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Will You Notice A Change After You Get A Drain Cleaning Service? | Oak Ridge, TN

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When My Professional Plumber provides drain cleaning service to your home in Oak Ridge, TN, we do a thorough job, clearing out expanding clogs that may have developed over years. Our service also helps clear traps and pipes between the floors of your home, and blasts out accumulations of grease, hair, soap scum, and who-knows-what that line the pipes, especially leading from your bathrooms. It may seem like our drain cleaning service will just help you avoid emergency plumbing calls to your Oak Ridge, TN home. However, you may actually notice a difference, especially if you’ve never had this service before. Here are some reasons why.

The “Slow Sink” Effect

Have you experienced a clogged sink that, when cleared, suddenly drains much faster than you remember it doing before? Clogs tend to creep up on you. Sometimes it’s something obvious stuck in the toilet or drain that’s blocking and, when removed, restores full flow. Most of the time, though, the clog is a result of a slowly expanding mess in your pipes that has caught more stuff as the flow slows through that section. When the problem is in your main drain pipes, this slow flow can help clogs form in the pipes and traps in your bathrooms and kitchen. Drain cleaning service is a way of starting fresh, making sure that all the lanes in your drain highways are open, if you will. We do this through a diverse approach, from running mechanical cleaning devices through to hydro-jetting the mess away using very high pressure water. Our experts also monitor the condition of your pipes, making sure that they’re in good shape and don’t need repair, and also ensuring that our cleaning techniques are appropriate for your specific plumbing.

Ensuring That Any Clog Is a Simple Clog

If your home hasn’t had a drain cleaning service recently, or at all, a simple toilet or sink emergency plumbing call can turn out to be more complex, or to require another visit once the real problem in the pipes further on gets clogged again. This can be especially troublesome late at night, when the plumber talks about how he’s cleared the sink or toilet, but something’s still not right and it is going to take some time. Once you’ve had a drain cleaning service, the odds of having one of those distant clogs cause problems for you are slim, and your plumber will simply do the work on the sink, trap, or nearby plumbing and be gone again, mission accomplished. You could mention that you had a drain cleaning service performed recently and get a few compliments from the professional, who knows how much it helps their work.

Sewer Cleaning, Too

Sometimes the biggest clog in your system is parked outside your house in your sewer line. That could slow down and back up flow from throughout the house, even in ways you don’t expect so it’s not clear where the problem is. In any case, if your drain cleaning service includes your sewer line, you can get clogs cleared out with hydro-jetting or other techniques and have a straight shot all the way to the city line. Sewer line, that is. Cleaning and inspection go together, and while no homeowner wants to face sewer repair costs, if there are problems in your pipe, we may be able to provide repairs using one of several newer techniques that don’t involve serious landscaping disruption. On the plus side, even if we see signs of future issues, you know and can plan, which can be valuable. For most homeowners, though, we look, we clean, and everything flows better.

Plumbing Inspection as Part of Your Drain Cleaning Service

If yours is an older home, depending on the type of drain pipes you have there may be corrosion or other issues. When we take a look in your pipes, we can help you understand any issues developing there, and catch any problems before there are leaks which, of course, are a bit messier when they’re in the drain line. We also provide inspection services and leak detection and repair for your water supply lines, both inside your house and in your yard on the way from the city supply. Ask us about these and other services that can help you keep on top of any plumbing issues you have, avoiding future problems.

Call Our Experts for Your Remodeling Projects, Too

One way to make sure your drains stay clean is to have new plumbing professionally installed to code so they drain properly and work smoothly. Our team is glad to work with you to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, adding new features and replumbing as necessary to give you a better kitchen experience or reviving your old bathroom. These days, there are so many new fixtures and features to enjoy, from comfortable sinks with easy-access spouts and controls to highly effective and efficient toilets that save water without degrading performance, and can even be installed with a bidet option. Your shower or bath is just waiting for renewal, surely, and there are ways to make your shower quick and convenient or relaxing and luxurious that don’t use that much water and are definitely worth it.

The Benefits Are Clear: Drain Cleaning Service from My Professional Plumber

By now you should have some idea of why clear drains make such a big difference in your home, and why a regular service will benefit you in so many ways, especially in limiting the late-night disruptions of overflows and floods. At My Professional Plumber, our team serves the Oak Ridge, TN area with complete plumbing services including expert drain maintenance and repair. We also offer skilled emergency plumbing service when you need help now and you want an experienced professional on the job. We’re glad to answer your questions, schedule visits, and talk about your remodeling plans. Just give us a call.


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