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Drain Cleaning and House Health | Drain Cleaning in Knoxville, TN

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Drains and pipes make the system in our houses which ensure that the majority and bulk of your household waste is carried out and into sewerage lines. Properly working drains are crucial for our houses to actually remain places of comfort for us. If, by chance, your drainage systems fail to work properly, you will very quickly realize the importance of their role.

Drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN should be one of the most important maintenance tasks you schedule for your house. Here are some of the many reasons why getting your drains cleaned is important:

1.   Drain Clogs

Our drains carry a large amount of waste, water and refuse through them. It is for this reason that solids, material, and debris inevitably build up in them.

Food particles, grease, hair, small objects and numerous other substances can actually get stuck and coagulate. This begins to form a ball or plug which constricts the flow of the drain. Over time, this plug can become big enough to block the drain. This is one situation you definitely don’t want since it will mean standing water or water backing up in your drain. Timely drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN will easily solve this problem and clear your drains.

2.   Pest Infestations

Drains—particularly the ones in our kitchens and toilet—are ideal breeding grounds for pests like drain flies, centipedes, cockroaches, and rats.

They provide enough space and food for such pests to set up homes and breeding grounds. They can create a lot of hygiene issues and spread contamination and bacteria particularly if they find access into the house.

What’s all the more problematic is that drain fly larva and eggs are resistant to water and even hot water. Nothing short of a thorough pesticide will kill them. Schedule routine drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN to ensure your drains are kept free of such vermin.

3.   Mold Growths

Just like pests, mold growth is all too common in drains too. Mold likes warm, damp, dark and wet places to take root which is why a dirty drain is the ideal spot for the growth of mold. Drains are fertile breeding grounds for mold since they provide consumable matter for the mold to feed on. Mold can give rise to a host of its own problems and some types like Black Mold can be extremely dangerous for health. Drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN will ensure that mold is wiped out before it can spread to the extent that it begins to affect you.

4.   Pipe Life

Unclogged and clean drains also mean a longer life for the piping in your house. Normally, the piping in a house is built and selected for lifetime durability but clogged drains can drastically bring this time down.

Clogged and blocked drains exert pressure on pipes and cause them to expand. This might create leaks and eventual structural problems in the pipe. It might lead to rusting as the pipe becomes more brittle because of expansion. Carry out regular drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN so your pipes are kept in a well working condition.

Those are some of the major reasons why you should definitely get your drains cleared and cleaned on a routine basis. If that is not compelling enough an argument, then here are some benefits and advantages of regular drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

1.   Elimination of Odors

The first sign of clogged drains is the presence of odors. These odors arise from trapped food and other particles which begin to rot and decompose or sewage which has not gone down. Fortunately, timely drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN will bring odor free toilets and kitchens.

2.   Protection

Drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN means protection and security for your house from the inside.

Clear and clean drains will mean your house does not face risks of leaks or bursts from the inside. That is a particularly harrowing thought to consider especially if those leaks happen to be from toilet drains and pipes.

Not only will that require immediate evacuation of your family due to it becoming a sanitation emergency but it will also require expensive deep cleaning and decontamination.

3.   Health

Properly working drains don’t just mean that the systems of your house will be operating at their absolute best but also means that there’s no risk to your health.

Clean drains mean your family won’t be at risk of contact with any contaminants, growths, substances or pests and thus chances of diseases and infections will rapidly go down.

Nothing is more important than your bodily health and ensuring your waste disposal system is properly working is part and parcel of that whole process.

4.   Pleasant Environment

Fast flowing drains which quickly dispose water and waste while producing no odors and smells create a pleasant environment for your household.

In this case, there is also no area of the house which carries wafting smells from blocked drains and is unpleasant to frequent. This is particularly important if you have guests over or relatives over. Dirty and blocked drains can be a massive source of embarrassment in such cases. Therefore, opt for drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN and ensure that the cleaning process is carried out and completed before guests or relatives are due to stay over.


It is important that such an important task as drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN is carried out by the most trusted and well reviewed of professional services with the necessary experience.

Drain cleaning is definitely one area you do not want to skimp out on to save some money, otherwise you and your house will pay the price later. If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning services, contact My Professional Plumber Inc by calling in at 865-622-4101. We perform a variety of plumbing related maintenance tasks including deep and thorough drain cleaning to ensure your drains are fast flowing and working perfectly fine. You won’t be disappointed in our work—that is a professional guarantee.


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