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Plumbing Issues To Call An Emergency Plumber To Fix | Knoxville, TN

Emergency plumbing issues aren’t alien to any home. You might even have faced some of them, such as a lack of hot water or a clogged drain. Fortunately, most emergency plumbing issues do not just show up. They begin as a small issue and even show some signs that can be noted if you have a regular plumbing inspection. When detected early and fixed, the plumbing issues don’t exacerbate plumbing emergencies.

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their plumbing system. Hence, they aren’t inspected, repaired, or diagnosed regularly. Even a single hour without any water flowing in your taps can be inconvenient. It is really sad that some homeowners only call a plumber when they don’t have any other choice. Others even try to repair plumbing issues themselves only to realize their DIY skills aren’t enough to handle the problem before them when it is too late, and they’ve exacerbated the plumbing issue. Never try to DIY-fix your plumbing issue, no matter how minor that problem might seem.

Preventative maintenance helps in spotting problems early before they turn into plumbing emergencies. It helps keep your plumbing appliances, pipes, fixtures, and drainage system in great working condition for a longer time. Though an emergency plumber in Knoxville, TN, might charge you a slightly high fee compared to regular plumbers, they are best equipped to handle plumbing emergencies. They are available on call and will arrive at your home promptly to ensure that you don’t incur larger water damages. Below are some plumbing issues that a plumber can address:

Gas Leaks

Of all the plumbing emergencies, gas leaks are perhaps the most dangerous. If you smell gas, whether from your air conditioner or cooking appliance, you should close the gas supply valve, open the doors and windows, move out of the house, and immediately call an emergency plumber. Never try fixing a gas leak by yourself because it could turn fatal. Instead, call a trained and qualified emergency service provider to fix the issue.

Clogged Water Lines and Drains

Blocked water lines and drainage systems are some of the common plumbing issues in various homes. Though they do not need emergency plumbing services, a lack of caring for them will exacerbate the issue. Obstructions in the drainage system and water lines are the leading causes of pipe bursts. The last thing you want at your home is a burst drainage pipe or even a water line pipe. Though neither is good, a burst drainage system might make your home uninhabitable.

Unless an emergency plumber addresses the issue, you might have to vacate your home or not use the drains, a particularly improbable thing. Burst water lines result in water wastage that puts a strain on your financial resources because of the high water utility bills at the end of the month. The sewer wastes or water might overflow into your home whenever the drainage system or water is obstructed. Because most of them are available 24/7, they will be at your home to promptly fix the problem.

Overflowing Toilet

Has your toilet ever overflowed? If you’ve experienced this plumbing issue in the past, you understand the inconvenience and uncomfortable they make your home. Overflowing toilets pose a significant health risk to your family or other home inhabitants. They are unsanitary and might result in diseases associated with a lack of hygiene, such as cholera. The overflowing toilets might also release sewer gasses and other pungent smells into your home. This causes stomach upsets and headaches.

Overflowing toilets can also stain your tiles or even flow into your living space, damaging the carpets and other items on the flooring. For this reason, an overflowing toilet requires the immediate attention of an emergency plumber. Flushing non-flushable items down the toilet can cause toilet overflows drains that obstruct the flow of the wastes down the drains. Fortunately, most plumbers also have drain cleaning knowledge and tools, meaning they can clear the obstruction within no time. Do not use your toilet whenever you hear a gurgling sound. Instead, enlist for immediate plumbing services in Knoxville, TN.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipe(s) is another common plumbing issue in areas experiencing extremely low temperatures. Pipes will likely become frozen during winter. If your faucets aren’t giving out water in the winter season, the cause might be because your pipes are frozen. You should immediately contact an emergency plumber to have the pipes inspected.

Besides not allowing the water to flow through the faucets at your home, frozen pipes burst at any moment. This is because the frozen water in the pipes expands and exerts pressure on the pipe walls. This pressure buildup will eventually burst the pipes because they have a lower expansion rate. Pipe bursts in the water lines will result in water damage and wastage.

To address this issue, you should have the emergency plumber winterize and insulate the pipes to ensure that the water flowing within doesn’t freeze. The plumber will safely thaw to ensure that the ice melts properly if the freezing has already happened. Professionals can also insulate your water heater and hot water pipes to prevent energy loss from the heated water.

Water Heater Flooding

The other plumbing emergency that should never be taken lightly is the flooding around the water heater. Unfortunately, some homeowners never pay attention to their water heaters, provided that they supply them with heated water. They don’t even have a maintenance plan with a plumber. Regardless of your water heater, laundry room, garage, basement, or closet, you should always pay attention to the water heater and even hire a plumber for routine maintenance checks.

Water heaters are prone to many issues, including leaks. Hence, when you find water flooded around the water heater one day, t you should turn it off and call an emergency plumber for an inspection. The leaks may be caused by defective valves, depleted anode rods, corrosion, or even cracks from age. Based on the extent of the damage, the emergency plumber will be upfront with you. They can tell you when you don’t need to use the money to repair the unit because it is used up or promptly performs the repairs.

Prompt Emergency Services Providers

Plumbing emergencies can result in a lot of water damage, electrical fires, or even be a health hazard. Hence, you want an emergency plumber that promptly addresses the plumbing issues. Call our professionals at My Professional Plumber for prompt and reliable emergency plumbing services in Knoxville, TN.

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