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Situations That Require An Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Plumbing fixtures are the guts of a house. They ensure a proper flow of clean water to your home and drain it after being used. Just like any other fixture, plumbing components also experience some problems. In most cases, plumbing issues occur when you least expect them. Since you may not fix the problem yourself, you can consider calling an emergency plumbing service provider in Oak Ridge, TN.

Some plumbing issues can be avoided with regular maintenance and inspections. But some homeowners may ignore the plumbing system until it’s too late. It’s worth the effort to have your plumbing fixtures regularly serviced to avoid emergencies such as flooded basements. The following are some situations that require to be fixed by an emergency plumbing service company.

Burst or Leaky Water Pipes

Pipes are essential plumbing components that ensure water flows throughout your house. Some of the factors affecting the health of your pipes may include age, faulty installation, or pipe material. Plumbing pipes may also burst due to freezing during winter.

If you’re having a burst pipe, you could lose a lot of water, resulting in property damage. It may also result in mold growth, which damages walls, floors and can also cause health problems. Therefore, it’s essential to contact a plumbing service company as soon as you locate a burst pipe. A plumber can help you replace the pipes to restore the water to your home. Also, fixing a water leak in your home can save you nearly 10 percent on water bills.

Clogged Sinks

A clogged sink is not only irritating but poses a health hazard in many homes in Oak Ridge, TN. To prevent clogging in sinks, homeowners should be keen on detecting the problem before it manifests. You can examine your sink for blockage problems by pouring a large amount of water at a go, and if the water drains slowly, your sink may be in for an unclogging emergency.

A blockage in one sink can quickly be resolved using a plunger. However, if you’re experiencing clogging in multiple fixtures, you should contact an emergency plumbing service professional near you. If the issue is left unresolved, the waste matter may force itself up through the sinks. Also, if you notice foul odors or gurgling noises coming from your drains, then it’s a sign your sink needs emergency plumbing service. A professional plumber may help you to pinpoint the clogged points and offer you a permanent solution.

Leaking Water Heater

As much as water heaters make homes comfortable by providing hot water when you need it, a leak could result in severe damage on your walls and floors or cause mold growth in your home. Worse still, there could be seepage into the foundation of your home that could weaken it and create a serious plumbing issue.

The puddles around the water heater unit could result from a heating or cooling process taking place inside the unit. However, if pools of water occur more frequently, you could talk to an emergency plumbing professional to identify a water heater leak and fix it before it’s too late.

If ignored, such leaks can decrease the quantity of hot water you’re getting and hike your monthly water bills. The unit could be damaged permanently, and you’ll have to spend more money replacing it.

Backflow Issues

Sewer backups are the most uncomfortable plumbing issues that no homeowner would wish to experience. Imagine having a persistent foul smell in your home or a sewage backup all over your highly decorated and expensive tile floors and carpets! Besides being inconvenient and irritating, sewage backflows are one of the most significant health hazards, and in most cases, result in water contamination.

If you attempt to diagnose the problem on your own, you may feel uncomfortable and put yourself at risk of contracting a disease. It will be appropriate to get a professional emergency plumbing service provider to examine your kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and toilets for drainage issues and have them fixed to prevent your home from severe damage resulting from sewer backflows. You can quickly tell if you have a sewer backup, especially when you note unpleasant odors, multiple drain blockages, or gurgling noises.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are one reason why some homeowners may want to hire an emergency plumbing service provider. Having a gas leak is dangerous to the safety and health of your loved ones. This is because it can lead to suffocation due to carbon monoxide accumulation. Also, it can result in fire ignition. If you smell leaking gas in your home, you do not have to fix it on your own. You should switch off the main gas supply then contact an emergency plumbing service company right away.

If the gas leak is in a confined place, you should open doors and windows as you wait for a plumber. A professional plumber can identify the possible location of the leak and provide a permanent solution. Some of the possible causes of gas leaks could be poor connection or pipe deterioration.

Damaged Water Lines

The main water line connects your home’s plumbing unit to the public water supply. It runs beneath your yard and can be subject to several factors, such as breaking, cracking, or rusting. The underground pipes may be damaged due to digging during construction work of buildings or roads.

Tree roots may also grow towards the pipes as they search for moisture. This can result in bending or cracking of pipes, causing water leaks. If you’re experiencing low water pressure or no water at all, chances are you have a broken water line. If that’s the case, you should call an emergency plumbing service provider to resolve the issue.

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