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Plumbing Problems That Require A Swift Solution From Your Plumbing Company | Knoxville, TN

Homeowners in Knoxville, TN, and worldwide are always in need of routine maintenance of their homes. Proper home maintenance is usually all-around from the wall paint job, floors, roofs, and other aspects that make it a presentable home. There are many reasons for ensuring that your home is properly and regularly maintained. Besides the most obvious reason to ensure that the house and the compound retain their aesthetics, a decently maintained home preserves or increases its value.

It would be of little significance if one does not pay attention to the plumbing system for home maintenance. The plumbing system includes the water intake system, the drainage system, and your home’s gas piping system. A plumbing system installed by a trusted plumbing company can last for decades. However, there are always issues and problems that may arise due to different conditions such as weather and usage. Some of these drainage problems, if left unattended, may result in significant damage to one’s home.

Problems in your home’s plumbing system should always be accorded immediate attention. As a homeowner in Knoxville, TN, you should avoid trying to solve these problems on your own. Once you detect a problem in your plumbing system, you should seek professional services from a plumbing company.

This article will look at possible plumbing issues that every homeowner should consider an emergency and seek immediate repair and maintenance services from a reliable plumber.

Interrupted Water Supply

Nothing can kill one’s spirit more than when you are going about your business indoors, but when you need a glass of water to drink or when you need to take a quick bath, you find that there is very little or no water coming out of the faucet. Several reasons can lead to this problem for homeowners in Knoxville, TN. These reasons include frozen pipes due to extremely cold weather, water main damage, and leaking pipes due to loose connection or breakage.

Besides interrupting your water supply, frozen pipes may burst, consequently leading to leakage. In most cases, water leakage leads to damage to properties within the house and can also damage the house’s structure.

Water mains are responsible for connecting residences with the water supply. One can detect damage to water mains if there are water paddles in the compound, wet areas on the ground where the pipe is laid, low water pressure, or lack of water flow in the house.

If one faces the problems mentioned above, it is necessary to contact a plumbing company at once to try and find the appropriate solution immediately.

Clogging in Drains

There are many causes of clogging in our homes. Some of them include soap, food particles, dirt, hair, build-up of toilet paper, and small objects. Clogged drainage can be a nightmare for homeowners. However, most of them tend to leave minor clogs to unclog by themselves, which is a very risky business. Overstayed clogs may lead to complete blockage of your home’s drainage system and should, therefore, be dealt with in time with the help of your plumbing company. The following are some of the adverse effects of clogged drains.

1. Poor drainage

When your kitchen sink or toilet is clogged, it affects how your house’s drainage works. When the clogging is not too serious, it will affect the sewage flow speed. However, heavily clogged drains may completely inhibit the proper flow of the sewage. It may also lead to the dirt flowing backward and possibly spilling into the house, exposing people to different forms of dangers. As a homeowner, you should contact a plumbing company immediately after you detect poor drainage in your sink or toilet

2. Leaky drainage pipes

When drainage pipes get completely blocked due to clogging, they are very likely to loosen, break, or bust. This will lead to leakage in or around the house, which is a big problem for the homeowner. Once your drainage pipes are broken, one should halt the use of the affected part of the drainage system and contact their plumbing company to resolve the problem.

3. Bad odor

With the poor drainage and leaking of sewage caused by clogging, your house will inevitably have a bad odor. Usually, this is the kind of foul smell that not even the air fresheners can mask. The bad odor and the insects it attracts will make living in such an environment an uncomfortable experience.

4. Property damage

If the clogging of the drains leads to leakage from the drainage system, there is a high likelihood that it will damage property. This may range from broken home appliances to damaged floors and walls resulting from flooding and dampness.

When your floor is flooded, or your wall gets wet due to leaky drainage pipes, the structure of your house may be damaged. If the situation is not resolved immediately, the later costs of repairs may be astronomical. Therefore, as a homeowner, you are advised to contact the plumbing company as soon as you detect clogging in your drainage system.

5. Health hazard

Clogging may also expose people to situations that can put their health at risk. The leakage and the bad odor resulting from clogged drains can attract insects, such as flies, which can cause all kinds of diseases related to bed hygiene. The dampness caused when your drainage system is leaking will also encourage the growth of mold and other bacteria that are harmful to human health. Therefore, homeowners need to maintain close contact with a plumbing company for regular maintenance of the plumbing systems in their homes to avoid health hazards resulting from water and sewage leaks.

Water Heater Failure

The water heating system should always be checked regularly. If you find any anomaly with how your heater works, notify the plumber immediately and avoid trying to solve the problem yourself. Some of the signs that will tell the homeowner their water heater is defective include leaking, weird noise, and fluctuating water temperatures. A faulty water heater is a delicate issue that can lead to massive destruction of property in your home if it is not resolved appropriately.

Gas Leaks

A gas leak in your home can be caused by loose or broken piping. It can also result from poor connections of gas pipes or the cooking and heating appliances. In case you detect a gas leak in your home, you should, at all costs, avoid trying to solve the problem yourself. Your first action should be to evacuate immediately. Then, you should seek emergency services from your gas company and the plumbing company.

Your Dependable Plumber

At My Professional Plumber, we pride ourselves on having adequate professionals available to provide a range of plumbing services. Therefore, you can call us if you require our emergency repair and maintenance services for your plumbing system.

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