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Do I Need To Call A Plumber Near Me In My Area If My Sink Is Gurgling? | Oak Ridge, TN

You are at a sink cleaning your hands and you hear sudden gurgling sounds. What comes into your mind? Gurgling sounds indicate an underlying plumbing issue in the sink drains. The same might happen when you are using or just after flushing your toilet. Are you the kind of homeowner that doesn’t mind what you throw down the drains? The gurgling sound you hear from your sink drains a blockage caused by the materials you throw down the drains.

Your plumbing system isn’t supposed to produce sound whenever water flows through the drains. Hence, the gurgling sound should be a cause of alarm. Owing to their danger, you should search for a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN, to further inspect the sink drains. If the professional determines that a clog causes the noise, they will offer drain cleaning services, leaving you with silent drains.

Why Are Your Sink Drains Producing the Gurgling Sound?

Several things may cause that gurgling sound you hear from your sink drains. However, the reason behind the gurgling sound will inform the plumber of the course of action to take. Below are some of the reasons the sink drains might produce a gurgling sound:

Incorrectly Installed Vent Pipes

Do you only notice the gurgling sound when you are using the sinks or water is draining? Then the issue is directly related to the drain vents. First, the sink drain vents might not have been installed correctly. For instance, a 1.5-inch drain pipe should have a 3.5ft vent fitted from the drain’s lower part. If this isn’t the case, the vent may create a vacuum in the drains. The vacuum might be the reason for the gurgling drains. To repair this, you should hire a plumber near me in your vicinity. Remember, never ignore any sign of a plumbing issue. Otherwise, you might be exposing yourself to even a severe problem in the future.

Blocked Vent Pipes

The plumbing system features vent pipes to allow the sewer gasses to escape safely from your home. These typically run out and up through the roofing. If the vent system is clogged somewhere, the gasses will not be able to escape outside through the roof and may back up through the sink drains. That’s why homeowners are advised to search for a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN, for routine drain cleaning and plumbing inspection.

This results in a bigger issue than the gurgling sounds in your sink drains. First, the sewer gasses pose a health risk. If inhaled, you might suffer stomach upsets. Further, the sewer gasses are flammable or even explosive in large concentrations. Hence, whenever you hear the drains producing a gurgling sound and those nasty sewer smells, it might be the time to call an emergency plumber near me in your state for an immediate repair.

Clogged or Broken P-Trap

A P-trap is a plumbing component beneath your sink and generally in the cabinet. This component of your drains prevents the sewer gas from backing up into your home or the dirt and debris from entering your drains or plumbing system. Whenever the P-trap is damaged or breaks, it might result in a clog within your drains that might produce a disturbing gurgling sound. Debris and grease buildup in the P-trap can also result in clogs that may make the drains have a gurgling sound.

The most practical way to protect the P-trap against developing blockages is by regularly cleaning it. In doing this, the plumber near me in Tennessee disassembles the P-trap and cleans it using a bottle brush cleaner. If it is broken or damaged beyond repair, the professional will replace the P-trap with a new one. The P-trap keeps some water within to prevent the sewer gasses from flowing into your home. This isn’t a DIY job. Ensure you enlist a professional plumber to repair it. They will also inspect the other parts of the drains to ensure that they are in an operations state.

Clogged Drains

The reason for the gurgling kitchen sink drains is because they have a blockage. The accumulation of fat, oil, food, and grease in the sink drains will result in blockages that inhibit water flow down the drains. That could be the reason why your sink drains are gurgling. A blocked drain also comes with a wide array of plumbing issues. However, the main problem is that the sink will not drain properly.

At worse, you might even start noticing wastewater backing up your sink drains. This is among the issues a plumber near me in your state detects when they come for a routine inspection and maintenance of your plumbing. Although there are over-the-counter liquid drain cleaners that you can purchase from your nearby store, using them to clean your drains is highly advised.

Although these products are highly advertised as cheap and effective in cleaning your drains, they are anything but. What you intended to clean your drains and save some money in the process might end up costing you more and worsening the problem. You should hire a licensed plumber near me in Oak Ridge for a drain cleaning service to resolve the gurgling sink drain issue.

Clogged Air Admittance Valve

Instead of a vent, some drains feature an air admittance valve. In a conventional setup, the plumbing fixtures connect to a venting that passes through the roof upwards. It allows air into your drains to occupy the space left by water as it disappears. However, the venting is replaced with an air valve immediately after the P-trap. Whenever the valve is clogged or has a blockage, it upsets the air pressure within the system. Fortunately, a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN, can replace the broken or clogged air admittance valve. The valves are also cheaply available at a Home Depot.

Have you heard the gurgling sounds emanate from your sink drains? That is a sign of a larger underlying issue, as seen from the various causes above. However, you can avoid such an issue by hiring a plumber for regular plumbing maintenance and inspection. The solution to this issue depends on the cause. But regardless of how simple the plumbing issue might seem, let a professional handle it. Resolve the gurgling sounds from your sink drains by calling us at My Professional Plumber, your plumber near me in Tennessee.

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