to arrive. This will ensure that the water isn’t flowing further, meaning that you’ll prevent any more water damage to your valuable property. The leakage location is also vital to consider when determining how serious the leakage is.

If the leakages are below the concrete slabs in your basement, you need to contact a plumber for a slab leakage detection and repair service. The other concerning areas are those beneath the floorboard, on the roof, and behind the walls. Again, a professional emergency plumbing service would locate the leaks and repair them to ensure the normal convenience at your home and get you off the plumbing emergency.

Severity of the Toilet Issues

A toilet is an essential plumbing fixture that ensures hygiene and sanitation. Some toilet issues can be resolved later in the next day, while others require immediate attention. Hence, a professional emergency plumbing service must address the issue right away. If you don’t enlist the help of a plumber immediately because only the toilet has an issue, you’ll be making your bathroom unsanitary. Consequently, this could affect your health and that of your family.

If the toilet tank is continuously filling itself, although that isn’t a plumbing emergency, you should have a plumber promptly address it. The longer you wait, the more the water goes to waste, meaning that you will have to pay more in water utility bills at the end of the month.

If your toilet has a clog, you might use a plunger to remove it. However, this will only be a temporary solution to the problem. It is also not always effective, especially when various objects cause the blockage. Hence it is better to enlist the help of a professional to repair the toilet.

Faulty Water Heater

The water heaters are designed to last for long, with some lasting for over 20 years. If you enlist a professional for regular maintenance of the unit, the water heater might even last longer than this. A malfunctioning water heater is considered a plumbing emergency when it is leaking. This is because of the damage it can result in when it bursts because of high pressure.

Water heaters contain a large volume of water. If the water is left for long within the unit, it might result in damage. Hence, you are advised to enlist the services of an emergency plumbing service to have it inspected and repaired before it results in severe damage to your Knoxville, TN home.

Plumbing emergencies are catastrophic whenever they arise. Hence, you are advised to be prepared by having emergency plumbing service contacts that you should reach out to whenever they arise. Additionally, it is recommended that you should retain the services of a plumber for routine maintenance to avert the plumbing emergencies in the first place. Do you need to retain a punctual emergency plumbing service on standby to address your home’s plumbing emergencies? Call us at My Professional Plumber today.

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