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How A Plumber Can Make Your Life Easier And More Efficient With Smart Plumbing Tech | Oak Ridge, TN

Smart plumbing solutions are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. More and more homeowners prefer having cost-effective and eco-friendly plumbing and more convenience and comfort. But what smart plumbing solutions can you install at your home? Below are some smart plumbing fixtures to have a licensed plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, install in your home.

Brain Pipes Technology

Brain pipe technology is the other effective smart solution that can be beneficial if installed in your home’s plumbing. The brain pipes technology can:

Detect Leaks and Shut Off the Water Flow

This new technology has a system that can precisely tell where the leakage is on the pipes. It also can be connected to your mobile phone via an application. Whenever it senses or detects a leakage, it sends a text message notification to the homeowner. Additionally, the system also can shut the entire water supply whenever there is a leak to avert structural damage to your home, especially if the leak isn’t resolved.

Detect Water Pressure Changes

This technology can also detect the changes in water pressure in all the plumbing fixtures and faucets. Whenever it senses drops in the water pressure, an alarm goes off, and the system will notify you that it has triggered the shut-off valve to avert any further damage. Cool huh!

Generate a Report On Water Consumption

This system does it all. It can even generate a report on the exact volume of water you have used at your home. Hence, you can determine whether there is a lot of water wastage. However, this system is expensive. Therefore, you should have a plumber install it.

Smart Faucets

A plumber can install three types of smart faucets at your home to make it savvy. They include hands-free, digital, or a combination of the two.

Digital Faucets

Digital faucets are either installed individually or in full-piece sets. You also can get digital faucets as an add-on. Contact a professional plumbing service technician for the proper installation of these smear plumbing fixtures. They have the tools and experience to finish the installation within no time. The digital facets can also help control a homeowner’s preference for water temperatures. They feature a screen that displays the water temperatures and might adjust according to the homeowner’s preferences, whether lukewarm, hot, or cold.

Hands-Free Faucets

Touchless faucets are common in public places such as airports and town halls. You probably have seen one in a public toilet. Hands-free faucets aren’t just for comfort or convenience. They are also used for preventing bacteria and other germs from spreading from one person to other faucet users. With the touchless faucets, the water flow is triggered by sensors and stops flowing when the fixture senses that nobody is using the faucet.


Touchless and digital faucets combined might be a bit costly. However, you should talk with your plumber regarding the faucet brands you can purchase and use to be better informed. Additionally, work with a licensed and experienced professional for the faucet installation to ensure that they are working properly and are fixed firmly or properly. This ensures that you won’t face any issues down the road.

With a combo faucet, you can save more on water use than when installing either the faucet, digital or touchless. Additionally, you will be able to track the volume of water used at your home. Do you want to save on monthly water utility bills? Then you should consider having combo faucet installation services from your reliable plumbing service provider. These faucets are also really convenient.

Some smart faucet models can tell when the water in the pipes is freezing during the winter season. They can monitor the water temperatures, pressure, and volume of water used in your home. Consult your trusted plumber if you want to learn more about faucets or to have them installed. Without a doubt, a smart faucet is worth every penny.

Smart Toilets

The other smart plumbing fixture to install at your home is a smart toilet. They are for those homeowners whose comfort and convenience are of utmost importance. They are also cost-effective solutions for water conservation. Additionally, most smart toilets are environmentally friendly. Smart toilets are designed to reduce the amount of water used for every flush. Therefore, they help the environment and let the homeowners save some money on water utility bills.

Some of the smart toilets are self-cleaning to keep them looking nice and fresh. Others have seats that may also work as bidets. Unfortunately, because of these advanced features, the initial cost of a smart toilet can be pretty high. The good thing is that they let you save money down the line. When considering a smart toilet installation, ensure that you hire a licensed and professionally trained plumber. This ensures that the smart toilet is installed properly.

Stand-Alone Bathtubs

Some people prefer having a bathroom that can help them unwind and relax. This can be achieved by hiring a plumber to install a stand-alone bathtub at your home. The stand-alone bathtub is properly equipped with a hydro-hand, a water massage system that targets specific muscles to help you stay relaxed. You’ll be free as if you’re getting a real massage. Though they are quite costly, they are a great option for homeowners looking for extra luxury or comfort. However, you need them properly installed in your bathroom, and that is why you should hire a licensed plumber to help you.

Smart Leak Detectors

Leaks can be pretty damaging, and major leaks could damage your home’s structure and contribute to high monthly water utility bills. Fortunately, you could prevent this by working with a licensed plumbing service provider in Oak Ridge, TN, to install smart leak detectors. They are portable and highly affordable, making them ideal for your basement, the water heater, your bathroom sinks, and behind the toilets. In case of a leak, its sensors alert the homeowner, who can then take the appropriate action if calling a plumber to have the leakage patched. Smart leak detectors can be connected to the smartphone to ensure that you can remotely monitor the plumbing.

Your Tech-Savvy Plumbing Professionals

Installing smart plumbing fixtures in your home has a lot of benefits. Fortunately, there are also many smart plumbing fixtures that you can choose from. If you need any installation of smart plumbing in your Oak Ridge, TN home, call us at My Professional Plumber.

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