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Emergency Plumbing Service Calls And Plumbing First Aid | Knoxville, TN

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When you have a plumbing emergency it’s best to call us, My Professional Plumber of Knoxville, TN, but you’re the one on the scene, and there are some things you can do to minimize the damage and prepare for our arrival. Like any first-aid technique, it’s best when you know ahead of time what to do, because there can be a lot of mess and confusion when the water’s breaking loose or you’re worried about the damage it may cause. It’s also helpful to prepare for recovery once the problem is solved, making sure to minimize any issues that the water might cause.

Besides drain problems and overflows, people wind up cutting into water supply lines during home improvements or even hanging up a picture, they break off fixtures and let lose the water pressure that the fixture controls, appliance hoses get loose or wear out, water hammer disruptions cause damage, and many other unanticipated events. No matter how hard people try to keep things together, there’s always a need for our emergency plumbing service.

Know Your Water Supply Shutoffs and Make Sure They’re Functional

In many cases, you can reach under the toilet tank or sink and use the shutoff valve to cut off water and stop a localized disaster such as an overflow or broken valve. Remember to turn clockwise to shut off the water, in the heat of the moment you might forget and make things worse by opening the valve. When you’re locating the valve to be prepared, you can also test gently to see if it actually turns, as it may be stuck after decades of unuse. If your local shutoff doesn’t work or isn’t present, we can easily take care of it as a preventive measure.

There should be a whole-house shutoff that’s often in the basement, but it may have been neglected for a long time and inoperable or buried in “basement junk.” We can do a whole-house shutoff valve tour and make any needed fixes. A word about the whole-house shutoff: homeowners often find that their shutoff is outside the home, sometimes discover that it needs a special tool like a long wrench to operate it, and occasionally find that it’s located some distance from the house in neighborhood developments. As your emergency plumbing service, we can’t emphasize enough that your shutoff valves are a critical resource for avoiding expensive flooding. So, it’s worth the time to find them and make sure they’re in good shape.

Ask for Advice Before Trying to Address Drain Problems

When trying to address drain problems yourself before calling an emergency plumbing service, there are a few ways that you can make the problem worse without realizing it. Our customer service line can help with basic information while the plumbing service is on its way, with the most important one being: no chemicals. When our plumbers use a plunger, auger, or other mechanical devices water can splash out of the sink or toilet, and if there are chemicals already down there they may cause chemical burns to those standing nearby.

If someone has already put products down the drain, be sure to let the emergency plumbing service know so they can take precautions. When using plungers and other mechanical methods to clear debris, it’s important to make sure that you’re not worsening the clog with added pressure. Our plumbers often use video inspection to determine what’s actually down there so they can use the right approach.

Identify Possible Causes of Plumbing Problems If Possible

If there’s a recent event that’s the likely cause of a drain problem, that information is helpful in resolving the problem. We use different strategies to clear drains that have been slowing for some time as debris accumulates, versus toilets that have plastic figurines blocking passage. For leaks, if you have been cutting or drilling into walls, heard a loud “bang” (water hammer) as your dishwasher or washing machine was operating some time before the leak, or have any other information about events that could have disrupted your plumbing, it can help us narrow down the location and situation.

Gather Symptoms That Could Be of Help

If you’re aware of unusual sounds, smells, or drain behavior that could be of help, that’s great. Foul odors can actually provide key information about drain and plumbing vent issues and help address serious sewer gas problems, and they’re a good reason to call the emergency plumbing service. Gurgling sounds in the toilet or drain can be related, indicating either drain or vent issues. Banging or rattling sounds you’ve heard over time could be indications that your pipes are vibrating or being shocked by pressure changes and may be damaged. If you have noticed problems like brief “burps” from your drains when you flush the toilet, they could help our emergency plumbing service locate a deeper blockage. Because of this “down one drain, up the other” effect, when you have overflows, don’t use other plumbing until the problem is resolved.

Let the Emergency Plumbing Service Know if You Had Annual Drain Cleaning Done

An annual drain cleaning service resets the clock on buildup in your pipes and can help the emergency plumbing service narrow down the search for a clog since it’s less likely to be deeper in your drain plumbing. Let us know if you’ve had this important service done recently.

Know Your Sewer Cleanout Location

In addition to your main water shutoff, your sewer cleanout is an important resource for your plumber that may be challenging to find when needed.

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