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When to Call A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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As winter thaws out during the spring and the puffy clouds and sunshine begin to dominate the sky, it is again that time of year to schedule an annual drain cleaning service to keep your plumbing network in optimal shape.

The prudent community of Oak Ridge, TN understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining their homes’ systems like heating and air conditioning appliances, running water, and well-functioning drains to expel wastewater and leave properties sanitary and comfortable.

It is very easy to take your plumbing and drains for granted when the water flows easily and the waste is effortlessly flushed away, but ignoring routine maintenance tasks can cause more damage to the property and raise the costs of repairs.

A clogged sink is not simply inconvenient, it is unsanitary. Every home needs unfettered access to clean water and a slow drain can impede that. It can be challenging trying to discern when to roll up your sleeves and attempt to free the obstruction yourself and when to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Common Signs It Is Time for a Drain Cleaning Service







Drops in water pressure, unusual smells, and any other plumbing issues should be followed up with a visit from a drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber. Putting off repairs can increase the cost of the work and can lead to the need for an entirely new plumbing network.


“My brother thinks of himself as a seasoned plumber, but he has only been training for a few weeks. Bless his heart he did try to unclog the drain but as soon as some of the water went down (a teeny, little bit) the drain it would come up a few minutes later. My Professional Plumber was running a special on a drain cleaning service and I snapped it up fast.

They arrived prepared and ready to do the job. The technician was professional, clean, and polite. He found the burst pipe with a camera he snaked down the drain. The job took most of the afternoon but when I was given the bill I was happily surprised to discover it was nearly 10 percent less than I was quoted. Give My Professional Plumber a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Nickie Thomas, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2019

“Last winter the heating element in our home went bust. The new unit cost a fortune to replace it. Plus, the installation was a nightmare. We chose a cut-rate heating and air conditioning company to conduct the renovation and they were late every single day. The renovation cost an additional $350 than what was estimated and it took an extra week for them to finish the job.

Safe to say, we won’t make the same mistake again. I took my time when I started to notice some symptoms of a slab leak. There were puddles all over our backyard when it hadn’t rained in weeks. A smell like rotten eggs wafted through our carport each day and our water pressure just gave up.

I called so many different plumbers in my search for a quality company. I did not want a repeat of what had happened when we had our furnace replaced. Most of the plumbers wanted huge deposits without even evaluating the situation. My Professional Plumber sent out a friendly, (and prompt) plumber who investigated the issue without asking for a single penny.

The technician took the time to guide me through the repair process and explained what would impact the job’s timeline and what elements would raise the price of the task. I’m very pleased with MPP! They conducted the slab leak repair with the utmost level of integrity!”

Michelle Sanders, Oak Ridge, TN, February 2019

The team is committed to providing the very best plumbing services for the wonderful community. My Professional Plumber welcomes any inquiries regarding plumbing repairs, installations, or those looking for guidance when purchasing new Energy Star appliances for your home. Give us a call today!


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