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Your Plumber Keeping Water Flowing Through The Gateway Of The Great Smoky Mountains | Knoxville, TN

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The Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains was first settled in 1786 and Knoxville, TN quickly became the states’ first capital. A couple of hundred years later and Marble City is the third-largest metropolis in Tennessee. There are almost a million residents who call Knoxville home and My Professional Plumber happily serves them to keep their clean water flowing.

The team at My Professional Plumber (MPP) has the technical skills and creativity to resolve any plumbing issues because we hire the very best candidates to represent us in the field. Technicians arrive with the tools necessary to efficiently conduct the repairs.

Furthermore, My Professional Plumber cares about the safety of the residents of Scruffy City. We hire technicians who have trained extensively in commercial and residential plumbing techniques who willingly submit to thorough background checks and alcohol and drug screens. Inviting a stranger into your private space is potentially very dangerous but we take every precaution to ensure your safety.

The team at My Professional Plumber is committed to staying current with the technological advancements in the plumbing industry. These policies keep our work a cut above plumbing repair companies in Knox County, TN.

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Customer Feedback

“The plumbing issues started small enough. The upstairs bathroom tap began to drip and that continued for a week before the faucet in the kitchen began to drip. A few weeks later, the downstairs toilet began to run in the middle of the night. Eventually, the dishwasher and the washing machine started to leave excess water in the machines after being used and became unsanitary. I called My Professional Plumber.

They had an open appointment that same day and that afternoon the technician deduced there was a blockage throughout the plumbing network. He snaked a camera throughout the pipes and found dead, tree roots wrapped around the pipes where the water flowed into the house.

Luckily, the pipes were easily accessible and simply removed from the plumbing network. The plumber efficiently and quickly fixed our plumbing. I was surprised after the repairs were finished that the job was so affordable. Now, all the taps run with excellent water pressure, and the washing machine and dishwasher don’t leave dirty water behind in the units. It is a rare occurrence these days when you hire a company and they conduct an absolutely perfect repair but they did it for us. Look no further for highly-skilled and efficient services at affordable prices.

Fred Wilkinson, Knoxville, TN, January 2020

“My condo has periodically had weird smelling water for the entire time I’ve lived here. I’ve called the water company and they don’t know what it is or any reason for it. I’ve had the property manager send his handyman with no resolution. My Professional Plumber was having a promotion and they were very helpful on the phone. It took 15 minutes after they arrived for the nasty smell to dissipate. It has been a few months since I hired My Professional Plumber and the egg smell hasn’t returned! Great Job Guys!

Callie Scott, Knoxville, TN, October 2019

When You Shouldn’t Do-It-Yourself

Repairing important parts of your home or office can save you money and speed up the time-line of the job, but certain fixes can’t be completed without years of training and certification. The following circumstances are warning signs that it is time to call My Professional Plumber.

Wastewater from the washing machine, dishwasher or toilet should empty into separate pipes than the clean water that flows into the taps. If wastewater is being piped in an improper line, then the dirty water ends up in places where it does not belong and probably means that the line clog needs to be professionally drained.

Constantly dripping taps can cause a household to waste hundreds of gallons of water due to one dripping faucet. Also, the water dripping can damage floors, walls, and other expensive home interiors.

If the water smells musty, or like rotten eggs then that is an indicator that there may be bacteria in the pipes or water tank. Cleansing the micro-organisms are necessary to protect your plumbing from damage and corrosion.

Puddles in your lawn without rain are a good indication you have a burst pipe. Slab leaks are serious repairs and can quickly become prohibitively costly without an efficient plumber managing the repair.

Emergency Plumbers When You Need Them Most

It is unlikely that a plumbing problem is always going to be happy during business hours. We understand that a non-flushing toilet at 3 a.m. on a Saturday might not be an international crisis, but it is a household crisis.

We offer affordable, emergency plumbing services throughout Knox County because we care about the health of the community. Trust that when our team members arrive to perform a repair that they will be prepared, skilled, and responsive to your needs.

Our services are affordable, specialized, and transparent. We operate as integral members of the community who offer competitive repairs with integrity.

We have expertise in a wide array of plumbing renovations, repairs, and installations. Trust plumbers who take the time to discuss the full spectrum of logistics of a repair with you like MPP!

Our multi-talented team is happy to chat about any plumbing concerns or renovation plans that need the advice of a plumbing professional.

Please feel free to call us at My Professional Plumber. We can offer guidance on slab leaks, blockages, plumbing renovations, and other necessary repairs.


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