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Haven’t Called An Emergency Plumbing Service In A While? Maybe It’s Because We’re Your Regular Plumber | Knoxville, TN

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At My Professional Plumber, we answer emergency plumbing service calls in the Knoxville, TN area and take care of trouble with expert skill. That same plumbing professionalism helps us keep our regular customers out of trouble, and lets them limit the number of emergency plumbing service calls they have to make. Why not make us your one plumbing resource, and see how well we can keep your plumbing working quietly and reliably? You’ll find that services like drain cleaning and plumbing inspections seem to be followed by more peace, and fewer messes. Along the way, you may also discover other reasons why having a regular plumber to keep your systems up to date can be a really good thing, and when you’ve got new ideas for your home, a great resource for making it happen.

Avoiding Emergency Plumbing Service and Clean-Ups By Being Prepared

It’s true that sometimes things happen and we just have to recover, and our emergency plumbing service team is ready to spring to action when you need us. From flooded basements to bathroom overflows, we have some strategies that can help you relax, too. For instance, are your sump pumps ready to take on the next rainstorm? How are your sink and toilet drains? What about the drain piping that leads away from them and sometimes gets clogged too? Shower clogs are usually just an annoyance, but it’s no fun taking your daily showers in a puddle of dirty water.

In the kitchen, making sure your sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher plumbing are all in good shape can pay off, especially when they get lots of use during holidays and family gatherings. Your laundry room could use a look, too, and are you getting your hot water heater checked often enough? This may sound like a lot, but our professional plumber service is performed by experts, and inspection and maintenance are routine for us.

Routine Drain Cleaning Is a Key Preventive Measure

Routine drain cleaning is also a diagnostic process where additional problems with pipes and sewer lines may be identified and more necessary work indicated, but the basic value of routine drain cleaning is to keep the emergency plumbing service away. Remember, not all drain clogs are a few inches down where the plastic toy or other object gets stuck. As water flows through the curves and turns of your drain pipes, it can deposit material such as grease and begin to grow a clog that eventually may block the line completely, or slow it to a crawl. This clog can be anywhere, from the P-trap below the sink and the twists in toilet plumbing, to the drain pipes that carry waste in the walls from floor to floor and into the sewer line. You just don’t know.

With a routine drain cleaning, you know that your drains and lines are clear, and those midnight surprise flush failures are much less common. Even if you do call the emergency plumbing service for a toilet blockage, the odds are very high that the problem is easy to reach and fix. Routine drain cleaning is a good investment for convenience and significantly reduced chances of nasty cleanups.

Good Habits Keep Drains Clear Too

Keeping garbage disposals clear is the most important reason for learning what does and doesn’t go down the drain, but there are guidelines for most drains in your home, too. Knowing what shouldn’t go down bathroom sinks and toilets, utility sinks in the washing room, or non-disposal kitchen sinks is important, as people may not know what kinds of materials cause more trouble than you’d think. A favorite in the kitchen sink is rice and pasta, which tend to expand in the curving P-trap below the sink or elsewhere in the line if they’re not flushed with plenty of water. The reason? They love to absorb water while they’re sitting in the pipes, and expand until they fill and block the line. Other materials can cause garbage disposal jams and malfunctions, and while some like bones and glass are obvious, what about potato peel problems and egg shell crises?

Installing Local Shutoffs Where They’re Missing Prevents Crises

It’s a fairly simple matter to install a water shutoff valve for your sink or toilet. Many homes already have them in addition to the whole-house shutoff, but for those that don’t, it’s a great way to turn an emergency plumbing service call into a routine visit. Instead of having a rising crisis when drains clog leading the toilet or sink to overflow, anyone who can turn a knob can cut off the water, then end the drama and the flooding. In many homes the main shutoff is decades old and hasn’t been used in a long time, so relying on it as the one solution requires not only a mad dash to the basement or other shutoff location, but figuring out how to loosen the valve and turn it. There’s another idea for preventive plumbing maintenance, a quick check of your main shutoff by one of our plumbers.

It Does Get Cold In Knoxville, TN, So Wrap Those Pipes

According to State Farm Insurance, Tennessee had the fourth highest number of frozen pipes claims in 2018. That not only indicates that there are cold enough temperatures here, but also that, unlike states with “hard freezes” common in the winter, folks here are less likely to be prepared. Unfortunately, Texans learned this lesson recently when unusually cold weather caused a regional crisis of frozen pipes and plumbing damage, with homes flooded and emergency plumbing services completely overloaded with calls.

With My Professional Plumber as Your Regular Plumber, You Can Relax

Between avoiding crises with regular plumbing care and having an emergency plumbing service you can trust on call, knowing us pays off. We serve the Knoxville, TN area with experienced plumbing services 24/7, and we’re waiting for you to call us.


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