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8 Plumbing Company Technologies For Your Modern Home | Oak Ridge, TN

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If you’re renovating or wishing to increase the resale value of your Oak Ridge, TN, home, you should consider installing economical and highly efficient plumbing appliances. With modern technology, each plumbing company strives to offer homeowners plumbing products that are safe and efficient.

Traditional plumbing systems are pretty unproductive and waste a lot of water. New plumbing fixtures can save a homeowner time and money. Installing an efficient plumbing appliance can save a homeowner a minimum of 20 percent of water consumed.

Modern plumbing appliances such as tankless water heaters and state-of-the-art showerheads are designed to lower wastage and reduce monthly water bills. The following are some of the trending plumbing technologies you could consider for your home.

Tankless Water Heater Systems

Also known as demand-type, tankless water heaters provide hot water when it is needed. It reduces standby energy losses associated with standard water heaters. They can save a homeowner up to 50 percent of energy because you only heat water when you need it. Tankless water heaters don’t use a tank, unlike traditional water heaters.

Some setbacks associated with traditional water heaters include high maintenance costs, which take a lot of space. It also requires electricity to keep the water hot inside the tank. Luckily, a tankless system addresses all such issues. Contact a plumbing company to upgrade your old plumbing system to enjoy the benefits that new technology can offer you.

Leak Detectors

Water leaks are a common plumbing issue faced by most homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN. In the United States, household leaks contribute to a loss of 10,000 gallons of water annually, and 10 percent of homes have leak issues that waste about 90 gallons daily.

Leaks may be caused by faulty faucets, worn-out toilets, or burst pipes. If left unresolved, water leaks can result in mold growth, which is a health hazard and can damage your home.

Thanks to plumbing experts who can help with leak detection system installation to pinpoint a leak at the early stages. Such can be placed in places that are susceptible to leaking.

You can control the system from your smartphone to give you a notification when a leak occurs. It can also alert you if there’s abnormal water use or if someone leaves the taps running. You don’t have to waste too much water anymore; call a plumbing company to install such systems in your home.

Advanced Showerheads

Some homeowners may want to enjoy the benefits of advanced showers other than just water sprays. Plumbing technicians have incorporated luxurious features in modern showers such as self-cleaning capability, massage jets, and Bluetooth devices for listening to music when showering.

When in the shower, you can regulate the amount of water coming from the shower faucets. You can also change the water temperature from the smartphone app. All these features have the technology to lower water and energy usage.

Hot Water Recirculation Systems

This plumbing fixture is becoming popular for most homeowners, especially those far away from the tank water heater. The system is designed to circulate hot water in the pipes and provides it when needed.

You may not have to wait for an extended period or let cold water run as you wait for the water to reheat; such a system can supply you with hot water as soon as you turn on the tap. Reduce water wastage and energy by contacting a plumbing company to install a hot water recirculation in your tankless water heater system.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Plumbing company experts also provide advanced irrigation systems, which can be controlled digitally. Such systems can be connected to an app, making it possible to irrigate your plants anytime, even if you’re not around your home. You can control the quantity of water each plant needs. Such systems can predict the weather, and they can shut down when rain falls, thereby saving money on water bills.

Greywater Recycling

Homeowners living in drought-prone areas are looking for ways to preserve water. Unlike standard plumbing systems that collect all waste and direct it to the main sewer, homeowners can recycle greywater for laundry or irrigation. As a result, you can reduce the chances of having to use clean water for such purposes.

Wastewater from the kitchen sink is nutritious and acts as a source of fertilizer for your lawn. Therefore, homeowners wishing to lower water bills and preserve the environment can reach out to plumbing company professionals to install greywater recycling systems in their homes.

Smart Water Heating Systems

Water heating in homes contributes about 18 percent of the home’s energy consumption. As a homeowner looking to reduce energy usage, smart water heaters give you this option. Such systems are designed with additional features such as a thermostat to allow homeowners to control how much water they need to heat.

You can easily control the unit using your phone or tablet, and you can even shut it down when you’re away from home. Such plumbing fixtures utilize the hot water usage pattern to tell when hot water is needed. They also have diagnostic screens to help homeowners resolve any issue that may arise. If you wish to have such a system or upgrade the existing one, contact a plumbing company near you for professional services.

Smart Toilets

Toilets use large amounts of water compared to other plumbing fixtures, accounting for about 30 percent indoor water usage. Standard toilets have storage tanks that empty water when you flush liquid or solid waste. However, modern toilets have features that work to lower water wastage during flushing. They also have overflow protection to reduce the chances of clogging.

Additional features include an air dryer, leak alerts, automatic flushing, and remote control. You can reduce the chance of having a clogged or running toilet by calling a plumbing company to upgrade your conventional toilet.

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