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Emergency Plumbing Service: My Professional Plumber Serving the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains | Knoxville, TN

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It is unlikely that plumbing emergencies will happen during business hours. Clogged and overflowing toilets can quickly become a messy problem just like leaks can corrode floors and walls. My Professional Plumber understands that these challenges can not always wait for a traditional appointment.

The Heart of the Valley officially became a city in 1786. Knoxville was TN’s first capital. Today, the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains is the third-largest city in the state. Nearly a million people live in Knoxville and all of these people rely on their plumbing to keep their loved ones clean and safe.

My Professional Plumber hires the very best candidates who have exceptional plumbing capabilities who arrive prepared to conduct any emergency plumbing service.

The team cares about the comfort of the Knoxville community that is why when we hire a new technician we ask them to submit to an extensive background check and regular alcohol and drug testing. Our priority is to ensure our clients’ confidence and trust in our plumbing service throughout Knox County.

When Do You Need an Emergency Plumbing Service?

Lots of people want to roll up their sleeves and put in the work and elbow grease to keep their homes safe, clean, and in good repair.

However, the needs of an emergency plumbing service are best served by a trained professional who has spent years learning how to efficiently and affordably conduct these repairs.

Wet spots on the lawn when it hasn’t been raining often indicate there is a slab leak. Don’t ignore a burst pipe because it can cause major damage to your floors, walls, and other home furnishings. Also, leaving a burst pipe left to its own devices can end up causing the plumbing service to cost more.

Another indication that it is time to schedule an emergency plumbing service is if the water in your home smells like rotten eggs. If it does, there might be bacteria in the water tank and pipe network. Professionally cleaning the pipes are necessary to protect your plumbing from deteriorating.

If you notice that the washing machine, dishwasher or toilet are draining into places where it does not belong, then an emergency plumbing service can expertly drain the line clog. Keep a lookout for dripping faucets because it can waste enormous amounts of water and may damage expensive parts of your home.

My Professional Plumber Services


“The plumbing in this house has been causing problems throughout the last couple of decades. Every year there is some new calamity that wipes my bank balance clean. The year before last it was the non-existent water pressure in the upstairs bathroom.

We called My Professional Plumber to remedy this issue and we were so pleased with the job they did last time that when the new issue popped up I didn’t hesitate to call them at 3 a.m. over the Christmas holidays when the toilet started to overflow.

I don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting for an emergency plumbing service. Luckily, the My Professional Plumber team does not waste time and we relied on that. A plumber was at our home before 8 am the next morning. My family and I were back at Christmas festivities that evening. I trust My Professional Plumber because they always stand by their work, it is affordable, and their tradespeople are tidy and polite. The MPP team is truly a cut above the rest!”

Kellie Wells, Knoxville, TN December 2020

“I noticed a wet streak on the wall in the downstairs closet and occasionally heard running water when it wasn’t being used. I know very little about plumbing but I do know that my bedroom closet shouldn’t be damp! The problem escalated really quickly. It went from being a damp closet to a closet with a moat in a matter of days.

I called My Professional Plumber and they suggested the situation called for an emergency plumbing service. They turned up that afternoon and identified the problem as a burst pipe underneath the house. It was a big job but they completed it within a week and under budget. I am so grateful they were able to squeeze me in. I don’t know what I’d do if the water kept accumulating in the master bedroom. The best advice I can give anyone needing an emergency plumbing service is to rely upon the team at My Professional Plumber!”

Theresa Springs, Knoxville, TN February 2020

“I spent a few days in Kentucky visiting my parents when I returned, I was in for a big surprise. After using the bathroom and washing my hands I discovered that I couldn’t turn off the tap. It kept running and before I knew it my feet were soaked. My Professional Plumber turned up within the hour and got the water turned off fast. They are the best!”

Courtney Wells, Knox County, January 2020

Exceptional Emergency Plumbing Service

All of the employees at My Professional Plumber are proud to be the most trusted plumbing team in East Tennessee. Knox County is a beautiful place with a friendly community who happily help one another.

The work completed by any team member at My Professional Plumber is guaranteed or we will make it right to your satisfaction. We do not charge exorbitant costs for out-of-hour service calls but do charge for a nominal fee to compensate for our team member’s time.

If you are experiencing any plumbing issues and want to discuss your options please give our friendly response team a call and we can help you figure out the right repair for your plumbing.


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