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Residential Plumbing From Your Local Plumber: Causes Of Garbage Disposal Leaks | Oak Ridge, TN

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Garbage disposals have become a necessity in many U.S. homes since their invention in 1927. They are installed on the underside of sinks to collect and grind solid waste that flows between the sink drain and the P trap. Afterward, the broken-down waste flows smoothly through the plumbing drain pipes connected to the sewer. It prevents frequent clogging issues in drain systems. Like other residential plumbing appliances in most homes in Oak Ridge, TN, garbage disposals can also showcase defects, including leakages.

You should always be on the lookout for leakage issues and get them fixed immediately by a plumber to prevent problems such as foul smell, a magnified drip sound from the unit, and flooding inside your house.

Besides, your home may be a health hazard causing respiratory and digestive infections. You don’t want to dig into your savings to cater to the expensive medical bills. With that in mind, it’s prudent you get some insights on various causes of garbage disposal leaks.

i) Old and Damaged Gaskets

Your garbage disposal’s gasket is located between the rubber seal and flange. You may be conducting your kitchen cleaning duties, and your eyes bump into a discharge from the top section of your garbage disposal. It may be a sign that your gasket is defective, and the next step you should take is to look for a reliable plumber to handle the defect.

Sometimes the leakage can arise because the gasket is weak after using your garbage disposal often. Also, if you don’t use the appliance frequently, the gasket can get dry and trigger leakages. The professional you get will replace the hard-to-repair gasket after assessing the extent of the damage.

ii) Faulty Dishwasher Connection

If you’re a homeowner in Oak Ridge, TN, you may notice disposal unit leakages caused by detached or loose connections on the drainpipe joining it to your dishwasher. The pipe directs food waste from your dishwasher to the garbage disposal. The leaks can stem from the loose metal clamp that connects your dishwasher to the garbage disposal.

Cracked and dried-out areas on hoses that connect the dishwasher with the disposal unit could also be a source of the problem. If you suspect leaks originate from connections between your dishwasher and garbage disposal, you should stop using the dishwasher and talk to a plumber to fix the issue. Afterward, you may resume your washing roles as usual.

iii) Displaced Garbage Disposal

You may have some storage space under your kitchen sink where the disposal is installed. While accessing the stored items, you may accidentally knock the disposal and drain pipes without knowing, and this can make the disposal unit shift out of the original position. The shift can lead to disconnections of joints and loosening of nuts.

The next time you’ll run water through your sink, you’ll probably face big leakage problems. At this point, a qualified plumber is the best person to contact to offer immediate help. After fixing the problem, the plumber can also suggest the best kitchen designers help you build more storage space in your kitchen and transfer items stored under your sink to the new spaces.

iv) Leaking Reset Button

If your garbage disposal unity is old, the probability of a leaking reset button is high. Although calling a plumber to repair the defect can only be a temporary solution. And if you keep on calling the plumber to fix the leak, you may incur high service costs over time. The ideal solution to this problem is to look for a plumber to offer you installation services after buying a new garbage disposal.

A leaking reset button commonly stipulates that the one or more seals of the inside shell of the disposal that safeguards the motor is worn out. One defective seal affects the other until all become faulty. This is why a new installation is an effective option.

v) Defective Sink Flange

A sink flange is located at the topmost point of your garbage disposal that helps to prevent waste from blocking the kitchen sink drain. It joins the sink drain with your garbage disposal. When you notice a leak at the top of the unit, it’s an indicator the flange could be loose or worn out.

The plumber’s putty could be weak or the mounting bolts may be loose. A skilled professional can assess the top area and ascertain the exact problem. Some of the repairs the technician may conduct include applying new putty and replacing rusty and fastening loose bolts.

vi) Cracked Surface

As usual, any appliance passes through the usage cycle and reaches a point it wears and tears, and garbage disposals aren’t spares. The interior surface of the garbage disposal shell could crack, and this could be a tough incident to identify with a naked eye. However, the exterior body of the disposal may also fracture, and you can detect the issue by looking for any discharge or touching the shell for any wet areas. If you notice any cracks, the best option is to replace the whole unit. A professional can help you to select the best garbage disposal and afterward handle the installation.

Prevent Future Leaks

Having to cope with odor or cleaning up water pooled under your kitchen sink floor can be very irritating. Additionally, looking for plumbing professionals to fix leakages on your garbage disposal units often could be costly.

The secret behind preventing leaks in your unit is simple: ensure your disposal system only grinds soft waste food particles and not hard particles, including bones and seafood shells. Additionally, you can plan with a plumbing professional to inspect your unit at least twice a year to detect minor issues and repair them before the defects intensify.

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