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My Professional Plumber of Knoxville, TN has been the most trusted, relied upon, and quickest emergency plumber in the region. We work as a collaborative team that strives to represent the very best plumbing and emergency plumbing services in Knoxville and the surrounding region.

Before we hire a new plumber we ask them to submit to a thorough background check to make sure they do not have any violent criminal or theft history. Also, we require candidates to be tested for alcohol or drug abuse.

The safety of the Knoxville, TN community is important to everybody at My Professional Plumber. We would not hire anyone we would not welcome into our homes as friends. We go this extra mile because the world we live in is rife with danger and we do not want an emergency plumbing repair or ordinary maintenance to place our cherished clients in any form of danger or have their belongings taken from them.

Our Commitment to You

There is a good reason why our business has thrived for many years in our great city. Let’s discuss a few of those elements that tt make us stand out from independent contractors and other plumbing businesses that fall far behind in our wake.


It takes several years of trade school education and a lengthy apprenticeship to become a licensed plumber. That is partially the reason plumbing repairs can be expensive. New hires are put on a probationary period to evaluate their work over a period of months.

Plumbers who have been with us for multiple years guide the new hire and teach them how to be considerate, transparent about the plumbing issues, and honest about what it will cost to fix the problem. We do not allow new hires to attend calls on their own, they must collaborate and learn My Professional Plumber’s way of conducting our jobs.

Respect is key when a tradesperson enters a client’s home. We will not cuss, smoke, spend time on our mobile phones unless it is related to the immediate job. Our team cleans up any mess made by the repairs.


Hiring an emergency plumber in Knoxville, TN can be an expensive hobby. It is only fair that repair rates reflect the disruption to the lives of our team members. They will rush out of bed at 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve to resolve your plumbing crisis. We believe an additional cost is an appropriate exchange for sacrificing rest and a work-life balance.

Do not panic! Our emergency plumbing services reflect the average salary of the people living in the area. We have a set price list for each of our services and will provide you with the full details of why a repair costs what it does, why the cost may increase or decrease, and the inconvenience that the plumbing repair may have on your daily home or work life.

We do not like to leave things undone. We strive to complete our work as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to you as possible. An emergency plumber will want to complete the task thoroughly before leaving, while this is not always possible, the plumber who responds to your call will do their very best to fix the situation completely.


The digital world has changed so many things about the way we live our lives. This is no different for the plumbing industry. New methods, tools, and strategies are developed every year and to remain competitive within the industry our team must periodically retrain themselves. We offer generous incentives and support to encourage our technicians.

We focus on re-education the most with the emergency plumbing team. We want them to be able to problem-solve quickly and have specialized tools available which make their jobs easier and less invasive to our precious clients.

Community Responsibility

Sure, My Professional Plumber is a business, but that does not mean a business cannot care for the health and connection of the local community. Our website often features offers that reduce the cost of unexpected repairs.

Our team members volunteer their time throughout the city among a selection of charities and non-profit organizations to help improve their plumbing and to connect with the people they serve.

Customer Feedback

“We recently bought a second home and during the inspection discovered that the plumbing would require immediate (even an emergency plumber) to divert a leak which was threatening to destroy the antique mahogany floors that were worth nearly $20,000. My wife and I called a lot of plumbers but they could not come to even look at the situation for one to two weeks.

We really love the house and we kept calling plumbers until we rang My Professional Plumber who sent out an emergency plumber as soon as we hung up the phone. The plumber was knowledgeable and polite. Three emergency plumber professionals turned up ten minutes later.

They explained that the second level of pipes were completely rotted and could burst at any moment. The first thing they did was turn off the water at the source and drain the water away from the house.

Using fancy cameras attached to self-propelled cables connected via Bluetooth to the plumber’s phone showed how dire the situation was. He asked to sit down and explain the procedure and costs, but luckily our computer programming careers have left us with enough wealth to pay whatever it cost. My husband told them to get started and signed the paperwork right away.

We have had to replace the upstairs bathroom shower and we called My Professional Plumber because we were so impressed with how quickly and cleanly they conducted the replacement of the pipes.

We only trust My professional Plumber whether we need an emergency plumber or a routine maintenance check. We signed up for their subscription service. They visit both our homes on a regular basis to prevent any need for an emergency plumber. Plus, the friendliness and affordability (of big jobs too) are surprising. If you find yourself needing an emergency plumber call My Professional Plumber because they will turn a highly stressful situation into a solution as quickly as they can!”

Tony Martin, Rockford, TN

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